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Elizabeth A. Kanze

TV host of 'Looking Beyond the Politics' , Cambridge, MA.
I started up my WCCR Show and that is my Radio Show. My Radio Show is on Wed. 12:00pm to 2:00PM on ch. 9 ,on CCTV. My Radio is every Wed. from 12:00pm to 2:00pm and it's on again on Ch.8 4:00AM to 6:00AM the next morning on CCTV. I want to write more my poetry. I am still going to do my BeLive Show every Tuesday at 5:30pm on CCTV ch. 9. I have been writing poet since I was 12 years old. I enjoy writing poetry and I have two of my poems of on CCTV wed site. Here is the wed site e-mail addresses is .

EKanze40's History

Thumbnail Title Summary Comments Published status Date
'Being Disabled In A Hars... Being disabled in The City of Cambridge is very hard ,because no one understands until there... Published 5/23/13 5:21pm
'The Boston Marathon of 2... The Boston Marathon of 2013, started like any other Boston Marathon until 2:50pm. The first bomb... Published 4/17/13 4:20pm
"A Poem To Frodo Baggins... The Dedication is to Elijah Wood. He's a hobbit. He's quiet and wise. he's the bearer of Sauron's... Published 1/16/13 3:14pm
'THE UGLY GIRL' by... This Dedication , to The Boys In Middle School. I was an ugly girl ,and people didn't like me. Boys... 2 Published 11/27/12 5:16pm
'Creation' the film... Charles Darwin is the father evolution and so much more. What I mean he was so much more then... Published 10/24/12 4:16pm
To My Dear Friend, Michael Kor... To my dear friend ,Michael Koran from Elizabeth Kanze. I was on your Radio Show at 2:00 - 4:00pm on... Published 6/20/12 6:50pm
Garabed Setrakian's Art W... Garabed Setrakian had his art work shown at 'The Karen Aqua Gallery' From Jan. 3rd to Feb. 14th... Published 4/13/12 12:14am
To My Friend Garabed Stetrakia... To My Friend Garabed Stetrakian and he has been working at CCTV for along time. He was been working... 4 Published 12/10/11 2:06am
Walking The Sidewalks On Massa... I will walk to the store and almost get hit by a biker ,because he going riding through a red light... 2 Published 9/15/11 11:10pm
CCTV 's MAC Hosted The Fi... Members of MAC (Members Advisory Committee) Laura Montgomery, Clyde Hicks, Lynette Laveau Saxe,... Published 4/6/11 5:02pm
Laura Montgomery had her Last... Laura Montgomery, did her last show of 'Let's Talk' on Dec. 17, 2010. I will miss her show and her... 1 Published 12/19/10 6:15am
My CCR Show , 'Looking Be... I love doing my WCCR Show 'Looking Beyond the Politics' ,because it's my own show on CCTV. I have... 1 Published 8/26/10 12:40am
To Wayne Robinson from Elizabe... To Wayne Robinson, from Elizabeth. Wayne, you have given your heart and soul to CCTV. You have been... Published 4/23/10 9:33pm
Cambridge City Council By Eliz... Cambridge City Council has a new Mayor and new Mayor is David P. Maher. The new Vice Mayor is now... Published 2/23/10 8:54pm
The Homeless in Central Square... The homeless in Central Square ,Cambridge MA. Part 2. I feel that the Cambridge Polices are doing... Published 12/15/09 11:59pm
Here Is My Poem About A Broken... Here is my poem about a broken home . My family was broken before I was born. My father abused my... Published 11/18/09 12:46am
Laura's Story (Promo) by... This is a promo from a Elizabeth A. Kanze. It's called "Laura's Story "and how much The Cambridge... Published 11/13/09 4:03pm
The Homeless in Central Square... There are many homeless people in Cental Square, Cambridge Ma. and I feel that they need our help.... 5 Published 10/28/09 11:10am
"Let's Talk's... Laura Montgomery's Belive Show, "Let's Talk" has been on TV for 7 years. Laura Montgomery loves... 1 Published 9/25/09 8:20pm
CCTV and I Have Grown Together... I have enjoyed being a member of CCTV ,because it gives my a voice to say what I want to say.... Published 8/18/09 12:13pm
To Alice Paul from Elizabeth To Alice Paul from Elizabeth. Alice Paul was a fight for women's rights and the right vote for... Published 7/4/09 1:41pm
To Live With The Memories of C... To live with the memories of childhood abuse is a heavy burned to bear.The understanding of being... Published 6/16/09 2:01pm
To My Dear Friend Lloyd Smith... Lloyd Smith has been at CCTV for over 10 years and he has put himself out there for all see. Lloyd... 3 Published 5/30/09 11:24pm
To Laura Montgomery From Your... To Laura Montgomery from your friend Elizabeth. Laura, you showed me CCTV and you have had me on... Published 5/14/09 11:56pm
fleischmann.jpg "Cambridge Community Tele... Cambridge Community Television is a great place be ,because it helps the city of Cambridge... Published 2/23/09 5:55pm
The Childhood Sexual Abuse is... The Childhood Sexual Abuse happens all around us and it happens all the time. What can we do about... 2 Published 8/21/08 8:26pm
"The War In Iraq" A... The war in Iraq. The human race, has become a war zone of hate. The war in Iraq. What has become ,... 3 Published 8/2/08 4:56pm
A New CCR Show and it's c... My CCR show will start in August and I will have guests my show. I have a Belive show called '... Published 7/14/08 5:40pm
Looking Beyond the Politics (M... Here is a poem of my ,that say it all for me. I believe in making peace with people and the world.... Published 11/21/07 7:34pm
"Looking Beyond the Polit... "Looking Beyond the Politics" will always talk about things that effected the world and the... 1 Published 9/22/07 5:36pm
My New Radio 'The Music T... My new radio show, is about music through the years. I love music and I love poetry. My show is... Published 7/18/07 8:19pm