Bri Broken

the Skewed & Screwed Revue , Dorchester MA
Bri is a disabled, queer, tomboy femme. She is a writer, zine geek and performer of poetry and smut, originally from and currently living in the Boston area with her partner and their hilarious pet rats, finding whatever new and creative ways they can to make ends meet without possessing the...
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December 20, 2010 - 8:09pm * the Skewed & Screwed Revue * A variety show on a mission! Skewed & Screwed exists to support the GLBTQ community, but it's an inclusive space for everyone. January's show is music-centric, but we strive for variety. We’ve featured comedy, spoken word, burlesque, live music, magic and more. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Transgender Emergency Fund. __________~*~*~__________~*~*~__________ THE CAUSE: Unfamiliar with Skewed & Screwed? Check out our brand new website! HOW WE'RE HELPING: At least 20% of the door from each show is being donated to a local nonprofit doing the sort of work that we aspire to, or directly to a community member in need. After December’s show, a $40 donation was sent to Transgender Emergency Fund. They'll also receive a donation from the January show. More: While the Revue exists to provide support to the queer and trans communities, we're not *just* a queer event. This is a completely inclusive space for everyone wishing to be involved. We've always had an awesomely diverse, supportive, accepting crowd of performers and attendees. January's show will be music-centric,... read more