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I've been a member of CCTV since 2008, getting my start working as a volunteer in computerCENTRAL. I live right here in Central Sq., and am currently the President of the Board of Directors at CCTV. I am thoroughly excited about our new studio, and the amazing opportunities it presents for the...
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July 12, 2011 - 2:56pm I caught up with Susan at the end of last week after the final "move" to check in and take a couple pictures! The need to delay the opening until July 24th was evident, but so too was the progress being made, and the enthusiasm of the couple of CCTV staffers I got to see during my visit. Most of the windows are in, and I have to tell you the space feels simply breathtaking, with high ceilings and magnificent light!! I was truly inspired, was reminded of how very worthy our capital campaign effort is!! My favorite space at the moment (they're still working on the Be Live studios) is the upstairs classroom and teen center which, even though filled with CCTV supplies and files, feels HUGE in its nearly finished state. I have no doubt we will soon be wondering how we ever managed at 675! At the moment we are hoping to have an occupancy permit next week, so CCTV staffers can begin settling into their offices in preparation for the July 24 re-opening. To accommodate construction, most of the items moved from the old studio are located in two large piles, one in the computer room, and this one in the teen center: This can make finding things difficult at times: The staff gathers a couple... read more
July 10, 2008 - 3:31pm Left to Right: Colin, Aubree, Julie, Raphael, EW, Amy. Thanks to Shaun Clark for the photo! Pizza was just the start last Wednesday as the computerCENTRAL interns met to chat about our experiences in the lab. Amy, E.W., Julie, Raphael, and I all met with CCTV’s Community Media Coordinator (and friendly intern shift/party organizer) Colin Rhinesmith. All good conversations start with good food, and we sat down to some really yummy dinner. Maybe (ok, probably) it was the smell of the pizza , but we were fortunate to visit with several of the CCTV full time staff members as well. Susan dropped in to thank us for our work, which we all really appreciated. We offered her a slice for the road. Not long after Shaun stopped by to say hi (and grab a quick slice). On Shaun’s second trip to say hi to us (or just to grab another slice of pizza, you be the judge) he brought Jason to also say hi. And, perhaps, to enjoy a slice of pizza. ;) The visitors were just part of the evening’s fun though! It was great for the interns to get a chance to chat with one another, brainstorm a bit about new ideas for the lab, like posting the policies clearly so they’re easier for members to reference. (Good... read more
June 26, 2008 - 11:22am Regalore for the image. Last night was a full agenda for CCTV's June Board Meeting! It was a night full of teaching and learning. Our Treasurer Steve did a great job teaching us a bit about financing, Steve Shultz and Rika contributed their knowledge about and experience with franchise negotiations, Amy brought us up to date on the MAC, Sean Eiffel, Associate Director of CCTV, shared with us all the hard work that goes into submitting to the Hometown Video Festival, in which CCTV won TWO Overall Excellence awards (Congrats again CCTV!!), and Susan gave us a "Sedentary Tour" of CCTV, generating lots of excitement about exactly HOW MANY THINGS are going on at CCTV! All in all it made for a very fun meeting! My head is nearly aching from all the new knowledge. Well, either from that or these strange metal wires coming out of my ears. ;) /aal read more
June 19, 2008 - 3:46pm Pretty sure I'll have to settle for Derby Dame groupie though, I could never cut it in that league! Some friends and I went last night to see "The Dames" at the (little) Enormous Room in Central Square. WOW those women are tough and PROUD, and so very inspiring. There were so many precious 'moments' in the film it's hard to pick a favorite! One of them though was definitely during one of the bout scenes. The camera was fixed on two coaches intently observing the action until the action came to them - literally! All at once several competitors came tumbling into them, well, ONTO them, taking one of the women out entirely. In seconds she was back up on her feet. "Are you ok?" asked her partner. The coach's focus already back on the game she dead-panned, "Yes. That was exciting." After a moment's reflection added, "I should have worn my knee pads." It's a serious sport when even the coaches are at risk! That may sound tongue in cheek, but it isn't. Roller Derby IS a serious sport. "The Dames" gave me a new appreciation for a sport I knew little about and sincere respect for the women who manage a serious business, deal with some pretty bizarre fans, and strike fear into their... read more
March 30, 2008 - 6:51pm (Left: Ms. Carmichael hangs out at an assessment station on SL English, while (a younger) Ms. Lawrence instructs an ESOL class for BA&CE)Second Life is has incredible potential as a learning platform. I was excited to read on that an English language school in Germany has launched an island "Second Life English." The island is dedicated to offering FREE (yes, you read that right, FREE) resources for learning English, including virtual ESOL lessons. According to the article, Educator (and island owner) Kip Boahn "feels a new medium calls for a new way of teaching language. Even using the game's English interface gives students a chance to practice what they've learned." I couldn't agree more! I enjoy his approach:During workshops, he uses a team of teachers to present students with different linguistic tasks, which could include anything from asking for directions to bargaining to buy a knickknack. To do those tasks, Boahn and his colleagues use "holodecks," rooms that can flip through as many as 40 different scenes at the mere click of a mouse. Want to practice ordering American fast food? Just switch the holodeck to Dara's Diner and line up at the counter. This... read more
March 29, 2008 - 2:12pm Um, I don’t actually know, I’m still working on figuring out the meaning of my first life... BUT I’d love to know of any other questions you have! CCTV is planning to do a public presentation later in April to introduce the CCTV Community to Second Life. As part of planning the event I’d love to get feedback on what things members would be interested in seeing during the tour! I’d like to show everyone the different media distribution methods (see Tuesday’s post) so we can consider CCTV’s options for the Virtual CMC. …I also want to answer questions you may have about Second Life culture, potential for creative expression... anything! What would you like to learn about? Drop me a line in the comments below, and stay tuned for details on the when and where of the presentation! read more
March 25, 2008 - 10:56pm A quick glossary: SL - Second Life, a virtual world that we are currently exploring to expand CCTV into the virtual realm RL - This means "Real Life" and refers to actions that happen outside of the SL environment (sort of what it sounds like) "In-world" - Believe it or not, this mean IN the Second Life world (not in our world) CCTV - Cambridge Community Television VCMC - CCTV's Virtual Community Media Center SLURL: An internet address (url) that will teleport you to a place in SL. You must have SL installed to use this feature. Got all that? ;) The Cambridge Community Television Station is looking to capitalize on the emergence of virtual worlds as a new platform for education, production, and distribution. To better understand how other media centers are using Second Life, I investigated the models employed by SL's most popular media outlets. The companies I explored each have a different approach to production, content, and distribution. Understanding these various models may give us insight on how to best approach launching the Virtual CMC. There are several different types of production processes for the video in SL. There are 'shows' that are shot live-to-tape (with real... read more
March 5, 2008 - 5:28pm This week I’ve started assembling a budget for the CCTV in Second Life project. This, of course, meant one of my favorite Second Life activities – shopping! In Second Life, all of the content is user-created. One cannot help but be impressed with the creativity displayed in the objects for sale. The picture was taken in the Kunst Furniture Store, just one of many places to buy office furniture. There are so many choices in just this one store! It’s fun to think that there is an “interior design” aspect to the CCTV SL presence. We’re trying to think in terms of “looking back, looking forward,” so a modern look seems to be appropriate. I’m thinking of designing and building the front conference room first. It will be nice to have a space in Second Life where we can meet virtually, when appropriate. Remember the Jetsons? Everything was modern, but the concept of “home” (dinner tables, bedrooms) was still the same. It’s the same philosophy here. CCTV has a certain character that I want to capture, in an updated way. Our signature neon sign is just the kind of thing that needs to be in SL… but I think we’ll go for a slightly more stylish table and chairs. ;) Putting together a budget... read more
February 15, 2008 - 6:43pm As part of its 20th Anniversary celebrations, CCTV will be launching it’s presence in Second Life (SL), an online virtual world. The project is an effort to reflect on CCTV’s remarkable history using a medium that will speak to CCTV’s determination to remain a cutting edge leader in cable access programming. To help get us started, we’ll be looking at other non-profit communities as potential partners who can offer us their experience getting organized in SL, as well as Cambridge community partners who would benefit long term from a SL presence. Among our immediate development ideas are creating an SL museum to host archives of stills and motion medium from CCTV's past 20 years. We are also seeking to understand ways to make this an educational venture AND venue, and as such are looking to set up appropriate classroom space in SL. Finally, because we want non-local (in real life) visitors to be able to appreciate the scope of our current work, we would like to create a viewing area where people can come to learn about our community as it is represented in CCTV's programming. We hope to make this not just a viewing space, but a space for dialog, and are considering ways to foster... read more
February 14, 2008 - 3:25pm The first thing that pops to my mind is the hot pink CCTV neon sign I see anytime I cruise (in car/bus, on foot or on my bike) past the station! What do YOU think of when you hear "CCTV"? Is it a favorite edit room? The Be Live set? The friendly faces at the front desk? CCTV is in the early stages of designing a space in the virtual world Second Life*. We want to capture some of the more iconic aspects of CCTV and recreate them to establish a "feel" for the virtual station. So let me hear it! What was the first thing you thought of when you read the title above. Something popped to mind, that's why you're still reading! So go ahead, comment below and list 1 or 2 or even 10 things that come to mind when you hear the name "CCTV!" Thanks! *You'll be hearing more and more about Second Life in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! read more
January 31, 2008 - 5:11pm After being a member for a mere 2 min, 58 sec (according to the login splash screen) I am embarking on writing my first blog entry. I am a graduate student at Emerson College, and a new intern at CCTV. I will be working on Thursday covering Computer Central and working on other school-related projects. CCTV has a proud reputation as innovators. They are "not afraid to push the envelope," and, as such, offer an ever-increasing scope of services and facilities to the Cambridge Community (and beyond!). I am proud to be joining the crew here to support CCTV in any way possible. I think the next four months will be very exciting indeed! read more