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Sullivan Courthouse CPB Hearin... The City Planning Board hearing for the special permit 288 of Leggat McCall has been continued. A... Published 3/3/14 5:23pm
I HAD AN IDEA, REALLY WONDER I... OK... Here it is... What if we make this Halloween a special one. One in which we not only enjoy... Published 10/31/09 1:37pm
The Volpe Center… a backdrop The Context The Volpe center is 14 Acres in the middle of Kendall sq.  Its currently houses only... Published 6/29/15 2:08pm
Mirant ... A call to all resid... Well work has kept me busy and I wasn't able to do as much as I anticipated on Mirant over the last... Published 11/8/07 4:05pm
The Foundry -- episode 1 -- A... Last night I did my first 'BeLive' show: 'The Foundry'... from now on it will be airing every... Published 5/15/13 7:05pm
Levy Ilan Vote #1 for Cambridg... Hello Cantabridgians, We are now 3 days away from the election. I've been knocking on lots of... Published 10/31/15 11:13am
MEDIA ADVISORY FOR IMMEDIATE R... DATE: February 4, 2009 CONTACT: Ilan Levy e-mail: ORDINANCE COMMITTEE FINAL REVIEW... Published 2/4/09 9:38am
The Foundry Equation, A Soluti... by Liz Zwart - Flour reconstruction Video -- Greg Case Sign The Petition! Published 7/30/13 7:57pm
Spreading the seeds of Discord... 1. The Context The Sullivan Court house in East Cambridge, a public purpose building owned by the... Published 3/24/14 12:53pm
Conclusions, Questions -- City... I have been working hard trying to get my articles and interviews out there... Not easy to find... Published 11/1/09 10:30am
For Justice, For Democracy, Fo... Hello Cantabridgians, I hope to find you having enjoyed a beautiful Labor day weekend. For those... Published 9/8/15 12:15pm
It's Mirantulous Hello everyone, on this beautiful day I'm extremely happy to announce that last night's BZA... Published 11/9/07 2:18pm
The Great Wall Tonight 7PM, Channel 9, 'BeLive' show: 'The Foundry'... from now on it will be airing every... Published 5/21/13 12:17pm
Vote #1 Ilan for Cambridge Cit... Dear Cambridge, After 74 years of Plan E, a paternalist white privilege form of government, it is... Published 11/2/15 1:22pm
11th-hour-poster1.png Cambridge Exposed... It's... The Ordinance committee meeting took place this Thursday. It was suppose to start at 5pm, but... 2 Published 2/7/09 12:44pm
True Colors, 100 in office for... We are approaching the 100 days in office for the new city council and it’s true colors are being... Published 4/6/14 11:47am
Conclusions, Questions -- City... When I started at neighbor media, I decided to 'expose' Cambridge, at the time I wasn't sure what... Published 11/1/09 2:30pm
The Seven Servants of the City... Today 7 candidates for city council, all incumbents, five of which were part of the council who... Published 9/10/15 2:07pm
North Point Park is open! Hello everyone, It's been a while since my last post, work has kept and will be keeping me busy til... 2 Published 12/17/07 11:19am
The Foundry Equation, Art + Co... Last week as I was gathering information, interest and support for my idea of the Foundry as a art/... Published 6/3/13 9:46am
Vote #1 Ilan Levy... Election... Hello Neighbors, Today is the day. Over the last 3 months I've worked extremely hard to get the... Published 11/3/15 7:59am
MEDIA ADVISORY FOR IMMEDIATE R... DATE: February 9, 2009 CONTACT: Ilan Levy e-mail: ORDINANCE COMMITTEE FINAL REVIEW... Published 2/9/09 8:43am
The Foundry Hackathon, Part 1 The foundry hackaton... short and long update.. Friends... The Foundry Hackaton happened Thursday... Published 9/8/13 11:40am
NAEC Sullivan Courthouse Discu... THE SULLIVAN COURTHOUSE DISCUSSION (Neighborhood Association of East Cambridge, NAEC) NAEC IS... Published 5/18/14 7:41am
Conclusions, Questions -- City... To put conservatism in a bottle with a label is like trying to liquify the atmosphere ... The... Published 11/2/09 6:22pm
Friday's Cafe by Rev Kate... Last Friday, I spend 2 hours at the Friday Cafe. The Friday Cafe was started by Rev Kate Layzer... Published 9/15/15 5:42pm
Lechmere & the Green Line Hello Everyone, Hope all is well with and that 2008 has, up to now, been good. It's been a while... Published 3/21/08 1:10pm
The Foundry -- Turkish Protest... Yesterday I was reading a recap of the protests in Turkey. One article really hit home, http://www... Published 6/3/13 1:49pm
swindle4.jpg Cambridge Exposed... It'... Well, we've come to the conclusion of the first phase. The city council voted 8 yes, 1 no (... Published 2/10/09 10:56am -- A long Intro... Hello Cambridge, I’m proud to announce the birth of, on the 24th of October 2013 I... Published 10/30/13 1:26pm
NAEC Sullivan Courthouse discu... THE SULLIVAN COURTHOUSE DISCUSSION (Neighborhood Association of East Cambridge, NAEC) NAEC IS... Published 5/18/14 7:44am
Wondering what happened... This morning I was walking by the river, Cambridge Parkway side, when I saw booeys in the water, by... Published 11/24/09 9:59am
The Port, the name of a proud... Hello Cambridge, Today I want to mention the miserable job the City has done with implementing the... Published 9/18/15 10:20am
obama.jpg Alexandria Real Estate Rezonni... Hey Everyone, Haven't been blogging in a while... Work has taken over, my neighbors Mark and Will... 2 Published 1/17/09 3:57pm
The Foundry: Ethanol Train Thr... Yesterday at the city council 2 things happened. First and foremost, resolution 4, opening the... Published 6/4/13 12:14pm
Cambridge Exposed... It'... It's been a few days since my last post/rant... I had to let go of some steam... pressure was to... Published 2/15/09 11:43am
The So Called People Republic... Last night the City of Cambridge put on a show like no others. Headed by city manager, Mr Rossi, a... Published 10/31/13 2:08pm
Seth Teller the fragility of today the hopes of tomorrow the lost and sadness overwhelming my emotions endless... Published 7/2/14 3:37pm
WHAT A JOKE... REALLLY?... REA... Before I start, let me warn you... this post is not for the faint of heart. No more explanation or... 1 Published 1/6/10 10:43am
Vote 1 Ilan Candidate Video in... Here is my 5 minutes intro. Despite all that's being said by the other candidates... Published 9/25/15 4:05pm
gal_artist_78_2992_shepardfairey-20-500x380.jpg Cambridge Exposed... It'... Hey... After lots of meetings and long hours working to help shape the future of my neighborhood, I... Published 1/28/09 4:24pm
The Foundry Equation, Communit... The Foundry building is a historic industrial building given to the city of Cambridge nearly two... Published 6/17/13 3:05pm
CCTV, Susan Fleischmann, Thank... I would like to take the time to thank Susan Fleischmann for the making CCTV so amazing...... 1 Published 11/6/13 11:14am
Cambridge Exposed... It'... It's been a week now since my last entry, wanted to let the dust settle and give everyone a chance... Published 2/23/09 12:05pm
The Sullivan Courthouse -- Res... Dear George, I'm sorry to have to disagree strongly with you. The Leggat McCall is the wrong... Published 7/24/14 1:35pm
02141-0 A Small Intro This is a small artsy intro by Ilan Levy, our NeighborMedia journalist embedded in East Cambridge,... Published 10/5/07 5:28pm
Cambridge City Council, Politi... City council elections are in 2 days. As I watch this year's race, with OWS as a backdrop, I... Published 11/6/11 1:01pm
Open Meeting Law Complaint by... Description of alleged violation As an independent candidate for Cambridge City Council (“CCC”),... Published 10/1/15 6:04pm
MEDIA ADVISORY FOR IMMEDIATE R... DATE: JANUARY 26, 2009 CONTACT: Donna M. Keefe... 2 Published 1/28/09 4:32pm