Uche Ikpa

Amarachi Film Production & Publishing, Cambridge, MA
Ordained Clergy, Writer and Teacher. Producer and Host of Riches of God's Grace TV Show, at CCTV Cambridge Community Television.

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What Is Love? What Is Love? Love is God, and God is love. Love is a heavenly attribute, and it comes from God.... Published 2/14/19 4:47pm
Ungodly Leadership: The Result... Leadership is not about money, power, sex, political affiliations, etc. Only standing for the truth... Published 1/31/19 7:23pm
New Year, New Beginning: Move... New Year, New Beginning: Move On. God Is A Good God: Learn From Your Failures. As the new year... Published 1/2/19 12:17pm
Significance of Christmas: The... Redemption of humanity from sin came into existence at the birth of Jesus. Without it, humans... Published 12/23/18 6:21pm
Let Us Be Grateful & Humbl... In the Scriptures, Jesus healed 10 lepers. As they saw Jesus, they pleaded and cried out that He... Published 11/22/18 8:46am
Urgent & Crucial Need For... The country must come together and unite Black, white, Jew or Gentile, Muslin, etc. Whether... Published 11/5/18 7:16am
Solution To Our Polit... Oswald Sanders, author of “Spiritual Leadership,” one of the greatest books on leadership quotes... Published 10/27/18 9:38pm
Nehemiah's Exceptional Le... Ineffective, arrogant, unwise, greedy leadership sinks or destroys a nation. In a time of... Published 10/11/18 11:59pm
Politics: Not A Place Of Finan... As I look at our chaotic and turbulent world, I cry out to God to have mercy on us because we have... Published 9/13/18 7:59pm
DON’T COMMIT SUICIDE: NO MATTE... Sometimes, it seems there is no way out for our hopeless and horrible situation in life, but if you... Published 6/14/18 7:07pm
WARNING: Righteousness Exalts... St Augustine, bishop of Hippo Regius, a Roman African theologian and philosopher: 13 November 354-... Published 6/7/18 6:27pm
Justice & Righteousness: O... There is a desperate need for spiritual revival today in the world. There is no one like our... Published 5/17/18 3:30pm
Without Compassion, We are Plu... What has destroyed kingdoms, nations and empires is oppression and lack of compassion for the poor... Published 5/10/18 4:30pm
God Gives Hope When It Seems H... We live in very uncertain times in the history of the world. There is so much turbulence across... Published 4/12/18 9:31pm
Resurrection of Jesus Christ I... Don’t despair as we see turbulent events shaping our world: resurrection of Jesus Christ gives... Published 4/1/18 2:48am
Gun Control Debate Rages On REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT John Paul Stephen Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stephens on... Published 3/30/18 12:22am
Enormous Power of Faith In Rel... The word of God is the word of faith. The Scriptures says in the beginning was the word, and the... Published 3/15/18 10:44pm
Crucial Need To Stand For The... When children begin to rule a nation, then something is terribly wrong with that nation. American... Published 3/1/18 8:37pm
The Only Genuine Response For... Congress, pass gun control law if you are moved by mass shooting, not talks but action now. Action... Published 2/15/18 2:23pm
Love Is The Most Powerful Frui... If humanity will love each other, regardless of color or race, black or white, this world will be... Published 2/14/18 7:16pm
Spiritual Revival: The Only So... God calls humanity to seek wisdom. In Proverbs 8:11: “For wisdom is greater than rubies, and all... Published 2/8/18 10:23pm
A life of Sin Has Fatal Conseq... As I look at our turbulent world, I reflect on the history of the world and Biblical times. The... Published 1/29/18 6:11pm
Include Salvation In Your New... The Scripture warns humanity: “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any... Published 1/11/18 7:02pm
New Year, New Resolution: Lear... As we get closer to the new year, we reflect on what happened this year 2017, and what we did. Did... Published 1/1/18 2:33am
What Is Life All About? What is life all about? Have you ever wondered and pondered about that? Some philosophers said life... Published 12/31/17 9:18pm
The Central Square Fire In Cam... The Deists said God made the world and abandoned it. I tell you it is not true, and I affirm what a... Published 12/2/17 12:41am
Do Women Have A Part to Play I... I think women have a part to play in this sexual harassment “MeToo” crises embarrassing out nation... Published 11/16/17 9:23pm
Evangelism: Challenge Facing T... 1 Major reason why Jesus came to earth: A church that does not reach out to the unsaved world... Published 11/9/17 10:02pm
LOVE VS HATE IN AMERICAN CUL... It is amazing the division, hate and violence in our culture today. As a servant of the living God... Published 11/2/17 10:59pm
Compassion Makes Life Joyful,... It is amazing the lack of compassion and empathy in our society today in various fields of life:... Published 10/19/17 3:53pm
The God Who Understands There is so much fear pervading America and the world today: fear of “Nuclear Third World War,... Published 10/6/17 9:23am
Healthcare Is Not Political Rh... My heart is crushed to see politicians so insensitive to the issue of Obama healthcare repeal that... Published 9/20/17 3:24pm
Enormous Power Of Prayer: In P... Prayer is the greatest asset God gave to the Church and believers in Jesus Christ to change human... Published 9/15/17 9:03am
Why Don't Congress Pass C... Comprehensive immigration reform will boost economic growth in a peculiar way in America, rather... Published 9/7/17 1:46pm
Sin Is The Problem Deepening O... The time has come for each of us to search our conscience in regards to race problems, and other... Published 8/18/17 9:41am
How To Avoid Impending Nuclear... For an evangelical leader to say: “God has given Trump ‘authority to take out’ North Korea’s... Published 8/11/17 4:17am
Righteousness Exalts A Nation:... Many among us, including political and spiritual leaders do not have insight, wisdom, and... Published 7/28/17 11:58am
True Meaning Of Freedom As we celebrate America’s independence which took place: July 4, 1776- the birth of our great... Published 6/30/17 10:35am
Warning: Use This Tragic Incid... No one is immune to gun violence in America. Gun violence is out of control now. Everybody has a... Published 6/15/17 9:52pm
DESPERATE NEED FOR PEACE IN T... Peace remains the greatest commodity in life. Without her, at the end of your labor each day, when... Published 6/9/17 11:15am
Warning Against Impending Thi... 1 Devastating news: When I heard that United States has signed $110 billion arms deal with... Published 5/26/17 11:58am
Motherhood Is A Privilege From... A poem to my beloved, kind, and blind mother: You are wise Kind Rich... Published 5/14/17 2:44pm
Who Is The Man Or Woman Favore... Sometimes in life, it seems the wicked and evil doers are successful and having their desires, and... Published 5/12/17 10:29am
Obama Healthcare Dilemma: Whe... News that you can’t escape or ignore: “In Rare Unity, Hospitals, Doctors, and Insurers Criticize... Published 5/5/17 2:01pm
Lack of Vision Destroys Leader... Lack of vision by our leaders: political, spiritual, corporate, etc., is plunging us closer and... Published 4/27/17 11:08pm
Superior Power of Wisdom &... When I was in college at Prairie Bible Institute, Three Hills Alberta, Canada, as first year... Published 4/20/17 2:14pm
Without The Resurrection Of... Few years back, I was walking close to my home in Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, Massachusetts... Published 4/15/17 3:11pm
REPENTANCE INVOLVES A CHANGE... There is nothing as terrible as a guilty conscience. There is nothing that can drive you so crazy... Published 4/6/17 8:37pm
HOW TO COPE WITH THE TIMES WE... World Socialist Web site news reports this: “Rising death for US middle-aged workers driven by “... Published 3/25/17 3:28pm
THE POWER OF PRAYER: HOW IT C... One of the greatest weapons God gave to the church of God is the power of prayer, but rarely used... Published 3/16/17 6:49pm