The Wikiest Link

The Wikiest Link

Catch Cambridge Community Television's newest game show episode featuring local tech community contestants in races of epic proportion.

  • Posted on: 31 October 2014
  • By: owner

Inspired by the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon discovery, that Gregory Brothers video, a little known internet time waster, and that other famous game show, CCTV has undertaken a new game show entitled The Wikiest Link. If you have ever been at a party and looked up the answer to how Napoleon Bonaparte was poisoned, or the difference between AC and DC, or how the genetic engineering of gypsy moths failed in Medford, then you are definitely skilled enough to try your luck here on The Wikiest Link.

Cable channels:
CCTV Channel 8 in Cambridge
SCATV Channel 3 in Somerville
BNN Channels 23 (Comcast) and 83 (RCN) in Boston
(Live streaming available from each station, video on demand available after broadcast date.)

Episode 1: 11:30PM, Jan 23, 2015 This episode features MIT PhD candidate and Toxoplasma gondii researcher Kim Cirelli, the freelance marketing consultant Kenny Soto, and game developer Sharat Bhat of Fire Hose Games. Missed it? Here's the episode in full:

Episode 2: 11:30PM, Jan 30, 2015 This episode features game designer Chris Foster of Harmonix Music Systems, game developer Kristen Mukai of Proletariat Inc., and game designer Sean Baptiste of Fire Hose Games.

Episode 3: 11:30PM, Feb 6, 2015 This episode features Eliza Kosoy from the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, microbiologist Jonathan Livny from the Broad Institute, and network administrator Stephen Huff from RunKeeper.

Thank you to our excellent partners at Somerville Community Access Television and Boston Neighborhood Networks for making this metro-wide broadcast a possibility.

The Wikiest Link is produced by Frank Morris and Sean Effel at Cambridge Community Television on December 14, 2014. Thank you to our volunteer production crew: John Melczer, John Manson, Susan Chasen, Josh Rosenberg, Rock Louis, Wilgens Metelus, and Matthew Begbie.

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