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February 12, 2007 - 3:36pm we recently finished our first class at cctv. We both took the showtime class. The class was very fun, we learned how to make videos and edit. We made a short 7 or so minute film. It is a man on the street about global warming. We got to go out and interview people about what they thought and knew about global warming. We had a lot of fun outside but we had to go inside because of the extreme cold, so we had to finish the interviews inside. After that, we learned how to use final cut pro to edit the film. In the end we came to really liked our short film, and we look forward to making more films. As for what kind of films were are going to make we arent quite sure yet. We are probably going to make a video of Adam skateboarding,and me breakdancing. We only need to make a cert tape before we can start. We definelty reccomend this class to anyone who wants to know how to make a good film. read more
January 29, 2007 - 3:29pm Hey this is Aidan and Adam. We recently started community service here at cctv. We are in 7th grade and need to do 10 hours of community service. We didnt really have any ideas about what to do, but then Aidan's mom suggested that we do are service at cctv. She knew Susan Flechman so we set up an interview and talked about what we could do to help out at cctv. We know have been working here at cctv for 3 weeks and have done things such as wash screens and walls, blank tapes and know write a blog. This is fun and all but the best part is using the money from becoming a member to take some of the classes here. We are both currently taking Showtime and will soon be down with our video there. Adam is also taking Primetime and Aidan might take that later. From now on we will be adding to the blog every monday when we do community service. Peace Out Aidan and Adam read more