• DC 2020 Festival

Festival of Us, You, We, & Them 2020

Festival of Us, You, We, & Them 2020

The Dance Complex Annual Festival of Us, You, We, & Them took place virtually June 26 & 27, 2020.

Peter DiMuro, Executive Artistic Director of the Dance Complex, opened the 2020 virtual Festival of Us, You, We, & Them with the hope that people watching will connect with and see themselves in a dance/style and plan to come to Dance Complex when it reopens to try out a class.

Dance is really wide and dance is really deep and the people who get to dance are sometimes those who take that next step forward to claim it for their own; and if you need a little help to nudge you into taking that next step, that's why we are here!

The Festival, which usually takes place on Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square, offers an array of dance classes, performances, and demonstrations, and the virtual event followed suit. This video includes some clips of West African Contemporary, Classical Indian Dance with a visual art installation, Contemporary Ballet, and Contemporary Haitian.

These are just a few of the types of dance classes offered at the Dance Complex. Some virtual classes and workshops are available now; follow DC on social media or sign up for the email newsletter to stay up to date and, hopefully, take that next step forward.