Bri Broken

the Skewed & Screwed Revue , Dorchester MA
Bri is a disabled, queer, tomboy femme.
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December 20, 2010 - 8:09pm * the Skewed & Screwed Revue * A variety show on a mission! Skewed & Screwed exists to support the GLBTQ community, but it's an inclusive space for everyone. January's show is music-centric, but we strive for variety. We’ve featured comedy, spoken word, burlesque, live music, magic and more. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Transgender Emergency Fund. __________~*~*~__________~*~*~__________ THE CAUSE: Unfamiliar with Skewed & Screwed? Check out our brand new website! HOW WE'RE HELPING: At least 20% of the door from each show is being donated to a local nonprofit doing the sort of work that we aspire to, or directly to a community member in need. After December’s show, a $40 donation was sent to Transgender Emergency Fund. They'll also receive a donation from the January show. More: While the Revue exists to provide support to the queer and trans communities, we're not *just* a queer event. This is a completely inclusive space for everyone wishing to be involved. We've always had an awesomely diverse, supportive, accepting crowd of performers and attendees. January's show will be music-centric,... read more