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Why I Love CCTV: Paula Junn's Story

Why I Love CCTV: Paula Junn's Story

Cambridge woman interns at CCTV; what happens next she didn't expect.

When Paula Junn got involved at Cambridge Community Television in 2011, she was looking to take advantage of some of the amazing benefits that come with being an intern at CCTV. Little did she realize she’d take advantage of so much more: being part of such an inspiring community.

“I heard great things about the perks of being a CCTV intern from my boss, Norah Dooley, who was also an intern a few years before me,” said Junn, who works as the program director at Massmouth Inc., a nonprofit storytelling organization.

Indeed, there are many great perks to interning at this award-winning community media center: the opportunity to take multimedia classes for free, learn a variety of media-making skills and use state-of-the-art equipment for one’s own production project.

Not only did Junn learn how to use camera equipment, set up proper lighting, edit video and tell stories digitally, “I got to know the people who are active in Cambridge. I love being part of the community that is CCTV,” she said.

As a computerCentral lab intern, the 30-year-old Cantabrigian assists members on their respective projects – whether they be in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X or simply printing and scanning images.

It’s a position, Junn said, she rather enjoys. “I like helping people with what I know about computers. I like that even with my limited knowledge of computers, I could still be of help to people since there is so much diversity in skill levels.”

But there’s an added bonus to the gig: “Not only do I help the members, the members also help me learn new things all time,” she said. “I love the vibrant community and the diversity we have here. I love the passion and dedication that each member brings and has in their work. And I learned that patience and a warm smile go a long way in alleviating stressful situations.”

In her time as an intern, Junn has experienced a plethora of positive moments. Among the most memorable was when the power went out in Central Square:

“It was a bizarre experience, as all the lights at CCTV, as well as neighboring stores, were out. There was not much we could do at the time, so I closed the lab and went home. Instead of a moment of panic, I was pleasantly surprised by the good nature, optimism, and playfulness of the people at CCTV. We rolled with the punches and dealt with the situation with laughter rather than frustration and anger.”

Junn added that CCTV operates on the notion of teamwork. “It’s been so nice to have such helpful and supportive staff help me resolve challenging situations. Through my time here, I can vouch for the goodness in our team that is CCTV.”

Outside of her role as intern, Junn keeps busy by participating in some for her favorite activities: jewelry-making, telling and listening to stories, watching movies, dancing and spending time with good company.

But Junn will soon be parting ways with the good company of CCTV. This summer, after three years serving computerCENTRAL, Junn will be moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to enroll in a Master of Fine Arts Program. “It’s my first time concretely working and exploring as an artist, so I’m very excited,” she said.

In addition to taking with her some fond memories of CCTV, she’ll also take with her memories of the city she’s called home for the past eight years.

“I love that Cambridge is in between a small town and a big city. It has the convenience of a big city, but still has a small town feel .... I also love the summer dance parties in Central Square and festivals in Harvard Square. The community is so diverse and vibrant with all the technologically advanced paired with the artsy.”

In fact, CCTV is sort of a microcosm of the city, Junn said – and interning here is something she highly recommends.

“I like the opportunity that arises with learning new skills and being an uplifting presence,” she said. “I will miss the people and the sense of community.”

CCTV will miss her, too.

Cambridge Community Television accepts interns on a rolling basis. Whether you’re interested in the computer lab, the excitement of live television, videography and editing, marketing and outreach or administrative assignments, make sure to visit to learn more and to apply.

Junn made the most of her experience. You could do the same as well.