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Cambridge Community Television , Cambridge MA
I am responsible for planning and implementing new technology and systems throughout our organization, from databases to websites to production gear. I get to wear a lot of hats throughout the year, so it's pretty cool. I like long walks in the snow and my favorite ice cream is vanilla.
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June 16, 2005 - 2:32pm Don't take this the wrong way, but we can't find what you're looking for. This is a dynamic place and stuff gets moved around all the time. If you are looking for something specific, try using the search feature at the top of this page. Thanks! read more
June 13, 2005 - 2:22pm The staff of Cambridge Community Television spent the day of June 3, 2005, in the Berkshire Hills at the Becket Chimney Corners YMCA. Some of the activities included (but were not limited to) a canoe ride, a hike through the woods, a nap, some teambuliding initiatives, and then a number of staff braved the "Giant's Swing" which involved a tarzan-like experience on a 40 foot cable. Part of this staff excursion included a welcome for our newest staff member on the CCTV team, Jason Crow (bottom right face in the photo.) read more
May 9, 2005 - 7:03pm Streaming Media Coverage Click here to view streaming media: Conference Viewing Page Cambridge Community Television is proud to present streaming video coverage of selected sessions of the National Conference for Media Reform starting mid day on May 13, 2005. Several representatives will be on site with remote streaming media systems for individuals who could not attend. Viewers can either watch live-to-the-minute streaming media or download archived media on demand after the conference. Special thanks goes out to Creative Narrations and Free Press for making this technologically possible! From the official conference website: Fed up with the media? Want to do something about it? Activists from across the country will converge in St. Louis on May 13-15 to mobilize to fix our broken media system. The conference will include panel presentations, workshops, discussion sessions, video screenings, book signings, and speeches and performances by renowned guests. read more
May 8, 2005 - 6:58pm In honor of Dance Month in Cambridge, CCTV has scheduled a series of dance performance videos throughout May. Beginning Tuesday May 1 2007. “3 or 6” ': Date: 5/4/2007 - Time: 10:30 p.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/9/2007 - Time: 4:55 p.m. - on Channel 10 Date: 5/11/2007 - Time: 6:55 p.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/14/2007 - Time: 4:00 p.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/16/2007 - Time: 11:15 a.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/18/2007 - Time: 8:30 a.m. - on Channel 10 Date: 5/18/2007 - Time: 8:55 p.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/26/2007 - Time: 9:00 a.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/27/2007 - Time: 10:30 p.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/30/2007 - Time: 11:24 a.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/31/2007 - Time: 8:55 a.m. - on Channel 10 “Polynesian Dance Arts”: Date: 5/4/2007 - Time: 10:34 p.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/6/2007 - Time: 4:23 p.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/13/2007 - Time: 3:24 p.m. - on Channel 10 Date: 5/13/2007 - Time: 11:25 p.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/16/2007 - Time: 10:45 p.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/18/2007 - Time: 8:34 a.m. - on Channel 10 Date: 5/26/2007 - Time: 9:04 a.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/27/2007 - Time: 11:05 p.m. - on Channel 9 Date: 5/30/... read more
May 6, 2005 - 7:08pm Have you seen the exciting new classes that are debuting later this month at CCTV? * Making the News: How to Tell a Video News Story* Making Headlines: How to Use the Media* Talking Heads: Interviewing Styles & Techniques* Lights, Mics, Action!Click on the "more" button to get the details! Then, if you‚re interested in enrolling and have enough course voucher, call our front desk at 617-661-6900 to enroll; otherwise, you‚ll need to come down and pay in person. And if you are interested but cannot make these dates, please ask to be put on the waiting list so you‚ll hear about future sections. Thanks! Making the News: How to Tell a Video News StorySunday, May 15: 4:00-8:00 p.m.$20.00 Instructors: Edie Rubinowitz, Ken KreshtoolHere‚s your chance to make the news ˜ literally! Students are first introduced to the different types of news stories, the fundamental elements that draw listeners into stories, and shooting techniques developed by and for video journalists. Then the course walks students through the entire process of conceptualizing, researching, reporting, and producing a segment for CCTV‚s new newsmagazine show "You Are Here."Pre-requisites: Experience with... read more
April 27, 2005 - 3:25pm read more
April 26, 2005 - 7:10pm On April 25, at its annual meeting, Cambridge Community Television awarded the Joseph Sakey Award to the Economic Development Committee of the Cambridge City Council. The Sakey Award is named for the former Director of the Cambridge Public Library who developed plans for the cable system in the City. It is presented annually to the individual or organization that has done the most to advance access to media and technology in Cambridge.The Economic Development Committee, chaired by City Councilor Ken Reeves, was the umbrella group that planned and facilitated special events held in Cambridge during the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Through this Committee, CCTV was awarded a grant from the City for the satellite uplink of 3 hours daily of live alternative news programming from CCTV during the DNC, including Democracy Now! and CCTV‚s Crashing the Party.Other awards were presented to CCTV members for outstanding service to the organization and the Cambridge community. Jonathan Millman, Matt Caswell, Renato Rodriguez, Dave Spalding, Jamila Newton, and Lauren Kroiz were recognized as Interns of the Year; Luis Texeira, Janis Hellew, and Mark Kelsey as Trainers of the Year; Buz... read more
April 20, 2005 - 7:12pm This week the CCTV community says thank you and farewell to our former membership coordinator, Erika Jones, who has served on our staff for the past four years. The following is an interview conducted by Erika with herself via email about her experiences here and her plans for the future. Please take a moment and enjoy the read! When did you start working at CCTV, and what about the job encouraged you to apply for the position? I first started working at CCTV in the summer of 2001. Before that, I had worked at Sojourner: The Women's Forum, a feminist, independent newspaper based in Boston. I was committed to community media and dedicated to helping people (who weren't media professionals but had something to say, especially those people most disadvantaged in our society) express themselves through media. I loved CCTV because it is a thriving community center, where a diverse group of people can meet, dialogue and literally, make the news of the day! Cable television is also exciting because it is so accessible to a large part of the community. Over 25,000 homes in Cambridge can watch CCTV's channels! What shows have you produced here? I had been working at CCTV for only a... read more
March 1, 2005 - 6:15pm CCTV Is seeking nominations for the Board of Directors and Members Advisory Committee. The Board is a 13-person body that governs CCTV. MAC nominees must be active members of CCTV. The MAC is made up of ten members who are elected annually to serve on five Board Committees as representatives of the membership. This year, there are 4 openings on the Board. All nominees to the Board of Directors and MAC are presented to the membership at the annual meeting, and the election is then held. CCTV seeks individuals who broadly represent the communities served by CCTV.The timetable for the election is:•March 18 -- Board/MAC nominations by 5PM (may not run for BOTH seats.)•March 25 -- information on nominees sent out to members•April 25 -- Annual Meeting, Board/MAC elections heldPlease call or stop by CCTV for a Nomination Form! 03/01/2005 read more
February 28, 2005 - 6:16pm CCTV is pleased to debut some new courses in March, and announce the recent addition of some old favorites. Check out the details by clicking the "more" button, and be sure to sign up before they fill or are cancelled due to low enrollment. If you have sufficient course voucher, you can call our front desk at 617-661-6900 to enroll; otherwise, you‚ll need to come down and pay in person. And if you are interested but cannot make these dates, please ask to be put on the waiting list so that we can notify you when the next section is scheduled. New Course!Making the News: How to Tell a Video News Story3 Sundays: March 6 from 4-8 pm; and March 13 & 20 from 4-6 pm$40.00 Pre-requisites: Experience with camcorders & editing recommended in order to complete extensive homework; those without experience will be teamed up with classmates. Please bring a camcorder to class if you have one.Here‚s your chance to make the news ˜ literally! Students are first introduced to the different types of news stories, the fundamental elements that draw listeners into stories, and shooting techniques developed by and for video journalists. Then the course walks students through the entire process of... read more
February 14, 2005 - 6:19pm Get ready for Saturday, March 12, 2005, when three teams will assemble in the wee hours of the morning to begin work on programs that will be screened live on television and by a live studio audience of your friends and family that very same night! This is an opportunity to meet and work with other passionate community producers and test your strength and wit. This is the second such production marathon in recent history here at CCTV, and the first time was such a raging success and a lot of fun for everyone, we figured it was time to do it again.If you would like to be a part of this fun day, please call us and register. It‚s free! We are building teams of producers who have an even distribution of camera, edit, and on screen talent skills to help production go smoothly, so whether you are an individual or a group you can sign up and expect to have a lot of fun. If you would like to get involved and participate in the Production Marathon, please contact Sean Effel at 617-661-6900 x111. This is how the day will work: Teams will have only 14 consecutive hours to produce a finished program. The production day begins sharply at 7:00 AM for an introduction meeting and... read more
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January 18, 2005 - 6:21pm Volunteers from Cambridge Community Television worked through the weekend to videotape two significant Martin Luther King Jr. Day events in Cambridge which will both be rebroadcast over the next few weeks in on our three television channels.The Cambridge branch of the NAACP held their annual breakfast on Saturday, Jan 15. Congressman Elijah Cummings' (Maryland, 7th District) keynote address will be rebroadcast on Jan 21 at 6PM, Jan 23 at 1 PM, and again on Jan 26 at 9AM, all on channel 9 in Cambridge. This program will also be webcast worldwide here on the CCTV website at the same times. Click here to visit our streaming video page.The Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center's "A Joyful Noise" gospel concert was performed on Jan 15, 2005, featuring the Barrett Sisters will be rebroadcast on Jan 21 at 7 PM, Jan 22 at 11AM, and again on Jan 26 at 10AM, also on channel 9 in Cambridge. Both of these programs will have many more cablecast dates so if you have missed the program please refer to our weekly program schedule. read more
December 16, 2004 - 11:24am CCTV streams live programming seen on our local Channel 9 across our website 24/7. This format gives our Cambridge producers the ability to reach millions of viewers. It may take a few seconds to load and play back smoothly and is on a ten second delay from actual time. If you would like to call into one of our live shows, dial US# 617-876-0055. Quicktime required to view our stream. read more
December 8, 2004 - 6:24pm Definitions. 1: the capacity for data transfer of an electronic communications system; 2: an innovative project at CCTV whereby the work of local musicians is made easily accessible to member videomakers.When used effectively, music is often the unsung hero of a successful video. Music provides mood, rhythm and structure, and can therefore be very inspiring during the editing process.After video producers are done shooting their footage and sit down in our computer lab or a CCTV edit suite, they are often looking for pre-recorded music that they can edit into their piece. When they are very attached to commercially-released songs or pieces, or when they are very excited and focused while editing, they may not stop to consider the legalities of their music use. It is not legal to use any pre-recorded music unless licenses are granted by the copyright owners. In addition, although we hear commercially-released music every day and it is easy to become attached to a catchy tune, this is often to the detriment of all the wonderful independent musicians and artists who live and work near us and are eager for an audience.I decided that one partial solution to these problems would be to... read more
November 1, 2004 - 6:26pm The winners of the Northeast Regional Video Festival have been announced and the producers here at CCTV won 11 awards! The festival honors and promotes community media and local cable programs that are first distributed on Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) access or Local Origination (LO), cable television channels. Awards are presented to creative programs that address community needs, develop diverse community involvement, challenge conventional commercial television formats, and move viewers to experience television in a different way. Members of CCTV have placed in the top scores in the region year after year.Congratulations to:Dawn Morrissey, First in Local Events category - "El Pelon Chili Contest"Lauren Kroiz, First in Political Awareness category - "Smackdown Your Vote"Lauren Kroiz, Second in Community Impact category - "Smackdown Your Vote"Mary Lou Bigelow, Second in Diversity Empowerment category - "Mary Lou Bigelow Show"CCTV, First in News and Event category - "Mass Matrimony"CCTV, Second in Diversity Empowerment category - "Mass Matrimony"CCTV, First in Community Impact category - "Crashing the Party"CCTV, Third in News and Event category - "Crashing the... read more
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October 26, 2004 - 7:27pm CCTV and Somerville Community Access Television (SCAT) will co-host the Northeast Region of the Alliance for Community Media Conference November 5th and 6th. In addition to scintillating and thought-provoking workshops, there will be presentations about independent media, a vendors show, and the Seventh Annual Northeast Region Video Festival at the Brattle Theater. Please take special note of the two free events:Friday, November 5 at 7:30 PM at the Somerville TheaterMedia Ownership: The FCC, Indecency Smoke Screens, and the Future of Independent Media‰ featuring Mark Lloyd, the Center for American Progress, followed by "Two By You" two-minute shorts from local public access stationsand Saturday, November 6, from 9 AM until 5 PM at the Cambridge Marriott in Kendall SquareVideo Vendors Show and Product DemonstrationsA full conference schedule and enrollment forms are available at read more
October 25, 2004 - 7:29pm Members Marissa Acosta and Tom Cunningham were interviewed via email in June about their recent and in-progress television productions. In this interview Tom admits that "the manipulation of other people is not my goal" and Marissa explains that she was influenced greatly by "the spare change guy". We present this entire interview for the reading pleasure of our other members. Click to read more! Interview conducted via email June 16th and 17th with CCTV producers Marissa Acosta and Tom Cunningham   Let's start with an easy one, Tom. What's your favorite color right now? TC: The unseen spectrum. On a related note, Marissa, is purple a fruit, or should it be? MA: Is this a trick question? OK, now that we all know each other better, on to the interview. So, what interests you about making video? TC: A new language, better able to express the human heart, soul and mind. MA: Video, when presented, guarantees an audience during its duration (unless people decide to walk out of the screening). In real life, throngs of people ignore the Spare Change vendor during rush hour. But show a video of the Spare Change guy to these same people at a theater during their recreational time,... read more
July 18, 2004 - 7:34pm Democracy Now! a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on over 240 stations in North America will be produced live from the studios of Cambridge Community Television during the Democratic National Convention. Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S., Democracy Now! is broadcast on Pacifica, National Public Radio and community stations, public access cable television stations, satellite television, shortwave radio and the internet. The program is hosted by award-winning journalist Amy Goodman. Goodman began her career in community radio in 1985 at Pacifica Radio's New York Station, WBAI. She produced WBAI‚s Evening News for 10 years, and was honored by the Boston Women's Fund this past spring. Goodman is also the co-author, with her brother David, of The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them (Hyperion, 2004).The satellite broadcast of Democracy Now! will be funded, in part, by the City of Cambridge in its efforts to promote Cambridge as the "Unconventional City." From July 26 through July 30, the special two-hour DNC Democracy Now! series will begin at 7 AM, and will be... read more