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Reverend Irene Monroe and Susan Fleischmann discuss the impact of the 2-19-2020 Democratic presidential primary debate going into the South Carolina and Super Tuesday races. 2-21-2020
A brief overview of Central Square Business Improvement District (CSBID). This video was created as part of CCTV's Community Video Profiles class. Produced by Ameera Abu-Alsaoud, Josh Artman, Andy Griffith, James Herrick, Rock Louis, Mercedes Soto Edited by Josh Artman Class...
Coming Up Next on CCTV! is a short-form series highlighting many of the exciting things happening at Cambridge Community Television. On this episode, Josh interviews Maritza Grooms, our new executive assistant, and then gets to know CCTV's mini-cameras a little better! Produced...
In this episode, Ali Sy describes her style as ever-changing and compares it to her fashion icon and the hottest K-pop group today, while talking about her acting roles and why she loves being an actor. Produced by Alfonso Mateo DP: Peter Levine & Seth Myer
The importance of a complete and accurate US Census cannot be overstated. Separate from the Annual City Census, the US Census is mandated by the U.S. Constitution, and the count impacts our most fundamental rights and ability to adequately plan for our collective future. The...