Saul Tannenbaum

Cambridge MA
A Cambridge resident for 30-ish years, I recently retired from a long career doing Information Technology Architecture and Planning for a local university. I'm interested in issues involving Central Square, the Cambridgeport neighborhood, government, politics and technology. You follow me on Twitter @stannenb or email me at

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Caption testing A test caption Not published 5/28/14 2:14pm
Caption testing Let's take a simple image: and add a caption. A bear and a border and a background: A... Not published 5/28/14 2:16pm
Vision Central Square Holds It... Vision Central Square held its second meeting on January 11th to continue the conversation about... Published 1/18/11 2:55pm
Snooping after Snowden: Survei... We accept unprecedented surveillance, Dr. David Lyon told an MIT audience, because routine... Published 3/14/14 12:53pm
Boston Properties Filings Show... Boston Properties has yet to commit to housing in Kendall Square, its SEC filings [PDF] show.... 1 Published 3/28/12 4:46pm
How Wealthy is Cambridge? Cambridge is a wealthy city. It's only at odd moments that one is confronted with how unusual that... Published 5/20/13 5:25pm
Sorry, Cambridge, People Are M... */ You can find all sorts of information on the Internet. Some of it is true and some of it, in... 2 Published 8/10/13 2:51pm
Summing Up the Season of Snow Cambridge officials issued 1216 tickets to 1018 distinct addresses for unshoveled sidewalks through... 1 Published 3/18/11 7:36pm
Cambridge Had Two Gunfire Inci... Despite having only two confirmed gunfire incidents during all of 2013, the Cambridge Police... 3 Published 7/1/14 10:39pm
First the Vision and Then the... The Government Operations and Rules Committee of the Cambridge City Council agreed today to start... Published 11/16/12 2:40pm
Western Avenue Community Desig... Western Avenue has seen many changes since being laid out as the “Road to Watertown” in 1824.... Published 6/24/10 7:51pm
City Unveils Draft Conceptual... The Cambridge Community Development Department unveiled its draft conceptual plan for a rebuilt... Published 11/4/10 10:11pm
Dude, Where's My Bus Stop... Imagine you are newly arrived in Central Square, looking for the MBTA's most heavily used bus line... Published 12/4/13 2:04pm
Killing In Our Name: "Law... It was a conference of, by, and for those interested in the deep details of national security law... Published 9/20/11 1:09pm
Protestors March Through Cambr... Marchers protesting the killings of unarmed African-Americans and the subsequent failure to indict... Published 12/6/14 1:48pm
Communities Unprepared for Eth... A Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) draft study assessing the safety... Published 3/20/13 4:20pm
How Well is Cambridge Handling... Cambridge has received 1345 complaints of uncleared sidewalks and, in response, issued over 600... 7 Published 1/29/11 3:41pm
When MIT Helped Search for the... The media are filled with reports that MIT technology might be used to help in the search for... 1 Published 4/3/14 4:48pm
ROFLCON: Memes, politics, race... The Internet descended on MIT this weekend, gathering for ROFLCon III, a conference dedicated to... Published 5/7/12 2:44pm
8th Suffolk Primary Candidates... On Tuesday May 28th, Democrats in the 8th Suffolk District of the Massachusetts House of... Published 5/26/13 5:07pm
What Help Did Chelsea [Bradley... Chelsea Manning, the Army private convicted of leaking classified files to Wikileaks, was sentenced... Published 8/29/13 12:59pm
Council Finance Committee Expl... The Finance Committee of the Cambridge City Council held two back-to-back hearings Monday to... 1 Published 5/3/11 1:46pm
NSA Surveillance Targets Cambr... The National Security Agency (NSA) targeted the Cambridge-based TOR Project as well as a server at... Published 7/8/14 3:30pm
Council Poised to Appoint Ross... The Cambridge City Council is poised appoint Richard Rossi to a three year term as City Manager,... 1 Published 11/30/12 10:53am
Neighborhood Walk Western Aven... Since January, the city and its consultants, in collaboration with the Advisory Committee, have... Published 6/24/10 7:56pm
Mapping Party Improves Open So... When you use Google Maps or Mapquest to get directions or find a place to have dinner, you rarely,... Published 11/11/10 12:23am
We've Built A "Turnk... The United States government is a "vastly more potent threat to the traditions and civil liberties... 1 Published 12/14/13 12:52pm
Mayor's Red Ribbon Commis... The final reports of the 4 committees of the Mayor's Red Ribbon Commission on the Delights and... Published 9/26/11 1:25pm
City Council To Consider Withh... In a rare moment of candor, David D'Alessandro, the former John Hancock executive who brought mega-... 1 Published 12/7/14 9:55pm
Sports & Law: The Corporat... It was dubbed "The Evolution of the Fan", but last week's Harvard Sports Law Symposium was, instead... 1 Published 4/1/13 9:37pm
CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW: Western... Cancelled due to snow. Published 1/30/11 5:43pm
Playing "Paying for Predi... The die landed on a six, meaning heavy local rain. Combined with the heavy upstream rain - a five... Published 4/14/14 12:05pm
Why Are a Microsoft Lobbyist a... When City Councilor Kenneth Reeves spoke at last week's Information Technology World Cafe to thank... Published 5/16/12 9:28am
State Senate Moves to Block Et... The Massachusetts State Senate last Thursday approved an amendment that would, if agreed to by the... 1 Published 5/29/13 9:54am
Seven Things to Know About... Proponents of a "net-zero" energy use standard for new construction Cambridge went before the... 1 Published 9/24/13 3:15pm
City Information Technology Bu... The Finance Committee of the City Council moved forward with its budget review and approval process... Published 5/6/11 1:25pm
7 Reasons Why Giving the City... The City Council Ordinance Committee considers today a zoning petition filed by its co-chair that... 1 Published 7/30/14 4:07pm
Council to Vote on Rossi Appoi... Barring unexpected developments, the Cambridge City Council tonight will appoint Richard Rossi to a... 2 Published 12/3/12 2:12pm
Western Avenue Reconstruction... Dear Interested Citizen: Since January, the city and our consultants, in collaboration with the... Published 6/28/10 11:18am
Central Square Residents Meet... Two dozen Central Square residents met Tuesday, November 23rd in the function room of the Tavern on... 4 Published 11/24/10 3:26pm
Fighting the Survellance State Raise the cost of surveillance, Bruce Schneier told a packed crowd at Harvard today, and you'll... Published 12/18/13 4:21pm
Who is Paying for the Cambridg... The Cambridge City Council election is almost half-funded by contributions from outside of the city... 3 Published 10/7/11 12:33pm
Council Votes Not To Cooperate... The Cambridge City Council voted Monday evening not to cooperate with the process the seeks to... Published 12/9/14 6:25pm
A Better Future for a Better C... How can we plan for urban growth in Cambridge to promote a more diverse, livable, and sustainable... Published 4/4/13 1:30pm
Western Avenue Reconstruction... Western Avenue Reconstruction Open House OPEN HOUSE See / Eat / Mingle/ Chat (Food generously... Published 1/30/11 5:54pm
President's Counterterror... Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, came to Harvard... Published 4/24/14 8:44pm
DHS To Test Biological Sensors... The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) came to Cambridge Wednesday night to explain to... 1 Published 5/18/12 2:15pm
What The Globe Didn't Tel... It's a wonderful story of a scrappy family business, started with a single oil delivery truck,... Published 6/10/13 12:03pm
Science Hack Day Science Hack Day is a two-day event that brings together enthusiastic scientists, developers,... Published 10/17/13 10:49pm
Media in Transition: The Promi... The MIT Communications Forum held its seventh conference on media transition, the "instability of... Published 5/17/11 4:10pm