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Programming Highlights: Wed, Nov 19 - Tue, Nov 25, 2014

Programming Highlights: Wed, Nov 19 - Tue, Nov 25, 2014

FEATURING: CCTV Rewind, Oliver Stone, "Radiate" Music Video, 6th Annual Superhero 5K Run & Movie Of The Week

  • Posted on: 18 November 2014
  • By: Chris

CCTV publishes weekly Programming Highlights to promote new material produced or sponsored by local members and Cambridge residents. Please visit our Television Schedule for the most updated info!


CCTV Rewind - A weekly block delivering a different retro program every Friday straight from the CCTV archives!
The Longfellow Sisters LIVE
A studio performance by the all female hip-hop and dance group, the Longfellow Sisters, followed by a group panel discussion with guest Edie Alexander about anti-drug awareness, drug addiction, and youth health and empowerment. Produced by CCTV.
Channel 8 - Premiering this week: Friday @ 9 PM

NeighborMedia: Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick on America
NeighborMedia correspondent Zoe Lindstrom-Ives showcases director Oliver Stone and historian Peter Kuznick discussing their Showtime documentary miniseries, "Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States," at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Produced by Zoe Lindstrom-Ives.
Ch. 8 - Premiering this week: Sat 11:30 AM, Sun 3:30 PM, Mon 6:30 PM & Tue 10:30 AM

NEW Local Shorts
Every week, CCTV runs new short programs in an unstoppable block of entertainment! Tune in to Ch. 8 every Sunday @ 5 PM & every Tuesday @ 6 PM for a chance to laugh, cry, learn, and be inspired! This week's NEW shorts:

  • "Radiate" Music Video, a lively music video, featuring on-screen lyrics, for the song "Radiate" by the band Quivvver. Produced by Kristina Kehrer.
  • NeighborMedia: The 6th Annual Superhero 5K Run, featuring NeighborMedia correspondent Christian Herold visiting the 2014 Superhero 5K run, HAVE2RUN’s signature event to benefit On The Rise, a Cambridge-based day program for homeless women which creates a community where women have the relationships, safety, and resources they need to move out of homelessness. Produced by Christian Herold.
  • Puglic Access Television, a short experimental comedic film featuring Marinah demonstrating what her pug dream date consists of. Produced by Marinah Janello.

Movie Of The Week: "The Long Shot"
Amidst angst, strife, and downright maliciousness, thoroughbred racehorse trainers are determined to enter their prize horse in the Santa Anita handicap horse race. Against all odds, and against the persistent urgings of the mob, the horse will get his shot at winning the race. Capitalizing on the success of true story underdog horse racing champion Seabiscuit, The Long Shot is a marvelous feel good film that should be savored by all.
Channel 9 - Saturday @ 9 PM


MIT Presents: "Travel Health, Tech Security, and Resources"
Dr. Howard Heller of MIT Medical discusses travel health and safety for international travelers and Bryce Harper, Instructional Technology Specialist, STS, explains a variety of technologies available for students to use for remote meetings with host companies as well as how to secure data on your computer while traveling. Produced by MIT.
Ch. 8 - Showing this week: Fri 7 PM & Sat 8 AM

NEW SERIES! - BeLive: BinBin Talks
Host Alice Zhang interviews international young people who are accomplished in their careers and areas of expertise so they can share their great and true stories with others with the goal of inspiring, encouraging, and influencing others in a positive way. Produced by Alice Zhang.
Ch. 9 - Showing bi-weekly: 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month @ 8:30 PM

Innovation in my Backyard Marathon
The Innovation in My Backyard initiative, launched in 2011 with support from Novartis, is an effort to further enhance career development goals by involving teens in the production of videos about different industries and career opportunities, particularly related to science, technology, engineering and math. Tune in to see these entertaining and informative short films made by teens for this project. Produced by Cambridge teens involved in the CCTV Summer Media Institute & The School Year Production Program.
Ch. 9 - Showing this week: Fri 6 PM, Sat 8 PM, Sun 1 PM & Tue 2 PM

The Lynch Family Skatepark Groundbreaking
The official groundbreaking ceremony for the Lynch Family Skatepark in Cambridge, MA. Presented by the Charles River Conservency, Vans, and the Cambridge Department of Conservation and Recreation. Produced by CCTV.
Ch. 9 - Showing this week: Fri 7 PM, Sat 5 PM, Sun 2 PM & Tue 11 AM

Cambridge Uncovered: Cambridge and the News
Cambridge has long been overshadowed by its neighbor to the east, Boston. While multiple news outlets cover Cambridge, many local stories still go unreported or underreported. In the fourth episode of "Cambridge Uncovered," NeighborMedia citizen journalist Kristina Kehrer sets out to explore where Cambridge residents get their news, the topics Cantabrigians care about most, and the views Cantabrigians hold toward modern-day news media. In this 50-minute episode, moderator Sam Baltrusis - a freelance journalist, author and educator, guides an insightful conversation that includes Kehrer, Robert Winters of the Cambridge Civic Journal and Marc Levy of Cambridge Day. Produced as part of a collaboration between Cambridge Community Television's Production Department and CCTV's citizen journalism initiative,
Ch. 9 - Showing this week: Fri 8 PM, Sat 4 PM, Sun 3 PM & Tue 10 AM

NEW SERIES! - BeLive: The 3 P's with K & A
Cambridge residents Alan Verly and Kristina Kehrer discuss the week in pop culture, politics, and perturbance. Produced by Kristina Kehrer & Alan Verly.
Ch. 9 - Showing weekly: Sundays @ 5:30 PM

"Creative Ways to Build Christian Community" Panel Discussion
A panel discussion featuring the contributing authors of the book "Creative Ways to Build Christian Community," edited by Jeanne C. DeFazio and John P. Lathrop. Produced by Jeanne DeFazio.
Ch. 96 - Showing this week: Wed 4 PM, Thu 11 PM, Sat 5 PM, Mon 9 AM & Tue 8 PM

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