Renato Rodriguez

Cambridge MA
Renato served as the programming coordinator and maintained the TV schedule for CCTV's three public access channels in Cambridge.
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September 13, 2006 - 12:53pm Cambridge Community Television operates three cable in the city of Cambridge. All channels provide programming to cable subscribers around the clock: Channel 9 specializes in live and local programs, Channel 10 are field produced single and series programs, and Channel 22 provides international, multilingual and spiritual programs. 2010 Series Program Guide: We provide a printed program guide that shows our series programming for the entire year. You can contact us to get copies by mail. Monthly Singles Program Schedule: We provide monthly schedules of single programs to supplement the annual series program guide. You can download the singles schedule for the desired month from the bottom of this page. To receive the monthly singles program schedule in the mail, contact us. read more
April 24, 2006 - 3:39pm Programmming Awards Through the years, programs produced by CCTV members and staff have received many awards of local and national recognition. In return, at its Annual Meeting each year CCTV recognizes its members, interns, producers, and community at large for their contributions to community media in Cambridge.   2013 Awards 2013 ACM Hometown Video Festival Mohammed Sayed, Crying for Peace Xavier Marquez, Follow 2013 ACM-NE Video Festival Susan Chasen, Waste Land Ranea Riley-Walker, Jonah Touissaint and Xavier Marquez, Alcohol Safety PSAs Jehanne Junguenet, Ben Appell and Marisssa Acosta, Bandwidth TV Jose Negron, Wilgens Metelus and Obeng Serebour, Careers at Novartis   2012 Awards 2012 ACM Hometown Video Festival Ranea Riley-Walker, Acceptance Ranea Riley-Walker, S.T.A.R.S. Susan Hunziker and Karen Klinger, Kendall Band Boston Center for the Arts Youth Film Festival Wilgens Metelus, Father MFA Youth Film Festival Toni Allien, Near Death   2011 Awards 2011 ACM Hometown Video Festival Cambridge Community Television, Overall Excellence in Public Access Programming Andualem Beyene Wondafresh, Summer Media Institute 2010 Easton Smith, Jean-Paul... read more