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Richard Sheingold

CCTV Cambridge News , Cambridge MA
My name is Richard Sheingold. I am a Cambridge resident who enjoys sports, comedy and writing stories about interesting people I know! I'm glad to be a volunteer reporter on the CCTV Cambridge News team.

richard l. sheingold's History

Thumbnail Title Summary Comments Published status Date
An inteview of a long term caf... During the week except on holidays Cambridge Hospital treats senior citizens to a full course... Published 2/24/20 8:47pm
covering the small businesses... In Inman Square, and mostly by accident I came upon an affair at the East Cambridge Savings Bank.... Published 2/24/20 8:18pm
reporting a story of the CRLS... On this mild warm January evening, I set out to watch a basketball game at the War Memorial... Published 2/10/20 3:11pm
An interview with a new propri... As we say goodbye to the practice space and welcome The Sugar House; change is happening here in... Published 2/10/20 2:44pm
An interview with Xia concerni... Today I will tell you about Xia. She is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable young leader of the Youth... Published 1/13/20 2:39pm
A time with Tunefoolery to cel... Annualy there is a holiday concert at the Lily Pad in Cambridge. The Lily Pad in Cambridge. The... Published 1/13/20 2:09pm
teaching about a career in law... often times it seems like when you're a junior in High School, the pressure is on a student to... Published 12/16/19 2:39pm
The brand new library in east... Cambridge has added a brand new state of the art library. It is slated to open its doors in... Published 12/16/19 1:47pm
A story of the Banquet at the... The North Cambridge little league had a great month of september. First, at the city wide all star... Published 11/4/19 2:49pm
the new school is opening u in... There is a new home for the Cambridge King school It has been relocated in Eat Cambridge. East... Published 11/4/19 2:28pm
the new school is opening u in... There is a new home for the Cambridge King School. It has been relocated in East Cambridge. East... Published 11/4/19 1:49pm
A way for wrap program to comb... there is a new mental health recovery resource that was born out of Mary Copelands wrap program.It... 1 Published 9/5/19 7:24pm
this is part two of a three pa... This month I will pick up where I left off in describing more about the Wrap Program to refresh... Published 8/14/19 9:26pm
This is a new recovery method... As we are about to enter another decade; there have been so many new and improved treatments of... Published 7/31/19 6:35pm
The little league baseball pla... The little baseball league officially came to a close in June with the West Division Minor League... Published 7/30/19 3:20pm
Blue Bike is helping Cambridge... Bicycling in Cambridge used to be unpopular. Then came bicycling via the now popular Blue Bike... Published 6/28/19 4:31pm
A letter from commission for p... The Department of Public Works or DPW goes above and beyond the needs of all people who use the... Published 6/27/19 6:21pm
describing the Inman square in... Because of accidents in Inman Square at the intersection of Beacon and Cambridge St. including a... Published 6/6/19 3:54pm
east cambridge business associ... Once known as the Inman Square business Association has been changed to the East Cambridge Business... Published 6/2/19 4:28pm
Remembering the Cambridge and... SOCIAL CLUB As this is mental health month in our country I'd like to talk about about an agency... Published 5/9/19 6:41pm
A new and different way to tre... PARTIAL PROGRAM As we get smarter and stronger in the medical profession, new ways of treating... Published 5/9/19 6:12pm
this writer is sharing his sto... After hearing that the FCC wants to cut down sharply, if not, completely, local cable television, I... Published 4/15/19 3:54pm
All Cambridge little league di... As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, the little league is on the horizon. For the... Published 4/14/19 9:28pm
A Tough Time for Public Access The Federal Communication Commission, also known as the FCC, has decided to put forth a proposal... Published 4/11/19 3:25pm
A story on the coaching prowes... At the Peabody School on Rindge Ave .in Cambridge, this CCTV reporter was blessed with the company... Published 3/7/19 2:17pm
the cambridge Falcons baskketb... In the warm and cozy War Memorial gym, the home team Cambridge Rindge and Latin Falcons faced off... Published 3/7/19 1:46pm
teacxhing newcomers about CCTV For those of you familiar with CCTV, I thought I would get you up to date in all that you need to... Published 2/4/19 4:26pm
cambridge basketball game On a brisk winter night I took in a High School basketball game at Cambridge Rindge and Latin... Published 2/4/19 3:44pm
The yearly banquet at the Armo... Vinfen is an agency spread out along Massachusetts. The particular Vinfen I am writing about is... Published 12/17/18 4:47pm
cctv comedy show So the clock struck seven on this crisp autumn evening. The studio was filled with many... Published 12/17/18 4:09pm
Mental Health groups for recov... As mental health illnesses seem to grow in our culture, so does treatment for this disease. The... Published 10/29/18 4:31pm
Inman square wine and spirits With the holidays right around the corner, I thought it would be appropo to interview with one of... Published 10/29/18 3:51pm
2018 Little League banquet At the end of every little league baseball season there is a party for coaches,s parents, and... Published 10/1/18 5:08pm
Cambridge all-stars When September rolls around you know it is time for the minor and major league to get together for... Published 10/1/18 4:33pm
Cambridge All-stars When September rolls around; you know it is time for the minor and major leagues to get together... Published 10/1/18 3:45pm
Talented Original Artist Whenever I go to the Cambridge Hospital for senior meal I see a man diligently working at the back... Published 8/27/18 4:28pm
Inman square party As summer nears the end, Cambridge held its yearly get together. This was for adults as well as... Published 8/27/18 3:56pm
Little Leagues Mayors Cup As was with the younger players in the minor leagues, the Major Little Leaguers (ages ten to twelve... Published 8/6/18 4:32pm
Mayors cup June rolls around every year and Cambridge puts on its mayors Cup Tournament.. The day, at Comeau... Published 8/6/18 3:52pm
A visit to Mayour Vellucci Par... Inman Square is a busy bustling place to shop , eat and just hang out with friends, family or even... Published 7/2/18 5:08pm
All Star restaurants Pizza and... On Cambridge street in Inman Square, there sits two very popular eateries. One is called the all-... Published 7/2/18 4:27pm
Rebecca Toutant Because diabetes is a chronic disease, it makes perfect sense to discuss it with a well-informed... Published 4/23/18 4:08pm
Buff Buff is and always will be an accomplished writer who believes that even though one could be a... Published 4/23/18 3:20pm
Huron Animal Hospital With the weather the way it has been; I found the saying; its raining cats and dogs to be an... Published 4/2/18 3:43pm
Tunefoolery Performs To give you a brief understanding of the tunefoolery organization, I will tell you this. The... Published 3/26/18 3:11pm
Welcome Back: Little League Me... The doors opened at precisely seven o'clock at the UAV, a hall which the North Cambridge Little... Published 2/22/18 7:24pm
February is heart month It was suggested to me to do a writing on the human heart. The first thing that came to me was to... Published 2/14/18 1:30pm
Mr. Fantini I was blessed today to have an interview with Mr. Fred Fantini; an 18 term year school Committee... Published 1/30/18 3:24pm
Albertine Press I must start off by reporting how business like; yet very down to earth Shelley the owner of... Published 1/23/18 4:06pm
Christmas Celebration The Wednesday before Christmas twas actually December 20th, 2017; and the  Inman Square apartments... Published 12/26/17 4:34pm