Sergio Sotelo

Cambridge MA
I am a 38 year old Spanish-Basque journalist living in the Cambridge area. Until recently, I worked in situ in the newsroom of several newspapers in Spain, Ecuador and Argentina.
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September 16, 2011 - 6:00pm This Week in NeighborMedia: a recap of the week's captivating Cambridge stories produced by NeighborMedia correspondents at Cambridge Community Television. Now Recruiting New NeighborMedia Citizen Journalists - Join the Team! Info Session September 29th For more information, visit: Latest stories Saul Tannenbaum explains how Cambridge is becoming a city of roommates rather than families. "Wealth, Poverty and Housing in Cambridge." Susana Segat writes about the local celebration of the 85th Annual Italian Festival of the Healing Saints Cosmas & Damian. "THE place to be this weekend." Siobhan Bredin reviews some 9/11 Memorial Events in Cambridge. "Cambridge Remembers September 11." Susana Segat interviews US Senator Scott Brown. "Scott Brown Thanks CCTV." Upcoming Cambridge Events For upcoming community events or to post your own, visit Have a story idea? Send email to newstip (AT) cctvcambridge (DOT) org. Can't get enough NeighborMedia? Follow us on Twitter Join us on Facebook Watch video on YouTube Subscribe to our RSS feed (Photo above by Tess Heder, available under a Creative Commons license). read more
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January 27, 2009 - 4:30pm “We are there to help people, but not to do what they should do for themselves. We want to avoid paternalism….” Ángel Sáenz-Badillos has been the Director of the Real Colegio Complutense –an institution facilitating the arrival of Spanish investigators at Harvard– for over 7 years. When he talks about helping people, this renowned specialist in Medieval Jewish literature is not referring to the post doctoral students and scholars that visit –semester after semester– the offices of the Colegio in Harvard Square. He is speaking about the hundreds of families in Managua who have benefitted from the work that this sexagenarian and his wife promote through the local NGO Casas de la Esperanza. Sáenz-Badillos is a man of cordial manners, who transmits a warmth and simplicity atypical among academics and men of science. One might say that his friendly nature –a “social variant” of generosity– is a reflection of the goodwill that led him to launch in 2006 a “Utopian plan” to construct homes in the extremely economically depressed neighborhoods outside of the Nicaraguan capital (one of the poorest countries in Central America). An idea that, two years later, with the construction of 36... read more
December 11, 2008 - 10:26pm The Choir of Old Cambridge Baptist Church, under the direction of Thomas Jones, has released the album "Total Praise". Recorded last September in this house of worship located in Harvard Square, it is the first cd made by a group composed of more than twenty people. "Total Praise" offers a mixture of old and contemporary religious music, much of it sung a capella. The beautiful voices of the Choir of Old Cambridge Baptist Church can be heard on Sunday services and special holidays like this upcoming Christmas Eve. More info on the video clip. Links: read more
December 3, 2008 - 11:04pm Víctor Erice is one of the most praised contemporary Spanish filmakers by the critics. His films stand out for their lyrical tone and their formal complexity. This Friday December 4th, as part of the Spanish Film Festival that runs from September to May, “El Sur” (1983) will be showing at the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard. Highly recommended. (Spanish with English subtitles) Where: 26 Trowbridge Street, Cambridge MA 02138. When: 19:30, Friday December 4th. Some links worth checking out. read more
November 26, 2008 - 9:28pm In its beginnings Philosophy was a "public affair": Socrates and his disciples chose the main square -the most crowded place in the polis- as the ideal stage to discuss the nature of truth and justice. For those first philosophers the challenge of "thinking" was also something that should be enjoyed in the company of friends (without renouncing arguments and disagreements). Both elements are in the origin of l'Université Populaire of Caen - an initiative begun in France by the philosopher Michel Onfray which sought to establish a non-academic forum, an informal one, for debating and spreading new ideas. Its success was replicated in other "universities" in different French cities like Lyon o Avignon. In 2007, the idea also caught on in Boston, where a group of French expat residents of Cambridge began the local chapter of this center of "intellectual resistance". According to its founder, the French philosopher Olivier Saint-Vincent, the proposal is, at least on paper, simple: organize free philosophy lessons which are open to the greater public. The only "prerequisite" for its participants is a healthy curiosity for topics like ethics, politics, arts or biology. The classes at... read more
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November 18, 2008 - 5:27pm From time to time, some language exchange partners and friends interested in improving their Spanish ask me about novels easy to understand for people with an intermediate or advanced level. Good books to practice their reading and comprehension while enjoying a well written story. I often lend them El túnel, by the Argentinian Sábato, and La tregua, by the Uruguayan Mario Benedetti, which are two easy titles and are well written enough to be included in a Hispanoamerican literary canon. One week ago I had the idea of making a list of recommended readings for Spanish learners by asking a group of Spanish and Latinoamerican natives that live in the Cambridge area and who keep in contact through a mailing list called Iberia. (The e-list is, by the way, a useful resource for people interested in news about the activities that Spanish speaking community in Great Boston do together, and events in which Spanish is a "basic ingredient"; Below is the list of suggested authors and books. El bandido adolescente, Ramon J. Sender. Primavera con una esquina rota, Mario Benedetti. En el nombre de Salomé, Julia Alvárez. Sin Noticias de Gurb, Eduardo Mendoza.... read more
November 16, 2008 - 9:04pm People from Cambridge talk about their expectations of Obama presidency. read more
November 5, 2008 - 2:40pm Obama´s supporters looking at the results. read more
November 5, 2008 - 2:38pm People at Harvard Square. read more
November 4, 2008 - 2:35pm Once a month, Clandestino's parties offer "the very best in alternative Latin-American rock and pop music". On Friday, November 7th, the program includes rhythms from Spain and Argentina: "indie gitano", "rock gaucho", "rumbitas rockanroleras", and "cumbias villeras"... Where: at Tommy Doyle's (96 Winthrop St., Harvard Square, Cambridge) at 9PM. For more details and info about tickets visit or email read more