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What is Feminism?

What is Feminism?

A Film by Yanka Petri

The Summer Media Institute is a six-week intensive program designed to teach youth media skills. In their final project, students collaborated to create documentaries about issues facing the Cambridge community.

"What is Feminism?
I don’t know.
I know every woman, at least once in her lifetime, has wondered what feminism means. Many people think feminists are angry women who protest, burn their bras, fight for equality and power, and don’t shave their armpits. Feminists are much more than that stereotype. When I think of girly women I think of pink, when I think of feminists I think of red. Can I combine both of these colors together or is that wrong? For a while, I have been trying to figure out whether I am pink or red, am I the girly innocent girl who likes pink or am I the aggressive and passionate girl who likes red? My video visually explains that being a feminist does not mean I have to be one or the other. I have not yet found myself as a feminist, but I believe I’m gifted to be a woman and THAT should make me a feminist."

Produced by:
Yanka Petri