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How to Get Involved with CCTV in 2023!

Some quick and easy ways to jump in here at CCTV!

You can watch CCTV on cable channels 8, 9 and 96 on your Xfinity cable system in Cambridge, through our streaming pages, or on your Roku apps.

All of the programming on our channels is either produced or sponsored by Cambridge residents. You, too, can host a live show or submit programming that you have created to be seen on CCTV's channels.

Full Programming Schedule

Channel 8Tue, Feb 711:00pmTue, Feb 7HoodX Television Network: Nash 457 minutes
Channel 9Tue, Feb 711:00pmTue, Feb 7Pirate TV1 hour
Channel 96Tue, Feb 711:00pmTue, Feb 7Bate Papo Com Shirley: Ep 193, December 6, 20211 hour
Channel 96Tue, Feb 711:30pmTue, Feb 7unPlanned: West End Museum23 minutes
Channel 96Tue, Feb 711:53pmTue, Feb 7PSA: Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health: Vax Trust [ASL]3 minutes
Channel 96Tue, Feb 711:56pmTue, Feb 7PSA: What You Need To Know About Handwashing2 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 812:00amWed, Feb 8Mister Directs Real Talk: Whacky Wednesday29 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 812:00amWed, Feb 8MIT Volpe Block Party2 hours 15 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 812:00amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 201130 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 812:30amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 201919 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 812:48amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 201220 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 81:00amWed, Feb 8Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party: Ep 2958 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 81:08amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 201030 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 81:38amWed, Feb 8CCTV's Showcase Programming 200026 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 82:04amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 200830 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 82:15amWed, Feb 8Summertime1 minute
Channel 9Wed, Feb 82:16amWed, Feb 824 Hour Re-Edit Challenge - Roach Motel11 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 82:26amWed, Feb 8Merrimack Valley Bluegrass28 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 82:30amWed, Feb 8Beyond Fortune Cookies 20191 hour 20 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 82:34amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 201820 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 82:54amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 200730 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 82:54amWed, Feb 8Far Away Now5 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 83:00amWed, Feb 8The Smoking Section with Stephen Helfer27 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 83:24amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 202019 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 83:43amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 200534 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 84:00amWed, Feb 8Yoga for Seniors: Ep 03 with Lisa Kress1 hour
Channel 9Wed, Feb 84:00amWed, Feb 8Richard's Variety Show with Richard Sheingold27 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 84:16amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 20097 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 84:24amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 200930 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 84:30amWed, Feb 8With Reverend Eno Mondesir27 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 84:54amWed, Feb 8CCTV Showcase Programming 201111 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 85:00amWed, Feb 8Story Club Boston: Ep 02, April 6, 20191 hour 38 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 85:00amWed, Feb 8Spring Affair w/ Maurice Wilkey27 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 85:05amWed, Feb 8Family Documentary Pre-production30 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 85:30amWed, Feb 8Callalloo Express with Lynette Laveau Saxe27 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 85:35amWed, Feb 8At Home Cinematography Mini Lesson56 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 86:00amWed, Feb 8Black Futures Matter: A Celebration of History and Culture59 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 86:30amWed, Feb 8Poetic License: An Interview with Cambridge Poet, Rachel Weinstein16 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 86:31amWed, Feb 8Understanding Keyframes: Basic Animation at Your Fingertips4 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 86:36amWed, Feb 83-Point Lighting4 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 86:39amWed, Feb 8Editing Your Podcast with Audacity37 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 86:46amWed, Feb 8SMI 2013: Flatland2 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 86:48amWed, Feb 8What Makes You Beautiful (2 Directions, Music Video)4 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 86:53amWed, Feb 8Strange Brew (Music Video by The Casual)2 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 86:56amWed, Feb 8Blackout2 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 86:58amWed, Feb 8My Hobbies by Chloe1 minute
Channel 8Wed, Feb 87:00amWed, Feb 8Information Philosopher: The Hard Problem of Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem1 hour
Channel 9Wed, Feb 87:04amWed, Feb 8A CENTRAL SQUARE RETROSPECTIVE11 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 87:15amWed, Feb 8Link TV: Anusheh, Eyes Manouch, Short Subject on Love30 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 87:16amWed, Feb 8Delivering the Script Like a Pro1 hour 2 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 87:45amWed, Feb 8Demonstration Against Le Meridien Hotel4 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 87:49amWed, Feb 8Raw Money Behind the Scenes: Fast Life Music Video7 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 87:56amWed, Feb 8Stories of Resilience: Cambridge Fire Department3 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 88:00amWed, Feb 8Dead Air Live: Ruth Pressley28 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 88:00amWed, Feb 8Democracy Now!1 hour
Channel 96Wed, Feb 88:18amWed, Feb 8Finding Videos on Demand38 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 88:30amWed, Feb 8CONNECT: Addressing Loneliness in MA, Ep 6, September 202230 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 88:56amWed, Feb 8Getting to Know The iPad Kits: Part 2: Turning it on + Using the Camera App3 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 89:00amWed, Feb 8Grumpy Old Men Cooking: Vegetarian or Pescatarian: Bolognese, Portobello Mushrooms or Shrimp30 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 89:00amWed, Feb 8The Stephanie Miller Show3 hours
Channel 96Wed, Feb 89:00amWed, Feb 8Tempest Tableau: Ep 619: July 5, 20212 hours
Channel 8Wed, Feb 89:30amWed, Feb 8What's Cookin': Rhubarb Crisp, December 16, 202222 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 810:00amWed, Feb 8Cambridge Local First Community Conversation: with Katy Stanton from UMA, August 3, 202227 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 810:30amWed, Feb 8What's Up Twenties? All About Fears57 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 811:00amWed, Feb 8Eckankar: Master Your Spiritual Destiny29 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 811:30amWed, Feb 8Paltrocast: The Winery Dogs' Mike Portnoy + Kansas' Ronnie Platt29 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 811:30amWed, Feb 8Reeling: The Movie Review Show: Ep 808, February 1, 202330 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 812:00pmWed, Feb 8THE Conversation: Ep 10, Racism and the Justice System1 hour 12 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 812:00pmWed, Feb 8Democracy Now!1 hour
Channel 96Wed, Feb 812:00pmWed, Feb 8Jubilation: December 28, 202030 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 812:30pmWed, Feb 8Supreme Master TV: ep 08-1030 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 81:00pmWed, Feb 8Roundtable Talks: Dating Apps34 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 81:00pmWed, Feb 8La Verdad Internacional: Stories behind the story29 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 81:30pmWed, Feb 8Democracy Creative x The Black Artists Showcase 20221 hour 14 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 81:30pmWed, Feb 8Both Sides of the Bars: October 2022 [The Formerly Incarcerated Are Good Neighbors]29 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 81:34pmWed, Feb 8CCTV Valentine's Day 2014 Special: Messages Of Love26 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 82:00pmWed, Feb 8Racism and Film: A Conversation with Maritza Grooms of CCTV45 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 82:00pmWed, Feb 8Camera Mosaique: January 27, 20231 hour
Channel 8Wed, Feb 82:43pmWed, Feb 8Cambridge Bites!: Zuzu, 20105 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 82:45pmWed, Feb 8Cambridge Bites!: Greek Corner, 20094 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 82:48pmWed, Feb 8Cambridge Bites!: Central Square Farmers' Market, 20125 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 82:49pmWed, Feb 8I Am Queen: Yanka10 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 82:53pmWed, Feb 8Flora of Cambridge2 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 82:55pmWed, Feb 8Community Media Stories: Xia Rondeau1 minute
Channel 8Wed, Feb 82:56pmWed, Feb 8CCTV in the Park 20211 minute
Channel 8Wed, Feb 82:57pmWed, Feb 8Drum Circle in a Changing Cambridge2 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 83:00pmWed, Feb 8Information Philosopher: The Hard Problem of Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem1 hour
Channel 9Wed, Feb 83:00pmWed, Feb 8Cambridge People With Saundra Graham56 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 83:00pmWed, Feb 8The Time is Now: January 12, 202356 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 84:00pmWed, Feb 8Women Are Here Podcast: October 202229 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 84:00pmWed, Feb 8The Sweet Dee Show with Darrylyn Paxton57 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 84:00pmWed, Feb 8unPlanned: Who Collects Your Trash?23 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 84:30pmWed, Feb 8African American Dollmaking and Puppetry: Renegotiating Identity, Restoring Community1 hour 43 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 84:30pmWed, Feb 8Puerto Rican Voices: Ep 12 Faith-Based Organizations27 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 85:00pmWed, Feb 8Riches of God's Grace with Uche Ikpa27 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 85:00pmWed, Feb 8Mass Celebration: February 4, 20231 hour
Channel 9Wed, Feb 85:30pmWed, Feb 8The Joe Show27 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 86:00pmWed, Feb 8Love and Friendship with Michael Koran57 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 86:00pmWed, Feb 8Thomas Crane Public Library Presents: Victorian Flowers We Still Love, March 21, 202246 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 86:12pmWed, Feb 8Artist Talks with Beth14 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 86:27pmWed, Feb 8VLOG: Why Do You Love CCTV?3 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 86:30pmWed, Feb 8White House Chronicle: February 2, 202329 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 87:00pmWed, Feb 8 Country Music with Houston Bernard: May 9, 202230 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 87:00pmWed, Feb 8Profiles of African American Success20 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 87:20pmWed, Feb 8Best Spots to Study Near CCTV4 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 87:24pmWed, Feb 8Vlog: The College Covid Experience4 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 87:28pmWed, Feb 8Sony ZV-1 Test Vlog with Peter Levine1 minute
Channel 8Wed, Feb 87:30pmWed, Feb 8Tony's Choice: Class 2022, December 21, 202230 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 87:30pmWed, Feb 8Our Story, Part I27 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 87:30pmWed, Feb 8Aromatic Bangladeshi Kitchen: Ep 15, January 20, 2022: Piaju and Chana Boot17 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 88:00pmWed, Feb 8Cooking Without Boundaries: Pilaf26 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 88:00pmWed, Feb 8Loving Day30 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 88:00pmWed, Feb 8Haitian Poetry in Three Languages, March 20201 hour
Channel 8Wed, Feb 88:30pmWed, Feb 8The Struggle: With the Jailed Russians29 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 88:30pmWed, Feb 8History in Lowell: Juneteenth28 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 89:00pmWed, Feb 8All Things LGBTQ: News, January 24, 202358 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 89:00pmWed, Feb 8Democracy Now!1 hour
Channel 96Wed, Feb 89:00pmWed, Feb 8Tele Lakaye with Yves St. Pierre58 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 810:00pmWed, Feb 8Native Voice TV: Tony Redhouse 201727 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 810:00pmWed, Feb 8The David Pakman Show1 hour
Channel 96Wed, Feb 810:00pmWed, Feb 8Euro Indie Music Weekly Magazine: Ep 302, January 31, 202330 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 810:30pmWed, Feb 8The Kamla Show: Ep 401: Lois Vossen, Pt 128 minutes
Channel 96Wed, Feb 810:30pmWed, Feb 8GMALL Lectures: The Ukraine War: Why Does It Matter to You?, November 4 ,20221 hour 25 minutes
Channel 8Wed, Feb 811:00pmWed, Feb 8Puerto Rican Voices: Ep 12 Faith-Based Organizations27 minutes
Channel 9Wed, Feb 811:00pmWed, Feb 8Pirate TV1 hour
Channel 8Wed, Feb 811:30pmWed, Feb 8Spookshow Macabre: Ep 1530 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 912:00amThu, Feb 9FOLKED UP on CCTV: Ep 061 hour 25 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 912:00amThu, Feb 9unPlanned: Bob Krim24 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 912:00amThu, Feb 9The Mural1 hour 57 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 912:24amThu, Feb 9unPlanned: Ig Nobels24 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 912:48amThu, Feb 9unPlanned: Emily Torres Cullinane and Carolina Prieto26 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 91:14amThu, Feb 9unPlanned: Red Light Districts and Boston’s Combat Zone, Jonathan Tudan27 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 91:41amThu, Feb 9unPlanned: Betsy Cowan Neptune27 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 91:56amThu, Feb 9ZIP Docs: Spiritual Bazaar, 201311 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 92:00amThu, Feb 9Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party: Ep 2958 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 92:07amThu, Feb 9An Immigrant Story: Interviewing Yanka15 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 92:08amThu, Feb 9unPlanned: Who Collects Your Trash?23 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 92:22amThu, Feb 9CPHD X CCTV Youth Media Project 202225 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 92:31amThu, Feb 9unPlanned: Leavitt & Pierce8 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 92:39amThu, Feb 9unPlanned: Benjamin Zander19 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 92:47amThu, Feb 9Cambridge Typewriter5 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 92:52amThu, Feb 9Graffiti Retrospective 1980-201832 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 93:00amThu, Feb 9The Sweet Dee Show with Darrylyn Paxton57 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 93:24amThu, Feb 9Personal Documentary Storytelling1 hour 13 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 93:30amThu, Feb 9BeLive: [HISTORICAL] Monday BeLives 1 John Dotterman Blooper 1st Thing 22 hours 3 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 94:00amThu, Feb 9Riches of God's Grace27 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 94:37amThu, Feb 9Where is One Kendall Square? 199423 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 95:00amThu, Feb 9By Truett57 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 95:00amThu, Feb 9ZIP DOCS 14: Moose Wall, July 85 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 95:05amThu, Feb 9Occupy Boston: The First Weeks, 201149 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 95:34amThu, Feb 9PSA: CCTV is here for you!3 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 95:36amThu, Feb 9PSA [Spanish]: Take the First Step Toward a Nicotine-Free Life [for people who want help to quit smoking, vaping or using other tobacco products]2 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 95:38amThu, Feb 9PSA: Hope Is Here - The Massachusetts Substance Use Helpline - SPANISH3 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 95:41amThu, Feb 9PSA: Southcoast Health: Wear A Mask COVID2 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 95:43amThu, Feb 9PSA: Firework Safety Press Conference [on firework safety, and a very explosive demonstration of what can go wrong]16 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 95:55amThu, Feb 9Profiles of African American Success20 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 95:57amThu, Feb 9Cambridge Uncovered: The Media and the Elections, February 19, 202054 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 95:59amThu, Feb 9CCTV Station ID: You Can Do It Too!1 minute
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:01amThu, Feb 9PSA: Reach Out MA: Mayor Domenic Sarno of Springfield2 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:02amThu, Feb 9PSA: Office of Economic Empowerment: Salary Negotiation EqualPayMA [Español]1 minute
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:03amThu, Feb 9CCTV in the Park 20211 minute
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:06amThu, Feb 9Considerations for Bars and Restaurants During COVID-193 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:09amThu, Feb 9PSA for Hands Free While Driving Law2 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:13amThu, Feb 9PSA: MBTA #RideSafer (Spanish Subtitles)3 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 96:15amThu, Feb 9Port Arts Festival 20222 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:16amThu, Feb 9PSA: National Science Foundation: Science-U Shoe Print Casting [shoe prints at the scene of the crime]1 minute
Channel 96Thu, Feb 96:17amThu, Feb 9The Prophet of Moose and Grizzly Bears' Ville9 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:18amThu, Feb 9PSA: COVID-19 Vaccine1 minute
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:20amThu, Feb 9PSA: How to Use the Lucira Covid-19 Self Test4 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:23amThu, Feb 9'Twas the Night Before Christmas2 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:25amThu, Feb 9PSA: #ReachOutMA Ed Ford, Board Chair of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute1 minute
Channel 96Thu, Feb 96:26amThu, Feb 9The Last Days of the Trackless Trolleys of Cambridge6 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:27amThu, Feb 9PSA: Mask Up, Cambridge2 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:30amThu, Feb 9Somos Tu Mundo: Chef Fernando Louzada y Ze Rui, July 21, 202130 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 96:32amThu, Feb 9From Coping to Creation: An Original LCTV Documentary46 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 96:50amThu, Feb 9Community Media Stories: Xia Rondeau1 minute
Channel 9Thu, Feb 96:51amThu, Feb 9Women Speak: Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui28 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 97:00amThu, Feb 9Information Philosopher: The Hard Problem of Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem1 hour
Channel 96Thu, Feb 97:18amThu, Feb 9Trap Mosaic4 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:20amThu, Feb 9The Life of my Mom in Cambridge3 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:22amThu, Feb 9Cambridge Bites!: Baraka Cafe, 20096 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 97:23amThu, Feb 9SPACE NEEDLE The Animated Life of Bugzee1 hour
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:28amThu, Feb 9I Am Queen: Lola13 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:42amThu, Feb 9The Karen Aqua Gallery #1: The Charitable Confectioner5 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:47amThu, Feb 9Stories of Resilience: Down Under Yoga5 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:52amThu, Feb 9Cambridge Bites!: Toscanini's, 20167 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 98:00amThu, Feb 9Tempest Tableau: Ep 619: July 5, 20212 hours
Channel 9Thu, Feb 98:00amThu, Feb 9Democracy Now!1 hour
Channel 96Thu, Feb 98:22amThu, Feb 9Community Youth Programs of Cambridge: Hip Hop Transformation4 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 98:26amThu, Feb 9CCTV Pop up at Kendall Square!1 minute
Channel 96Thu, Feb 98:30amThu, Feb 9Effort Pour Christ: January 3, 20221 hour
Channel 9Thu, Feb 99:00amThu, Feb 9The Stephanie Miller Show3 hours
Channel 96Thu, Feb 99:30amThu, Feb 9Aromatic Bangladeshi Kitchen: Ep 15, January 20, 2022: Piaju and Chana Boot17 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 910:00amThu, Feb 9Scholars Strategy Network: No Jargon Podcast: Ep 20830 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 910:00amThu, Feb 9Sidewalks Entertainment: Robert Picardo, A Look Back29 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 910:30amThu, Feb 9The World Fusion Show: Ep 87: Sampler 729 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 910:30amThu, Feb 9Strata: October 2022 [Parizad]29 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 911:00amThu, Feb 9THE Conversation: Ep 10, Racism and the Justice System1 hour 12 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 911:00amThu, Feb 9Tele Galaxie: Ep 129, January 30, 20231 hour
Channel 9Thu, Feb 912:00pmThu, Feb 9Democracy Now!1 hour
Channel 96Thu, Feb 912:00pmThu, Feb 9Tele Magazine: November 27, 202258 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 912:30pmThu, Feb 9For Your Health: Scleroderma29 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 91:00pmThu, Feb 9The Chico and Bman Show: Ep 183, Chico Chuck Hamm Bman29 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 91:00pmThu, Feb 9Cambridge People With Saundra Graham56 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 91:00pmThu, Feb 9Euro Indie Music Weekly Magazine: Ep 302, January 31, 202330 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 91:30pmThu, Feb 9Money Matters TV: Ep 23-3, Desmond, February 6, 202329 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 91:30pmThu, Feb 9Both Sides of the Bars: October 2022 [The Formerly Incarcerated Are Good Neighbors]29 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 92:00pmThu, Feb 9Music Mania TV: September 7, 201530 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 92:00pmThu, Feb 9Roundtable Talks: Dating Apps34 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 92:00pmThu, Feb 9Camera Mosaique: January 27, 20231 hour
Channel 8Thu, Feb 92:30pmThu, Feb 9White House Chronicle: February 2, 202329 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 92:33pmThu, Feb 9Susan Fleischmann Square11 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 92:44pmThu, Feb 9Starlight Square 2020!11 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 92:55pmThu, Feb 9Stories of Resilience: Pagu Restaurant4 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 93:00pmThu, Feb 9Information Philosopher: The Hard Problem of Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem1 hour
Channel 9Thu, Feb 93:00pmThu, Feb 9Exploring the African American Experience in Cambridge1 hour
Channel 96Thu, Feb 93:00pmThu, Feb 9Mahibere Kidusan TV: June 28, 20211 hour
Channel 8Thu, Feb 94:00pmThu, Feb 9CONNECT: Addressing Loneliness in MA, Ep 6, September 202230 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 94:00pmThu, Feb 9Open Slot27 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 94:00pmThu, Feb 9Bate Papo Com Shirley: Ep 193, December 6, 20211 hour
Channel 8Thu, Feb 94:30pmThu, Feb 9This Is America & the World: Revisiting Haiti - History & Culture27 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 94:30pmThu, Feb 9Unsurpassable Justice with Brother RA57 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 95:00pmThu, Feb 9Race Recovery Discussion Series: Violence Fatigue1 hour 41 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 95:00pmThu, Feb 9Talking Trek: April 2021, April Fool's Edition1 hour
Channel 9Thu, Feb 95:30pmThu, Feb 9Open Slot27 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 96:00pmThu, Feb 9The Storrow Drive Nighthawk Show27 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 96:00pmThu, Feb 9Thomas Crane Public Library Presents: Victorian Flowers We Still Love, March 21, 202246 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 96:30pmThu, Feb 9Somos tu Mundo with Rosario Swaidan27 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:41pmThu, Feb 9Humans of Cambridge: Peter DiMuro6 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:47pmThu, Feb 9Humans of Cambridge: Aelen Unan6 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 96:52pmThu, Feb 9Humans of Cambridge: Malene Council5 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 97:00pmThu, Feb 9Creole United: African American Creole Music from Louisiana1 hour 11 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:00pmThu, Feb 9Racism and Film: A Conversation with Maritza Grooms of CCTV45 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 97:30pmThu, Feb 9The Faith Show: Ep 0428 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:45pmThu, Feb 9Cambridge Bites!: Greek Corner, 20094 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:49pmThu, Feb 9Cambridge Bites!: Simon's Cafe, 20094 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:53pmThu, Feb 9On the Street with CCTV - Heinz and Brooklyn3 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 97:56pmThu, Feb 9My Brother by Fyrqan3 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 98:00pmThu, Feb 9Loving Day30 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 98:00pmThu, Feb 9Tele Soleil59 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 98:10pmThu, Feb 9Brother Blue Conversations6 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 98:16pmThu, Feb 9Streetcorner Classics with Brother Blue: The Bed5 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 98:22pmThu, Feb 9Dreams of Leonardo Da Vinci5 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 98:30pmThu, Feb 9Cinema Bytes: Black Cinema48 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 98:30pmThu, Feb 9Our Story, Part I27 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 99:00pmThu, Feb 9Democracy Now!1 hour
Channel 96Thu, Feb 99:00pmThu, Feb 9Colores Latinos TV: Medios de Comunicacion30 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 99:18pmThu, Feb 9Cambridge Bites!: Oleana, 20105 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 99:23pmThu, Feb 9Stories of Resilience: Cambridge Bicycle4 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 99:26pmThu, Feb 9CCTV in the Park 20211 minute
Channel 8Thu, Feb 99:27pmThu, Feb 9Community Media Stories: Richard Sheingold1 minute
Channel 8Thu, Feb 99:30pmThu, Feb 9Somos Tu Mundo: Chef Fernando Louzada y Ze Rui, July 21, 202130 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 99:30pmThu, Feb 9Walk for Unity: August 202120 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 99:49pmThu, Feb 9Cambridge Jazz Festival4 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 99:53pmThu, Feb 9CCTV Virtual Tour 20214 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Feb 99:56pmThu, Feb 9Graffiti of Cambridge3 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 910:00pmThu, Feb 9Kirley-Sue's Plant-Based Show: Lemon Drizzle, August 22, 202225 minutes
Channel 9Thu, Feb 910:00pmThu, Feb 9The David Pakman Show1 hour
Channel 96Thu, Feb 910:00pmThu, Feb 9Tele Anacaona de Boston: February 9, 202355 minutes
Channel 8Thu, Feb 910:30pmThu, Feb 9Cambridge Comedy Underground: Season 01 Ep 011 hour 26 minutes


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