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Cambridge Climate Research Associates , Cambridge MA
Welcome to the Eco Views & News (EV&N) program series. This is part of CCTV's BeLive! program. It is presented by the Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA). The intention of this program series is to provide context and commentary on current environmental news in a manner that can facilitate new forms of citizen-scientist collaboration in the face of the important environmental problems confronting our community, our nation and the world. Each program that is presented on CCTV in the BeLive! series will have a corresponding entry created for it in this web blog, containing Internet references, links and suggestions for further information on problems discussed in that particular program. The Eco Views & News (EV&N) programs are presented on the CCTV website, and they are frequently posted as well on "Transition-Studeies.Net as part of the Clearing House for Environmental Course Material. Presented by: Tim Weiskel, Research Director, CCRA.

CCRA's History

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What Are We Doing Here? [Click here for PDF version of notes.] Welcome to the BeLive! series on CCTV and this new... 3 Published 2/6/09 10:03am
Transitions and Transformation... [Click here for PDF version of notes.]     We have all been made aware that we live in a time... Published 3/1/09 2:18pm
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow [Click here for an Illustrated version of the notes or click here for PDF version of notes.] Published 3/14/09 1:18pm
What "News?" What... "Eco Views & News" March 15, 2009 Click here for the illustrated version of the notes or click... Published 3/16/09 10:13pm
Van Jones, 'Eco-Apartheid... Van Jones, 'Eco-Apartheid' and The Third Wave of Environmentalism - Part 1 Published 4/2/09 4:57pm
Van Jones and The Third Wave o... Published 4/6/09 5:40pm
Geo-Engineering: Is This The A... Published 4/27/09 12:33pm
Keeping Track of Climate Chang... To view the latest installment of "Eco Views and News" with host Timothy Weiskel, please click... Published 5/4/09 5:38pm
Anticipating the Inevitable Published 5/24/09 10:13am
Scientific Information and Cit... Published 7/25/09 8:33am
Citizen Climate Action Published 7/25/09 8:35am
Blogging Climate Issues Published 9/18/09 9:15am
Countdown to Copenhagen 1 Published 9/18/09 9:18am
Polar Changes, NYC Climate Wee... 1 Published 9/25/09 6:41am
The China Factor: Hu's Ta... Published 10/7/09 6:43am
"The New Sputnik," t... Published 10/18/09 5:19pm
How Restoring Soils Can Revers... Published 11/12/09 7:15pm
Restoring Life to the Oceans Published 11/18/09 7:11am
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow and Tom... Published 12/11/09 7:13am
Cyprus, Climate Change and the... Published 1/13/10 7:34am
To Copenhagen and Back: Bringi... To Copenhagen and Back: Bringing The Climate Question Home Published 2/1/10 7:33am
Pathways to Limit Carbon Emiss... Pathways to Limit Carbon Emissions (Part 1) 'Cap-and-Trade' vs. 'Fee-and-Dividend' Published 2/8/10 7:18am
Pathways to Limit Carbon Emiss... Pathways to Limit Carbon Emissions (Part 2) Published 2/10/10 7:03am
Supreme Court Ruling Changes t... Supreme Court Ruling Changes the Game Published 3/11/10 6:52am
What Are "Tipping Points?... Published 3/19/10 6:12pm
Tipping Points: Melting Glacie... Published 3/26/10 6:13am
Climate Tipping Points: Ocean... Published 4/11/10 7:56am
The Seasonal Forecast: Remembe... The Seasonal Forecast: Remembering Back, Looking Forward Published 4/29/10 4:55pm
A Climate "Knowns and Nee... A Climate "Knowns and Needs" Study Published 5/11/10 5:13pm
New York City - Category 3 Hur... New York City - Category 3 Hurricane "Knowns and Needs" Published 5/12/10 2:46pm
Cyprus: Report from the Front... Cyprus: Report from the Front Lines of Climate Change Published 6/21/10 7:04pm
Time and Tide Wait for No Man Time and Tide Wait for No Man Published 7/20/10 10:38pm
Envisioning Our Coastal Future... Published 8/19/10 3:26pm
Envisioning Our Coastal Future... Published 8/26/10 7:04am
Re-Viewing Boston By The Sea Reviewing Boston By The Sea Published 9/3/10 5:14pm
Strange Weather, Changing Clim... Strange Weather, Changing Climate Published 9/20/10 7:06am
"Global Warming" OR... Published 9/23/10 6:50pm
"What were you thinking?... Published 9/30/10 12:28pm
Big Oil X Bad Science = GLOBAL... Big Oil X Bad Science = GLOBAL Tragedy Published 10/10/10 11:29am
The Greenhouse Effect and the... The Greenhouse Effect and the White House Effect Published 11/7/10 7:32am
Selling You Myths, Buying Your... Published 11/7/10 7:34am
What Will Your Vote Mean in th... What Will Your Vote Mean Published 11/11/10 11:12am
Tracking the "Greening... 1 Published 11/22/10 1:55am
Water Matters: Climate Change... Water Matters: Climate Change and Threats to Human Health Published 12/5/10 8:35am
Reports from Cancun: Another G... Report from Cancun Published 12/29/10 11:03pm
The Carbon “Domino Effect” - M... Published 1/4/11 2:14pm
Climate Leads, While Leaders T... Published 1/6/11 1:16am
Can Our Leaders Really Lead? C... Published 1/15/11 8:16pm
Tunisia: A Taste of the Future... Published 1/30/11 8:47am
Don't Believe in Global W... Don't Believe in Global Warming Published 2/9/11 6:57am