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Cambridge MA
I spend the majority of my time in civic engagement initiatives, arts/music related activities, traveling, eating great food and enjoying a classic cocktail. Most of my Cambridge residency involved living in a now defunct vegetarian co-op with a revolving cast of six lovable roommates and a kooky...
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September 16, 2012 - 10:33pm Harvard Square’s Hong Kong on 1238 Mass Ave, is known by the Cambridge locals as a late night temptation of greasy food, Tiki-esque cocktails and regrettable memories of lust fueled decisions. These stereotypes may be true, but if you open your mind and wander upstairs to the Comedy Studio, there’ll be something else for you. How about a man eating fire? On Tuesday nights, find yourself at the Mystery Lounge and experience some solid magic geared to adults, not to be confused with the kind of magic adults hide on their laptops. There you’ll find magic tricks and games performed by talented local and national magicians with an obvious passion for their craft. The show will entertain the cynic, give the Harvard crowd something else to focus on apart from their studies, (or vodka sodas) and most likely will impress that first date and lead to a second. The weekly lineup, consists of three magicians and a special guest comedian. The night CCTV went to observe, July 31, 2012, Mr. Bob Riordan was the evening’s host, red cheeked and donning a cheerful seersucker suit and spectacles, with an endless smile and unusual pet. Reardon ribbed a young married couple for most of the night, to... read more
January 30, 2012 - 8:58am It’s highly unlikely that you’ve walked around in Central Square in the last few months and not noticed baked goods calling out a siren song from the windows of locally owned Veggie Galaxy. What may be a surprise is that the display of cakes, pies, cookies and the like are not vegetarian, but in fact vegan. All the desserts are prepared without the use of products derived from animals, a true vegan bakery. If you stop by early enough, there’s a chance you’ll see Pastry Chef Lesli Turock, who wakes every morning at 3 am and works till 12pm or even 2pm, depending on the day. She moved to our area to attend Dean College and Newbury College, where she specialized in Culinary Arts. Previous positions included Pastry Chef at La Morra in Brookline and Director of Culinary Services at Haley House Bakery Cafe in Roxbury. She also taught Adult Education Classes in areas such as baking breads and pies and comfort foods at Cambridge Adult Education, among others. In the hours away from the batter, Turock enjoys photography, watercolors, pottery, and jewelry making. Social justice issues are important to Chef Turock, with a personal interest in assisting urban youth with culinary training and... read more
September 7, 2011 - 8:38pm In the age of Kindles, iPads and online books, it’s not uncommon to hear remarks that seem to suggest that good old brick and mortar shops with proprietors who care deeply about their customer’s interests will soon be extinct. Not if Lorem Ipsum Books have anything to do with it. There’s a store that sits proudly in Inman Square whose only goal is to inform and entertain the community in an accessible and welcoming atmosphere. Where else can you walk in and find a book titled, “How to Fossilize your Hamster” under the Specifically Specific shelf, a book vending machine and a chicken machine? A little more on that later.. Lorem Ipsum Books (LI) has held Cambridge residency for about 8 years, calling Hampshire Street its home since Valentine’s Day, 2010. Lorem Ipsum, roughly translated from Latin as, “Pain Itself”, is a placeholder text used in publishing. Owner Matt Mankins now resides in NY, but has fond memories and states, “When I graduated from MIT, I had been living in Cambridge for 5 years, and Cambridge felt very much like home to me. Consequently, when I had the idea for Lorem Ipsum Books, it was natural for me want to stay in Cambridge. I was living in Inman Square at... read more
June 10, 2011 - 4:09pm If you’ve lived in the area for a more than a few months, there’s a good chance you’ll spot familiar faces and perhaps exchange a smile or a hello. If you’ve lived here since 1964, you might recognize local resident Phyllis Bretholtz, preserver of memories via camera and a champion for community organizations serving Cambridge and beyond. Ms. Bretholtz moved to Cambridge in 1964, after traveling around the world for 18 months, visiting areas in Europe, Israel, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Japan, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda, among others. The visual documentary of her adventures has endured in thousands of slides. Passion for the camera led her to study visual design and photography at MIT from 1966-1967, an experience which she describes as, “A visual orgy of color, shape and texture.” Bretholtz taught English at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School from 1970 to 1998 and has since served as the Visual Archivist for the Boston Arts Academy, Fenway High School and Boston Pilot School, taking senior portraits. She asks the students for, “One straight picture, one can be as crazy as you want,” which often yields relaxed and unconventional photographs. In 2007 she was asked to... read more
April 4, 2011 - 3:30am When you walked out of your last meeting at work, did you feel solidarity with your colleagues and believe that your voice was heard? Were the issues researched, discussed fairly and consensus achieved by a fair vote with respectful, constructive conversation? If you were involved in a meeting with youth from Cambridge based peace and justice organization Boston Mobilization, this is the type of decision making process you would be a part of. Boston Mobilization (MOBE), has been nestled on Bow Street since 2005. Originally formed in 1977, MOBE was a local chapter of the national anti-nuclear organization Mobilization for Survival. Eventually the anti-nuclear focus shifted to broader peace and justice issues, and in the MA area MOBE currently concentrates efforts on teaching youth organizing and leadership skills to examine and address systemic injustice through a social justice perspective. Recent projects include the Sub/Urban Justice Program that trains young leaders, and the published book of stories by area students with frank personal narratives on race and strategies to combat racism, Speak UP! "We’re not even a whole person but still 90 percent of little Brad’s ipod... read more
March 3, 2011 - 8:39pm Many of us have taken a fitness class in our lifetime. Some individuals qualify as enthusiastic gym buffs and the remaining might have memories from high school Phys Ed that we would like erased in an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind style fashion. If physical activity bores or scares you, fear not Cambridge! At your friendly Y nestled in Central Square, you’ll find a class called Punk Rope. The Y’s Fitness Director Matthew Mahoney received a card in his mailbox in 2008 and thought it was time for something different. The class, set to various punk songs, involves approximately 3 minutes of creative jump rope alternating with solo and group athletic drills. The drills have intriguing names such as “Burpys”, “Pendulums” and “Evolution”, where one starts crawling and finishes with standing and running. Mahoney believes in a creative approach to fitness. A recent class featured partner drills with one person running while another drew their favorite Winnie the Pooh character asking Miley Cyrus to the prom. Mahoney believes that Punk Rope is accessible to everyone, though he acknowledges that it is the hardest class at the Y. Participants range in age, weight, fitness level and... read more
January 28, 2011 - 10:49am Hello Cambridge! I'm Srin, your newest NeighborMedia citizen journalist and I make a great pumpkin soup. I've lived in the area off and on for about 10 years, with stints in London and New York. Now I call myself a "Cantoonie". I was originally born in England and have also lived in Saudi Arabia, Canada and good old Fargo, ND. Yes people "talk like the movie" and yes there are ways to amuse yourself there, at least for a weekend. I keep boomeranging back to Massachusetts because I feel close to the people, the changing seasons and the great social activism and arts culture. My focus will be on stories that showcase the talents and passions of Cambridge folk, and organizations/happenings that enrich our community. read more