Maurice Wilkey

M.W. Enterprises , Cambridge MA
My name is Maurice. I grew up in Cambridge, Mass. went to Cambridge Public Schools. I really haven't known any other city and for right now, don't choose to. I am a lover of music and interested in things media. The four seasons - well when the winters are mild I love all of them. Shoveling, AMAZINGLY, not my favorite activity. I appreciate the platform CCTV and NeighborMedia provide. I look forward to sharing and finding more about my Cambridge media visionaries.

MauriceW's History

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Confused By Love at Boston... Confused By Love is a film directed and produced by Crosby Tatum,, featuring... Published 2/14/19 5:17pm
Sam J. Jones sits down with Cambridge Community News Cambridge neighbor Somerville... Cambridge's neighbor to the east, Somerville, has always shared a kinship with The Peoples republic... Published 2/9/19 9:58am
MLK Day 2019! Commemoration, R... Brian Corr heads the Cambridge Peace Commission. They are one of the lead co-sponsors Martin Luther... Published 1/21/19 10:22am
City Dance Party 2018 is today... Maurice Wilkey, NeighborMedia Journalist City of Cambridge mayor Marc C. McGovern sat down for a... Published 6/29/18 12:01pm
Keith Mascoll, strength, coura... Listen on SoundCloud: Cambridge born... Published 3/8/18 5:47pm
Purr-fection: Getting Your Bla... Listen on SoundCloud: Published 2/19/18 6:58pm
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holida... Brian Corr of Cambridge's Peace Commission spoke last Friday with CCTV Live Spring Affair host... Published 1/14/18 1:09pm
Habari Gani! What Is the News... Habari Gani! What Is the News Cambridge! Roxbury born Lovely Hoffman stopped by CCTV Live studios... Published 12/30/17 12:03pm
Ready for the best dance exper... October 21 and 22 2017, the Dance Complex, Cambridge, MA. is hosting the first Racines Black Dance... Published 10/20/17 1:10pm
Cambridge Restaurant Provides... Latin Caribbean Fusion restaurant La Fabrica Central hosted a Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery... Published 9/25/17 12:40pm
Syracuse 8's past drive f... Four members of this historic legacy visited Cambridge City Hall April 18, 2017 for a sit down... Published 4/25/17 11:46pm
Toni Bee shares the nectar of... Maurice Wilkey interviewed Toni Bee and her painter poet colleague Dexter for NeighborMedia. The... Published 3/23/17 10:58pm
Poetry Matters in Cambridge an... Saturday, November 19, 2016, just a week and a half after the U.S. Presidential election of Donald... Published 1/26/17 3:21pm
Summer is officially here to h... Its summer time and the living, while not always easy, is more comfortable than dealing with foots... Published 6/17/16 12:24pm
Prince's passing reverber... Listen on SoundCloud: Published 5/24/16 12:59am
The Convert performs its last... NeighborMedia is always interested in the arts and supporting voices not necessarily always heard... Published 2/24/16 3:44pm
Erato shares its love song in... Listen on SoundCloud: Cambridge, MA - Tuesday,... Published 8/14/15 12:09am
Unity on the dancefloor! Listen on SoundCloud: Published 7/17/15 2:20pm
The Vault Opens in Cambridge w... Listen on SoundCloud: NeighborMedia... Published 7/3/15 2:31pm
Boston celebrates Summer II! D... NeighborMedia reporter/producer Maurice Wilkey interviews David Day, of MMMMaven in Cambridge about... Published 6/19/15 1:10am
NeighborMedia Interview: City... NeighborMedia and Spring Affair producer, Maurice Wilkey, interviews Ini Tomeu, Public Information... Published 6/18/15 2:19am
Together Boston DJs visit CCR Maurice Wilkey, aka DJ Mojavi, sits down for an" title="NeighborMedia">... Published 5/15/15 6:41pm
NeighborMedia interviews Toget... Maurice Wilkey, aka DJ Mojavi, sits down for an NeighborMedia interview with two djs at this year's... Published 5/15/15 6:39pm
Poetic voices educate & li... Cambridge, MA - Friday March 27th 6:30 p.m., I attended Poetry Matters: Voices Against Violence at... Published 4/1/15 9:43pm
Poetic voices educate & li... Cambridge, MA - Friday March 27th 6:30 p.m., I attended Poetry Matters: Voices Against Violence at... Published 3/31/15 11:39pm
Reception Tuesday 2/17, 6-8: A... De Ama Battle sat down last Thursday for an interview during my Spring Affair CCR music show. De... 1 Published 2/13/15 10:49am
Beyond Hands Up, Cambridge sta... December 6, 2014, Cambridge native Earl Williams, co-founder of GOODMENGANG Foundation along with... Published 1/22/15 12:59am
Breath & Imagination Breath & Imagination is a theater production created by artist in residence 
Daniel Beaty being... Published 1/9/15 12:11pm
Cambridge celebrates the groun... NeighborMedia had the opportunity to cover another crowning achievement for the Charles River... Published 11/1/14 3:44pm
NeighborMedia reports: Interfa... A stormy Wednesday evening brought more than stormy weather. A fierce Nor’Easter hit Cambridge,... Published 10/26/14 12:16pm
NeighborMedia reports: Egyptom... (Click above to hear our interview) I sat down with Alashiya of Snake Dance Theater I recently met... Published 10/5/14 12:13am
Cambridge Carnival 2014 According to its website,, 
Cambridge Carnival is one of the largest... 1 Published 9/19/14 8:00pm
Momentum Theatre Troupe at Cam... Momentum Theatre Troupe at Cambridge's Sennott Park The Momentum Theater Troupe (MTT) brought their... 1 Published 8/15/14 12:34pm
Together Boston 2014 - A Legen... Three local area DJs are going to be saluting the work of a fourth world famous DJ as part of the... Published 5/9/14 4:13pm
Broadcasting in your hood, Pt.... On a snowy February day, I ventured out in search of media. On M.I.T.’s campus, I found amidst a... 2 Published 4/11/14 9:05pm
RED SOX - A UNITING FORCE! Even as the red hot Red Sox got hot I thought, “This can’t possibly last long.” The team had bigger... Published 11/5/13 1:51pm
Linda Clave presents Sound in... Click here to hear in her own words Linda's thoughts about the paintings online. 

 Artist Linda... Published 8/18/13 9:36pm
How many people remember Oscar... Photo of motion picture Fruitvale Station courtesy of Flickr Commons Fruitvale Station is the new... Published 7/29/13 5:45pm
CCTV exhibit featuring paintin... Click Play Button to see Beth's Interview Beth Redmond Walsh is a CCTV member and producer. She has... Published 7/3/13 10:11pm
The 3 H’s: free Hoops, Health... Pause the DVR and rewinding of that Dwayne Wade spectacular move or LeBron James dunk, yawn! The... Published 6/14/13 5:40pm
The Wellness Warriors present... THE WELLNESS WARRIORS PRESENT... Vegan Soul Food Warm yourself up to vegan soul food with some... Published 5/28/13 9:33pm
Together opens its fest with a... Opening ceremony The founders of MMMMaven decked out the Sinclair Club in Harvard Square for the... Published 5/13/13 11:36pm
Together opens its fest with a... Part one in a multi-part series on the Together Festival I had the pleasure of going to the Museum... Published 5/13/13 11:28pm
Cambridge shows spirited solid... Last Monday shocking events yielded a reminder of both the fragility of human life and the enduring... Published 4/23/13 12:23am
One Billion Rising - Cambridge One Billion Rising in Cambridge, MA Last week - Valentine’s Day to be exact – I, along with... 3 Published 2/23/13 5:22pm
A View Inside The Mountaintop Last night I had the pleasure of checking out Katori Hall’s The Mountaintop presented by... Published 2/1/13 2:30pm
Cambridge Commemorates & C... (Pictured above Harlem Gospel Choir) Reviews of MLK celebrations I had the good fortune of... Published 1/31/13 4:41pm
BLUE is the color of my joy (Above a few minutes of video at the BLUE exhibit at the CAA Thursday) Yesterday, I had the... Published 1/11/13 11:40pm
CCTV and NeighborMedia help br... Above Susan Segat of NeighborMedia describes her use of iPhone technology to report stories in... 2 Published 12/6/12 12:56pm
Where were you when the wirele... So, here’s the facts, as I know them. I am one of the 17,000 or so Cambridge residents from JFK... 1 Published 11/29/12 7:18pm