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Cambridge Pride: Looking Backw... Published 6/23/22 12:27pm
Sony ZV-1 Tutorial A quick tutorial on Sony ZV-1 Vlogging camera. This camera is available for check-out at CCTV!... Published 6/23/22 10:32am
Artist Talks with Beth Interviews with two artists about their work and the techniques they use to make it. Produced by... Published 6/22/22 3:13pm
Queer Book Talks In celebration of PRIDE month, we highlight our favorite queer books that are worth checking out:... Published 6/14/22 9:15pm
SCFGLive! The Science of Playg... Join the SCFGLive! Crew for our last adventure of season 4. We got to go to the Museum of Science... Published 6/13/22 12:37pm
Getting Your Texts and Emails... Published 6/9/22 6:01pm
Port Arts Festival Port Arts Festival (formerly the Home Port Block Party) was established on June 15, 2018 as an... Published 6/8/22 10:54am
What's Up Twenties? Leave... After two months of taking a break from podcasting, we have dragged ourselves into the studio to... Published 6/7/22 5:40pm
I'm Bad At This: Self Myt... What are the peculiar things that we tell ourselves? Why do we say them? And how do they help/hurt... Published 6/7/22 12:08pm
SCFGLive! Who knows the nose?... We all love the smell of fresh baked cookies, clean laundry and Spring flowers. Have you ever... Published 6/3/22 8:04pm
VLOG: New Wireless Mics + Staf... Peter throws together a vlog that is a chaotic mixture of a mic test, barging in on staff, and... Published 6/2/22 9:24am
What's That About?: Cambr... On today's episode, Desmond explains Cambridge's new Guaranteed Income Program, which will make... Published 6/1/22 8:37am
What's That About?: Is th... On today's episode, The team discusses the recent spate of accidents on the MBTA, and what can be... Published 5/31/22 9:17am
SCFGLive! Yummy Yummy! The Sci... Fluffy and warm breads, cakes and muffins. We’re sure your mouth is watering just thinking about it... Published 5/25/22 12:09pm
SCFGLive! Make it Come to Life... Grab the popcorn and take a seat because we are going to be talking about the science of animation... Published 5/25/22 11:43am
AAPI Heritage Month Spectacula... A television special produced by Affirmative Reaction in collaboration with CCTV. The comedy... Published 5/25/22 11:22am
Vlog: The College Covid Experi... A newly graduated student talks on COVID's impact throughout her college experience and the ups and... Published 5/25/22 10:58am
SCFGLive! Just Keep rolling. T... Let’s get rolling because today we are talking about the science of roller skating! Our SCGLIve!... Published 5/24/22 6:49pm
Angry Boba Time Podcast Interv... A portion of the Affirmative Reaction AAPI Special. Video by Nate Shu and Peter Levine Published 5/24/22 4:37pm
How to Check Your Internet Spe... Published 5/23/22 7:19pm
Exploring the Find My Phone Ap... Published 5/19/22 4:52pm
Stories of Resilience: Down U... Stories of Resilience is a series focused on profiling local businesses in the city and sharing... Published 5/12/22 11:47am
CCTV's Podcast Studio An animated promo for CCTV's podcast studio! If you want to make a podcast, email alfonso@... Published 5/9/22 12:13pm
VLOG: CCTV goes to the Nationa... Peter flies to Vegas for a weekend of cameras, cameras, cameras (and lights, and audio, and... Published 5/4/22 5:17pm
SCFGLive: Science of the Gut Today we are exploring the science of the gut and all the amazing things it does for us! We will be... Published 5/2/22 1:37pm
Why Bank Local? (featuring Cam... Did you know that community banks are much more likely than big banks to invest locally and support... Published 4/29/22 12:30pm
I'm Bad At This: Overcomi... I know it's dark out here but it's COOL to be a NICE ray of LIGHT! Published 4/27/22 7:01pm
Meadow Mist Farm By Julieta Littin Published 4/27/22 6:16pm
SCFGLive: The Science of Compo... At first, you may think of soil as just yucky dirt. But actually, soil plays a very important role... Published 4/26/22 6:48pm
AAPI Heritage Month: Being Ind... In this video podcast, Kesya and Alfonso reflect on their culture, heritage, and everything related... Published 4/26/22 6:40pm
What's That About?: Bosto... On today's episode, Desmond explains how Boston Police used a hidden slush fund to acquire and... Published 4/25/22 10:27pm
The Karen Aqua Gallery #2: I A... Meet Neetu Singhal, our featured Spring artist in our art gallery at CCTV. Take a look inside her... Published 4/25/22 3:25pm
Final Presentation from Harvar... Over the past few months of 2022, a team at Harvard Data Analytics Group collaborated with... Published 4/22/22 1:51pm
What's That About?: Don... On today's episode, It's ALL sewage ALL the time. We cover: 1) The worrying increase in COVID signs... Published 4/22/22 9:26am
Turn it Up! The Science of Sou... Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s so quiet, you could hear a pin drop”? Well, as crazy as that... Published 4/20/22 4:26pm
SCFGLive: The Science of Art! Calling all young artists and scientists! We are exploring the Science of Art! In this episode we... Published 4/20/22 3:49pm
Chew it up! The Science of Tee... Chomp! In this episode, we’re going to take a bite out of dental science. Ever wonder what exactly... Published 4/20/22 2:38pm
On the Street with CCTV - Hein... CCTV hits the streets to ask the community some Cambridge questions and trivia. Video by interns... Published 4/15/22 2:25pm
Exploring Senior Online Learni... Published 4/14/22 4:42pm
Seven Stars Produced by Valeria Mendez for SYPP 2022 Published 4/11/22 6:09pm
Women Are Here Season 3 Episod... This week listen as Mayor Siddiqui and Vice Mayor Mallon discuss our recent visit to a... Published 4/8/22 6:38pm
CCTV Annual Awards 2021 Join us in celebrating the wonderful members, volunteers, and interns of Cambridge Community... Published 4/8/22 1:38pm
Best Spots to Study Near CCTV A quick vlog produced by our intern Kesya, showcasing the best spots to do work and study that are... Published 4/5/22 3:45pm
CCTV's Video Annual Repor... CCTV's 2021 annual report in video form. Enjoy! Published 4/4/22 1:41pm
Understanding Search Engines,... Published 3/31/22 3:50pm
CCCA @ CCTV CCCA @ CCTV - March 16, 2022 - Hybrid Offerings in the Arts - A Panel Discussion with Performances... Published 3/30/22 2:29pm
What’s Up Twenties? Guilty Ple... Guilty pleasures! Have you heard of them? I know you have some too. Hear some of ours, ranging from... Published 3/29/22 4:10pm
Learn to Animate in Procreate! Just getting started on using Procreate? Check out this tutorial to make animating in Procreate a... Published 3/29/22 10:06am
What's That About? The US... On today's show, we try to explain why Max's favorite government agency is blowing billions of... Published 3/28/22 3:36pm
You Can Do It Too! A CCTV promo by Heinz TV Published 3/28/22 3:04pm