Lesley University , Somerville MA
I am a biologist and film maker, with an interest in science-related media and documentary production.

Amy's History

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Silver Maple Forest Protest The Silver Maple Forest Protest will take place on 6/28 at the Alewife T-stop. The Silver Maple... Published 6/10/14 10:23pm
Lesley University Bone Marrow... Lesley University and Be the Match are hosting a bone marrow donor drive in Cambridge on Wednesday... Published 3/15/14 8:33pm
ZIPDOCS: Recycling Drop-Off Ce... A tour of the Recycling Drop-Off Center in Cambridge. Produced by the March 2010 ZIPDOCS Class at... 1 Published 3/31/10 7:57pm
The Art of Wood Burning Cambridge artist Kencaid demonstrates his unique wood burning and painting techniques. His show "... Published 3/4/10 9:06pm
Birds, Brooms, and Lanterns: R... Ellen Grabiner, a Cambridge digital artist, talks about artwork inspired by her recent trip to... 1 Published 1/21/10 8:57am
Meet the Streets Meet Ian McClellan, CCTV intern and photographer. Ian discusses his photographs of street art from... 4 Published 12/3/09 8:04pm
The Updated Bottle Bill: Rally... Several local environmental groups recently organized at rally at the Massachusetts State House to... Published 11/15/09 5:55pm
Fermata Arts Fermata Arts is a foundation which promotes international peace through art and architecture.... Not published 10/28/09 11:03pm
Updated "Bottle Bill... From The Bottle Bill is the state’s most successful recycling and... Published 9/30/09 9:44am
ZIPDOCS: The NEW Cambridge Pub... A video by the September 2009 Zipdocs class: Malena Mayorga, Ann Cowan, Jennifer Venezia, Michael... 3 Published 9/16/09 6:09pm
The Art of Found Paper An interview with Cambridge artist and book-binder Amanda Nelsen, about her work with found paper... 1 Published 8/30/09 11:36am
Recycling in Cambridge: After... Ever wonder what happens to your recyclables after they are picked up curbside? Watch to find out! Published 8/4/09 10:11am
The Earth Moves The Earth Moves is a short documentary that examines the role of science and religion in our... Published 7/9/09 10:53pm
ZIPDOCS: 12th Annual Cambridge... Documenting the annual dance party that the City of Cambridge throws in front of City Hall for its... 3 Published 7/9/09 8:42pm
Inner Landscapes Phase II An interview with local painter Bruce Greene, discussing his portraits and other work. His show "... Published 7/6/09 7:54pm
"The Earth Moves" The Earth Moves is a short documentary that examines the role of science and religion in our... Published 6/10/09 9:34am
A Glimpse of India An interview with Cambridge Native Sam Lawrence about his photographs from Northern India. Sam's... Published 6/6/09 4:35pm
ZIPDOCS: Improv Boston A short documentary about Improv Boston in Central Square. Produced by the April 2009 ZIPDOCS... 1 Published 5/7/09 8:03pm
Mongolia An interview with Julia Shia on her photographs and drawings from Mongolia. Her art show "Photos... 1 Published 4/29/09 5:11pm
Welcome to the Lilypad! A video about the Lilypad, a creative, multi-use space located in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA.... Published 4/5/09 5:44pm
BeLive Postcard-Flyer.jpg "Be Live" screening... Be Live: A documentary short by Thorne Anderson Screening at the CCTV studio on March 1st, 2009 at... Published 2/26/09 10:01am
Desert Wilderness: Photographs... An interview with photographer and videographer Ann Cowan, discussing her upcoming photo show at... 3 Published 2/23/09 6:50pm
ZIPDOCS "Bartley's:... A short documentary on Bartley's Burger Cottage in Harvard Square. Produced by the January 2009... 1 Published 2/18/09 3:55pm
ZIPDOCS: Afterworks A short documentary on the afterschool program "Afterworks" located in central square. Produced... Published 2/7/09 10:17am
Images of Beauty, Peace and Ju... An interview with Cathy Hoffman, a photographer and peace activist. Her show, featuring images... Published 1/28/09 10:18pm
Collaborative Arts: The T-shir... "T-shirts: The Proverbial Personal Canvas" is a group show by Collaborative Artworks Inc. based in... Published 12/9/08 9:45pm
20 years of CCTV memorabilia My strange montage celebrating 20 years of CCTV programming! An exhibit featuring memorabilia... 2 Published 8/30/08 6:35pm
Neville Place: Small Changes..... This documentary showcases the new, accessible community garden near Neville Place at Fresh Pond... 3 Published 8/12/08 12:55pm
Pigments of Imagination An interview with artist, writer and filmmaker D.L. Polonsky. His art show "Pigments of my... 1 Published 7/21/08 10:15pm
Man/Woman on the street Questi... Possible questions for man on the street interviews: 1) Do you know what this structure is? 2) (If... Not published 7/17/08 11:46am
Picture 2.png "The Dames" at the O... Did you miss out on seeing Project Documentary's latest short film "The Dames"? Well you're in luck... Published 6/21/08 11:15am
Picture 1.png Free Movie + Free Bowling -... Did you miss out on seeing Project Documentary's latest short film "The Dames"? Well you're in luck... Published 6/21/08 11:12am
The Art of Tarot The art of tarot has two meanings, first the art of reading the cards for others and second the... 1 Published 6/4/08 9:36pm
Second chance for The Dames, J... Did you miss out on seeing Project Documentary's latest short film "The Dames"? Well you're in... Published 6/1/08 8:12pm
ZIPDOCS: Fresh Pond, A reserva... ? "ZIPDOCS: Fresh Pond, A reservation of many uses for many people" is a short documentary on the... Published 4/24/08 9:37pm
Icons of Civilization An interview with Hal Goyette, a Cambridge architect and photographer. Hal has been working to... Published 4/17/08 12:06pm
ZIPDOCS: Cambridge Cohousing 0... ZIPDOCS: Cambridge Cohousing 02140 is a short video on Cambridge Cohousing , a community designed... Published 4/2/08 8:06pm
ZIPDOCS: Odd Fellows Hall and... Odd Fellows Hall and Dance Complex: a video on this historic old building in Central Square,... Published 4/1/08 5:18pm
How I See The World A short video on the art show "How I See the World" by artist and photographer Kathy Getchell. The... Published 3/15/08 3:25pm
ZipDocs, March 2008!! The newest installment of ZipDocs got off to the great start tonight. The largest and most... 1 Published 3/11/08 10:38pm
"The Dames" Premiere... THE DAMES: THE STORY OF THE BOSTON ROLLER DERBY LEAGUE Premiere of a short documentary produced by... Published 2/19/08 3:22pm
Oil Paintings by Maria Marx Click To Play Artist Maria Marx discusses her oil... Published 2/4/08 11:56am
CRLS Student Photo Show Click To Play A selection of photos by student photographers at... 3 Published 12/19/07 12:40am
Filming ideas for Saturday This Saturday will be our last chance to film a derby bout, so it makes sense to go in with a plan... 1 Published 12/5/07 5:45pm
Scrimmage this Sunday! We'll be going to film the Derby Dames scrimmage this Sunday in Holbrook. This will be the last... Published 12/1/07 12:29am
Eastern Regionals online Kari (i.e. "Mayhem") sent me more detailed info on watching to the Eastern Regionals on Mavtv for... Published 11/7/07 9:03am
11/5/07 Brainstorming Here are the ideas we brainstormed about in class tonight. You can use them as ideas for forming... Not published 11/5/07 11:31pm
Proj Doc III is on a ROLL! Project Documentary (III) just started this week and we already have our first shoot planned for... Published 11/5/07 10:14pm
Ants : Artwork by Kari Ryder W... Click To Play Kari was one of the local myrmecologists interviewed for... Published 10/30/07 5:20pm
Don't Think, but Look An interview with Cambridge teacher/artist Ellen Grabiner on her work based on the... 1 Published 9/16/07 11:02pm