Saul Tannenbaum

Cambridge MA
A Cambridge resident for 30-ish years, I recently retired from a long career doing Information Technology Architecture and Planning for a local university. I'm interested in issues involving Central Square, the Cambridgeport neighborhood, government, politics and technology. You follow me on Twitter @stannenb or email me at

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#Hashtag Activism Comes to Cam... If, a number of years ago, you told people that social change might be accomplished by typing the... 1 Published 6/18/14 5:01pm
10 Essex Street: A Cambridge P... On Monday, the Central Square Advisory Committee will meet at 5:30 PM to discuss a special permit... 11 Published 12/1/13 5:45pm
7 Reasons Why Giving the City... The City Council Ordinance Committee considers today a zoning petition filed by its co-chair that... 1 Published 7/30/14 4:07pm
80% of Cambridge Voters Suppor... In 2010, Cambridge, as well as the rest of the Commonwealth, faced a ballot question that, in the... 1 Published 7/13/12 6:25pm
8th Suffolk Primary Candidates... On Tuesday May 28th, Democrats in the 8th Suffolk District of the Massachusetts House of... Published 5/26/13 5:07pm
A Better Future for a Better C... How can we plan for urban growth in Cambridge to promote a more diverse, livable, and sustainable... Published 4/4/13 1:30pm
A Capella Armageddon: Central... From a distance, the corner of Mass Ave and Brookline Street didn't look very different than it... 1 Published 12/27/11 11:44am
A Tale of Two Cambridges Side by side in the Boston Globe, the day after Christmas, 2014. Read CambridgeHappenings, a... Published 12/29/14 1:20pm
Aaron Swartz, Internet Activis... Aaron Swartz, programmer and Internet activist was found dead in his apartment Friday, an apparent... 3 Published 1/12/13 6:41pm
Big Data: The New Extractive I... "The business model of the internet is surveillance." – Bruce Schneier "Data and data analytics... Published 3/4/14 3:43pm
Boston Breakers Playoff Hopes... When the Boston Breakers took the field at Harvard Stadium Saturday night to take on the visiting... Published 8/8/11 3:15pm
Boston Properties Filings Show... Boston Properties has yet to commit to housing in Kendall Square, its SEC filings [PDF] show.... 1 Published 3/28/12 4:46pm
Cambridge 2024 Boston 2024, the private group organizing to bring the Olympics to the Boston metropolitan area in... Published 1/29/15 12:31am
Cambridge Activist Charged in... The indictment reads like a techno-thriller. Covert entry into an MIT network closet to hide a... Published 7/21/11 6:57pm
Cambridge City Council: Econom... On the matter referred by the City Council to the Committee on Economic Development earlier this... Published 12/30/10 11:58am
Cambridge Dance Party 2013 [View the story "Cambridge Dance Party!" on Storify] Top image from City of Cambridge on Facebook... Published 6/29/13 6:06pm
Cambridge Department of Public... If you spend time in Cambridge, you use the services of the Cambridge Department of Public Works... Published 12/9/10 6:01pm
Cambridge DPW Uncleared Sidewa... In a recent post, I reviewed the Cambridge Department of Public Works from the perspective of... 7 Published 12/29/10 10:57pm
Cambridge Had Two Gunfire Inci... Despite having only two confirmed gunfire incidents during all of 2013, the Cambridge Police... 3 Published 7/1/14 10:39pm
Cambridge in the 1860s: The Th... Delicious ice cream was important in Harvard Square. Noise from students was a town/gown issue. The... 1 Published 7/15/11 12:30pm
Cambridge Information Technolo... An independent study of Cambridge's Information Technology Department (ITD) shows that Cambridge... 2 Published 4/28/13 9:30pm
Cambridge Police Received 25 R... The Cambridge Police Department is enrolled in the Department of Defense's program to redistribute... Published 8/19/14 11:30am
Cambridge Responds: CIC Open t... As ripples from the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon finish line moved through the community... Published 4/17/13 3:13pm
Cambridgeport Neighborhood Ass... The Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association will be meeting on June 23rd, from 7PM to 9 PM in the... Published 6/21/10 11:10am
CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW: Western... Cancelled due to snow. Published 1/30/11 5:43pm
Caption testing A test caption Not published 5/28/14 2:14pm
Caption testing Let's take a simple image: and add a caption. A bear and a border and a background: A... Not published 5/28/14 2:16pm
Central Maine and Quebec Railw... John Giles is a railroad man. Starting out as a locomotive engineer and fireman in his early... Published 10/18/14 10:02pm
Central Square Cleanup Meet at Clear Conscience Café for FREE coffee & bagels before the cleaning and then enjoy FREE... Published 5/18/11 1:24pm
Central Square Residents Meet... Two dozen Central Square residents met Tuesday, November 23rd in the function room of the Tavern on... 4 Published 11/24/10 3:26pm
City Council Dives into Water... The City Council last week passed a policy order requesting the City Manager look into the "the... 1 Published 8/7/14 12:29am
City Council Order Facilitatin... I didn't set out to be the snow violations guy in Cambridge. Nor did I set out to be a poster child... 4 Published 2/25/11 11:46am
City Council Seeks to Bring Ca... The City Council has two orders on its Monday agenda aimed at bringing the City into the 21st... 5 Published 2/27/11 10:48pm
City Council to Consider Polic... The Cambridge City Council will discuss, Monday, a Policy Order introduced by Councilor Leland... Published 12/14/14 2:42pm
City Council To Consider Withh... In a rare moment of candor, David D'Alessandro, the former John Hancock executive who brought mega-... 1 Published 12/7/14 9:55pm
City Forming Task Force to Exa... The City of Cambridge is forming a Task Force to examine broadband for the City, seeking to... 2 Published 5/8/14 10:29pm
City Information Technology Bu... The Finance Committee of the City Council moved forward with its budget review and approval process... Published 5/6/11 1:25pm
City Launches Portal Providing... The City of Cambridge unveiled its Open Data Portal last week, reversing years of policy that made... 2 Published 6/8/14 9:09pm
City of Salt - Cambridge Photo... This winter's snow has brought many changes to our landscape, from icicles sprouting from houses to... Published 2/10/11 12:09pm
City Unveils Draft Conceptual... The Cambridge Community Development Department unveiled its draft conceptual plan for a rebuilt... Published 11/4/10 10:11pm
Communities Unprepared for Eth... A Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) draft study assessing the safety... Published 3/20/13 4:20pm
Copyright and Copywrong: Comca... As part of a nationwide initiative among Internet Service Providers (ISP), Comcast this week... Published 3/1/13 2:30pm
Council Finance Committee Expl... The Finance Committee of the Cambridge City Council held two back-to-back hearings Monday to... 1 Published 5/3/11 1:46pm
Council Poised to Appoint Ross... The Cambridge City Council is poised appoint Richard Rossi to a three year term as City Manager,... 1 Published 11/30/12 10:53am
Council to Vote on Rossi Appoi... Barring unexpected developments, the Cambridge City Council tonight will appoint Richard Rossi to a... 2 Published 12/3/12 2:12pm
Council Votes Not To Cooperate... The Cambridge City Council voted Monday evening not to cooperate with the process the seeks to... Published 12/9/14 6:25pm
Countersurveillance DiscoTech... At the countersurveillance DiscoTechs, we’ll focus on creating welcoming spaces where a wide range... Published 2/7/14 2:46pm
Crime in Cambridge Falls to a... Crime in Cambridge is at a 40 year low a new analysis from the Cambridge Police Department shows.... 1 Published 8/19/10 9:46pm
Design Pearl Street for the Fu... The Cambridge City Council delves into street design tonight, considering a Policy Order sponsored... 1 Published 1/26/15 10:49am
DHS To Test Biological Sensors... The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) came to Cambridge Wednesday night to explain to... 1 Published 5/18/12 2:15pm