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I am often called simply 'Angel'. No big deal! I am the 'Angel of the Airwaves', doing many tasks to shed a beacon of light in the dark corners of the Universe, (oops!) Sorry!..., and also here on this lovely planet called Earth. Well, I am a Radio host, and Video producer here at CCTV and for...
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May 8, 2015 - 2:03pm The Caribbean Connection Radio Show on Big City Radio 101.3 FM presents another Pre-Mother's Day Show & Dance with King Ajamu & the Ghetto People Band-May 9th, 2015, at the Reggie Lewis Center, Roxbury, MA. Yes!! Indeed, another big Show for the Ghetto People Band, as they embark upon another adventure in the Caribbean Arena. Not that it's anything new with them, cause they are always doing something in just about all genres, that they can dip their musical chops into. The Drum and Bass section, Glen A. Grant, and M'Talewa are from the caribbean, and know very well the flow and vibes of this music from the Caribbean. Though the Ghetto People band, incorporates several musicians on a regular basis, the Show for May 9th, 2015, will include all Caribbean Musicians, so that the music stays authenticate. The most important thing, when dealing with Big Artists form the Islands and the Caribbean, is to stay as authenticate to the root of the music, as possible. With Glen Grant and M'Talewa at the Controls, they will control the timing and bottom and flow of this music. Followed by Thomas Lestrade on Guitar, and Trevor Cassell on Keys, delivering all the lines and rhythm for the... read more
March 11, 2015 - 10:41pm Greetings everyone... Hope all is well with everyone, during these cold snowy winter months. I have been a little snowbound myself, but at the same time, I have been actively pursuing one of my life dreams, which is Acting. So, I have been attending a few selective roles as extras in new films coming soon to Boston, which at this time, I cannot say, and I am feeling optimistic. Though I have run into a few snags, at a few fittings, that I was called in for, only to have to head back home. Why?...You ask! Well, I guess they didn't notice that my head shot pictures, reveal clearly that I have Dread locks. Very long ones. So, a few of the parts, though they may only be for extra roles, required that I have straight hair. Well, you know that is not going to happen, any time soon. Though I did take about 10 inches off of some of them in February, that's about all I plan to do. My motto is this, 'If they want me, they take me as I am, or forget about me. Someone, out there is writing a movie script right now, just for me and my Dread Locks!' Over the years of old, I tried to conform to the stereo type images that the movie and film industry portrays, and that didn't work for me... read more
October 3, 2014 - 2:43pm Every Friday starting at 12noon-2PM (EST) Join AngelNaphtalie on the Airwaves of CCTV on CCR channel 9. Show name: 'Angel of the Airwaves' covers a wide variety of Music genres, mostly from the Caribbean, or Oldie but goodies, old School R&B, Funk, Motown, Classics, to Rock-n-roll. You never know what Angel will pull out of the airwaves to bring to your listening pleasure. She also gives you quotes of inspiration, and guidance for your journey. She sends love, healing, and peace to the world, through the sound of music and lyrics. This October's show is filled with lots of exciting music. It will air for all of October 2014. If you have a request or would like to appear on her show, to bring value to the musical flow, shoot and email to CCTV, or Angel herself at: Or if you have music you would like her to play, and you are an artist, drop of to front desk at CCTV, 438 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139 Music must always be clean lyrics, positive vibes, and substance. Periodically, Angel will critique music that comes in, and give pointers, and bring value to your journey as a musician, singer, or artist, so be prepared to have your music evaluated. It's... read more
September 25, 2014 - 5:52pm A Silly little excerpt from a production by RockDreams Productions, about the Alien that comes to CCTV, and it's status is being covered up by the Government, of course. Rock Lewis who plays the General Rockland, in this short piece, is answering questions to a group of Media Reporters at a 'Press Conference'. The Reporter: Emma Gold (played by: Angel Aiguier)-from Earth Planet Magazine, questions the General with a very important question, which of course he evades answering. Stayed tuned for full movie. Coming soon by RockDreams Productions. This Short was Produced by: Producer: Angel7Productions-Angel Aiguier In association with- RockDreams Productions-Rock Lewis Piece was written and Scripted by: RockDreams Production-Rock Lewis. ©September 2014-All rights Reserved. read more
September 16, 2014 - 6:26pm Annually every year, for the past five years, respectfully, there is an event that takes place at the 'ParkARTS' park in Fields Corner, in Dorchester, on Mother's Day, in May. Neighbors, Families, friends, Media (Radio & TV), along with the Community, as a whole, come out to 'Walk for Peace' to 'Stop Gang & Gun Violence'. Especially the mother's who have lost loved ones to the Crime & Gang Violence in the Community. This year May of 2014, The Mother's Walk for Peace, had a very special performance by a Song Writer & Musician "JahRiffe B. Mackenze, who performed with Musicians from the Ghetto People Crew and Jah-N-I Roots Band, to bring Love, Peace, and Sweet but Powerful Lyrics and messages to the on lookers and supporters. AngelNaphtalie was there, and captured some of the magic in the moments, as JahRiffe entertained the masses. Along with the Music entertainment, was the 'SNAP Bracelets', an inspiring young Dance group. Then of course, it would only be fitting to have a little Native Peace Drumming and Chanting for peace, by local Native American Indians. So, in this 1/2 hour piece you will see some of these things, along with some subliminal pictures to... read more
June 22, 2014 - 12:09am June 2014-New CCR Cable Radio show ready for airing on Friday, June 27, 2014-12noon-2pm-till end of July. Catch it on the 'LiveStream' on CCTV, channel 9. Repeats every Monday-4am-6am, channel 8, show name: 'Angel of the Airwavez!' Follow the link below to find the 'LiveStream' links for those channels, at the days and times mentioned above. read more
April 19, 2014 - 3:19am 2013 Norfolk street evacuation Come out and support the Norfolk Street & Cambridge street local businesses, on Saturday April 19, 2014, 3:00 pm, corner of Tremont & Cambridge street. The Norfolk Cooperative, on Norfolk Street, will honor 3 local Cambridge Businesses with a 'Good Neighbor Samaritan' award plaque. On April 19, 2013, during the 'Man hunt' for the suspected-Marathon bomber's younger brother, Cambridge and surrounding towns, along with Watertown, were put on 'Lock Down'. During this lockdown, upper end of Norfolk street, going into Webster ave, Somerville, the residents were told the opposite, at 6:30 AM, by FBI officials. They ere told they had 5 minutes to leave their residence, and go to Cambridge street to await further instructions. They were also told that a bus would arrive to pick them up and take them to a safe place. When asked what they would be safe from, the reply was: 'We can't answer that at this time! These are our orders, for you to leave!' So, under duress, the residents, scurried out of their homes onto the street as quickly as they could. Some more prepared than others. Once out onto Cambridge street, everyone, including the media... read more
April 9, 2014 - 6:14pm Longer version and more information centered around the 2013 Norfolk Street Evacuation, in Cambridge, MA. AngelNaphtlie-a resident on the street reporter, tells the story of the tragic event, that displaced so many people from their homes, as Police, FBI, and other Officials come the Street, and Residentual apartment of the suspected 2013 Marathon suspected bombers, who had been living on this street for years as normal everyday citizens in Cambridge, MA. During this 24+ hours of April 19th, 2013, all the residents of Norfolk Street off Cambridge Street, going into Webster Ave, Somerville, MA, were told at 6:30 am, on that day that they had 5 mins to gather themselves together, and vacate the street. No questions were answered, by the FBI, as the residents scrambled to secure their households, and leave. Many left animals at home, not knowing what to do, and this piece represents some of the affects that one particular pet encountered after the long day and night. The Story of Thomas the Cat, is told in this piece, to bring awareness to the forefront, that animals do suffer, and the effects of what ever these officials were doing, may have caused severe affects to more than... read more
April 9, 2014 - 5:12pm This video is about a revisit to the scenes and info of the Terrorist 2013 Norfolk Street Evacuation, in Cambridge, MA. Resident & Reporter AngelNaphtalie gives you a visit to the scene of Fear, Unknowingness, displacement, and Confusion of this incendent that occurred, that displaced Residents on a whole street, and Locked down the City of Cambridge, in search of suspected terriorist activities of two brothers who had residence on Norfolk Street, in Cambridge. This event took place 1 week after the 2013 Marathon Bombing, and 1 day, after the 2013 MIT Shooting. This peice also shows the comraderie of the neighbors and local businesses who come together to help one another. Coming soon, a longer version which will include a Story about Thomas the Cat who was affected by the the confusion of this day, on year ago. Also, another Current update, for 2014, how the neighborhood is thriving and moving on. Awards will be given to 3 local businesses for being: 'Good Neighbor Samaritan's'. Stay tuned. Produced by: Angel Aiguier /Angel7Productions-News & Entertainment ©April-2013 & 2014-All Rights Reserved. read more
January 24, 2014 - 4:06pm 'AngelNaphtalie' the 'Angel of the Airwaves' on CCR/CCTV Radio show cases a trailer of song selections she plays on her show every Friday 12noon-2Pm on Cambridge Community Television CCR Radio. This show streams 'Live' at: at the above times: Credits to the Following Artists & Tracks: #1: Lucky Dube-'Mirror Mirror' #2: Papa Biggie-'Diamonds & Pearls' #3: Ziggy Marley - "Make Some Music" | Love Is My Religion #4: SoulJahs-'I do believe you ought to be Dancing' / Our time is Now #5: Wadi Gad-'Roots Vibration' #6: Black Box-'Fantasy' (Original Mix) #7: Rick James-'Kinky Girl' #8: Prince-'Hot Thing' #9: The Dazz Band -'Let it Whip' #10:Teddy Pendergrass with Harold Melvin The Blue Notes 'Wake up Everybody' #11:Jeffrey Osborn-'I'll make believe' #12:Johnny Gill-'Rub you the Right Way' #13:Temptations:-'My Girl' #14:Manhattan Transfers-'Twilight Zone' Any requests send them to: or Twitter: @angelnaphtalie7 Produced and Edited by: Angel7Productions Angel Aiguier ©January 2014 All Rights Reserved read more
January 15, 2014 - 6:52pm A short video of the beginning Life of the Three amigos, "OneDrop", "Toots", and "TreBon", the third batch of Hatchlings to our Canary Family. They were hatched January 5th, 6th, & 7th, of 2014. There were a total of 5 eggs this time, only 3 hatched. Each time Mrs. Yellow Canary lays and broods, she hatches one more chick. First batch was: "Baby Uno", second batch there were the Twins: "Dosey Doe", and "Miley Sky", this recent Batch: the Triplets above. This video is a short quick journey of their first week of life. I will get their second week up next time. They are growing fast. Bird Life is 'no-short' on time, that's for sure. They hatch and move on. Brought to you by: Feather Productions/Angel7Productions Producer: Angel Aiguier ©January 2014-All Rights Reserved read more
June 13, 2013 - 7:57pm This is a Music Video with the Band 'JahSpirit', NH based, formerly out of Cambridge, MA. Title: Jah Spirit Music-Tough and Humble Album-Soundtrack: 'Rastafari Soldier' © JahSpiritMusic-2012 (Executive Producer-Michael Wolfe) Producer of Music Video: Angel Aiguier-© Angel7Productions Entertainment-May 2013. Music Video Presents: 'RASTAFARI SOLDIER' with Singer/Songwriter/Percussion HandDrums: 'Ras Michael-I'-Michael Wolfe, and Band Members: Guitar: 'The Ninja' Steve Sidhly; Saxaphone & Keys: 'Kit' or 'Jacket'-Kit Buckley; Drums: 'Ossie'-Ositadima Brathwaite; Recording Drummer-Guest Appearance in Video: 'The Ghost General'-Glen A. Grant; Bass: 'Rico'-Ricardo Dobson; Guest Appearance: Trombone Player: 'John'-John A. Ferry. Special Guests Appearances with Rasta Crew Bredren as Follows: 'Ethopian Dred'-Henok Assefa Harold Greaves Errol Strength Ipa Ras Coli The Ghost General Kit (Jacket) Ninja Rico Ossie John Guest Sistren Dancers are as follows Linda Lindgren Marie Greaves Darlene Wolfe Carol Brannerman Special Cameo Appearances made by 'AngelNaphtalie'. Angel7Production Crew: Producer/Director-Angel Aiguier Executive Producer: Michael Wolfe Assistant / Director-Erik Brown Crew:... read more
January 25, 2013 - 11:22am . Every Friday starting at 10 a.m. straight through till 2 pm. . go to channel 9, click (live stream) link next to that show. Live and direct. Angel is where ever you are. This months special celebration of the life of Bob Marley. Also special interview with lead singer/ songwriter RAS Mykal Wolfe from the band 'Jah Spirit.' One love read more
December 27, 2012 - 7:20pm There's a new sound on the Airwaves, and it has stirred the air with new found vibes. AngelNaphtalie, the one and only angel of the airwaves, has done it again. Recently, AngelNaphtalie interviewed a profound songwriter/bookwriter, and so much more, that could be added to the different catogories that this young man is capable of doing, but we will let you hear him instead, and be amazed. His name is Stanley Porter. We talked about his new book 'Every Song has a Story', and about his newest CD 'Square One'. Some of you may remember his name from a few years ago when he was on this very show at CCTV on the Cable radio show: 'Angels Musical Point of View-Reviews'. Well he's back, and he has grown in leaps and bounds in the industry. You will be hearing more from him, in the upcoming months, as we embark on some video work to be performed here at CCTV near the spring. But for now, we would like you to enjoy the interview, and sound track that you can find on Let us know what you think, and of course enjoy the vibes. Tune in every Friday for a month long pre-recorded show on CCR/CCTV channel 9, starting at 10AM-12noon on 'Angels... read more
June 29, 2012 - 4:54pm Angel of the Airwaves-AngelNaphtalie, did a special Celebration kick off-for the T&T 50 year Jubilee, on her Cable Radio show on June 29, 2012, on 'Angel's Musical Point of View'. Tune in on Fridays, channel 9, CCTV, Comcast Network, from 10AM-12noon, followed by: 'RAW Reggae-I-Vibez' from 12noon-2PM EST. With yours truly: AngelNaphtalie-The one and only Angel of the Airwaves. Produced by: Angel7Productions Producer: Angel Aiguier Copyright: June 2012 read more
June 29, 2012 - 3:25pm This is 'Take One' of the CCR/CCTV Radio show 'RAW Reggae-I-Vibez' with Angel Naphtalie, and Co-Host: Littlest DJ-SARAIN JOI LOVE, as she performs some FREE STYLE Reggae grooves. Sarain is only 5 years old, has lots of talent just waiting to explode. Watch out for this Little Angel. More coming soon. Produced by: Angel7Productions Producer: Angel Aiguier Copyright: June 2012 read more
June 29, 2012 - 3:16pm On CCTV/CCR, 'RAW Reggae-I-Vibez' with AngelNaphtalie, the Littlest DJ-Sarain Joi Love, took over the show, doing songs, and story's, music introductions, and so much more. Sarain is only 5 years old, but she has big potential to do lots of things at CCTV. Expect to see more of this little angel. Produced by: Angel7Productions Producer: Angel Aiguier Copyright: June 2012 read more
February 16, 2012 - 7:32pm Aired LIVE December 18th, 2011 @ CCTV, 438 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. Produced by: Angel7Productions Producer: Angel 'Naphtalie' Aiguier This is a Short 14 minute piece taken from a 2 hour LIVE Shoot, that was done at CCTV, in Cambridge, MA aired LIVE on Channel 10, on December 18th, 2011. It's Called 'Christmas with Karla Romero', from MassAppeal International Charity Non-Profit Organization. Karla gives to over 300 Children and Families, many gifts and food treats. A great Festivity for the Whole Family. This was Karla's 11th year of Giving to Families at this time of year. The band playing was otherwise known as the 'Black Friday Crew' or the Holiday Band, as referred to in this video Productions, because of the Holiday Season. This Show was hosted by Clyde Hicks, (member at CCTV), and Karla Romero. Watch Cambridge Community Television for really great Productions. Check out their Website for upcoming classes and Training, and other great shows. Enjoy. AngelNaphtalie Angel7Productions read more
December 18, 2011 - 3:27pm Greetings everyone. I am asking you all to tune in on your Televisions on channel 10 today, Sunday December 18th, 2011, at 6:00PM till 8:00PM, for a LIVE Broadcast Shoot, Christmas Extravaganza, an Angel7Production, brought to you by 'Mass Appeal International' a Charity Non-Profit Organization, who will be giving away Gifts to some very lucky families and children. We have entertainment by 'The Black Friday Crew', who will perform for the Children, and lots of interesting things to talk about. The Host & Hostess are Clyde Hicks, and Karla Romero, along side Co-Host: Heaven. Tune in and enjoy! I will be producing and directing this show, wish you all were here, but I know you are in spirit. Love, Peace, and Joyful Vibrations. AngelNaphtalie read more
December 4, 2011 - 4:04pm Angel7Productions-Producer: Angel Aiguier (Yours Truelly), will be doing a LIVE BROADCAST Christmas Show on December 18th, 2011. Show will be Hosted by Clyde Hicks, and his Co-Host, along side: KARLA ROMERO from Mass Appeal International Organization. They will be giving away to some very lucky children and Families in Cambridge, MA. Check out the details below, in my Call for Crew for that special event. The more the the better, and it shall be a Merry event, indeed. CREW CALL FOR: ANGEL7PRODUCTIONS-HOLIDAY SHOOT! 'CHRISTMAS Giving with KARLA ROMERO-'LIVE' @ CCTV'-CHANNEL 10' December 18, 2011-(LIVE Broadcast 6-8PM) Crew Needed in all areas. Friday Dec 16th 3-6PM & Sunday Dec 18th 4-9PM Friday: Dec 16th from: 3-6PM for the following: (CREW For PRE-SETUP) (3-5PM) Set UP: Lighting, MUST BE DONE First before anything else. (allow 2 hours at least) (4-6PM) Stage, or Floor Plan Setup, (Possible Band Set up, Audio Sound Checking,in between LIGHTING: (5-6PM)-Decorating, Put up Tree. Sunday: Dec 18th (Day of Shoot) (4-5PM) Set up-Last minute details, Decorations, Food displays, Toy boxes, Will Need the following Crew for the Shoot: * Camera Operators, Floor Director, Crew Rangaler... read more