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BeLive! - EV&N Program - Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA)
Welcome to the Eco Views & News (EV&N) program series. This is part of CCTV's BeLive! program. It is presented by the Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA). The intention of this program series is to provide context and commentary on current environmental news in a manner that can facilitate new forms of citizen-scientist collaboration in the face of the important environmental problems confronting our community, our nation and the world. Each program that is presented on CCTV in the BeLive! series will have a corresponding entry created for it in this web blog, containing Internet references, links and suggestions for further information on problems discussed in that particular program. The Eco Views & News (EV&N) programs are presented on the CCTV website, and the BlipTV website and they are frequently posted as well in the Clearing House for Environmental Course Material. Presented by: Tim Weiskel, Research Director, CCRA; and Collin Gately, Independent Scholar and Video Producer.
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