Ellen Daoust

Cambridge MA
I’m psyched to be joining CCTV as the Media Arts and Technology Education Coordinator. I love media making and I love community, so I’m excited to develop some great educational offerings for the Cambridge community and beyond. Before joining CCTV I worked at the Museum of Science in video...

ellendaoust's History

Thumbnail Title Summary Comments Published status Date
360 Filmmaking Come learn the essentials of immersive storytelling! In this course students will build upon their... Published 6/21/19 3:18pm
Intro to Podcasting A one-time crash course to get you started toward creating a podcast of your own. Together we’ll... Published 6/20/19 4:57pm
DSLRS 101 In this class, students will learn the basics of operating CCTVs DSLR cameras and how to use them... Published 6/20/19 4:54pm
Intro to Adobe Audition This class will teach beginner to intermediate students the basics of recording and editing audio... Published 6/20/19 4:49pm
Financing Your Film How to fund your film is one of the most challenging aspects of media production. In this course,... Published 6/20/19 4:44pm
Field Cameras 101 This class covers the basic functions of CCTV’s professional HD camcorders. You will learn basic... Published 6/20/19 4:36pm
Promoting Your Podcast Let the world know about your podcast with Promoting Your Podcast! This one time workshop will... Published 6/20/19 4:28pm
Copyright & Creativity When you set out to create your own media, questions about copyright law are difficult to avoid.... Published 6/20/19 4:25pm
Audio 101 In this workshop, you will be introduced to audio concepts, microphones and other audio gear, and... Published 6/20/19 4:14pm
Video Editing Concepts at Camb... In movies, editing can be used to manipulate the audience’s emotions. It provides the rhythm of the... Published 6/20/19 4:10pm
Lighting 101 This workshop is an interactive demonstration of the role of lighting in film and TV production,... Published 6/20/19 3:46pm
Premiere Bootcamp Jump into Premiere editing software with this 2-day intensive, in which students will create their... Published 6/20/19 3:39pm
Sketch Comedy Have you always wondered what goes into shows like Saturday Night Live and Key and Peele? Sketch... Published 6/20/19 3:24pm
After Effects Bootcamp *Prerequisite: Premiere Bootcamp* With such a wide range of practical applications, Adobe’s... Published 6/20/19 3:02pm
Beginning Studio Production Gain Studio Camera and Floor Director certification, as well as exposure to technical directing... Published 6/20/19 2:35pm
Exploring Broadcast Pix *Prerequisite: Beginning Studio Production* This class is for those who want to explore more of... Published 6/20/19 2:11pm
Intro to Cinematography *Pre-requisite: DSLRs 101* Learn a bit about the history of cinematography and contemporary... Published 6/20/19 1:50pm
Screenwriting Students will learn the basics of screenwriting, including how to tell a story, create characters,... Published 6/20/19 1:31pm
Live Stream Like a Boss Almost anyone can stream live video from a phone or laptop, and that’s why everyone is doing it.... Published 6/20/19 1:22pm
Premiere Primer at Cambridge P... Premiere can help you edit anything from your next Instagram post to a feature-length film. In this... Published 6/20/19 12:42pm
Intermediate Audio For those comfortable with basic electronic safety and signal flow, this is a hands on workshop on... Published 6/20/19 12:33pm
Mad Mad 3D World: Intro to 3D... Learn how to build your own dream world--in 3D! Join us to learn the basics of 3D design using Maya... Published 6/19/19 5:37pm
Intro to Voice Over Participants will be learning the nuances of voice acting for media production and branding. The... Published 6/19/19 5:30pm
Intermediate Editing Take your editing skills to the next level! This class will provide an opportunity to put into... Published 6/19/19 5:15pm
Mini Class Extravaganza Come learn what CCTV is all about - and take a class or two while you are at it! This special... Published 6/17/19 4:53pm
Intro to Premiere Premiere can help you edit anything from your next Instagram post to a feature-length film. In this... Published 6/17/19 4:32pm