Gorg Fox

Cambridge Mass.
Born in Tasmania, to a wild Tasmanian Devil, where he taught the local population how to make film about current events. His arrival in the USA in 2002 caused a slight stir with the documentary film industry in that there was considerable unrest about a devil working in Mass. films.

GORG FOX's History

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Dr Leila Fersahk examines the... Dr. Fersahk examines how the uprisings in the Middle East are based on demands the peoples demands... Published 4/21/11 2:51pm
Critical Theory as a tool to i... Ruling elites fabricate a picture of reality which they hope we will blindly accept. Ideology is... Published 10/29/10 5:30pm
Gaza and An Ancient People und... For more information about the siege and the Freedom Flotilla, see http://www.gazamentalhealth.org... Published 6/6/10 6:50pm
The Fight-back Against Forecl... It's alarming that statistics show that foreclosures have been going up dramatically in recent... Published 5/23/10 6:49pm
Food Not Bombs: 30 Year Annive... Food not Bombs is celebrating 30 years this May. Come to the Boston Common May 23rd from 12-5 to... 1 Published 5/9/10 5:42pm
Buddhist Monk and Viet Nam com... "Claude AnShin Thomas traveled a remarkable journey from the devastating effects of experiencing... 1 Published 5/3/10 6:21pm
Anatomy of an Epidemic: Interv... Robert Whitaker came back to the studio and granted CCTV a second interview about his new book... Published 4/15/10 7:16pm
Hurdygurdyband Show in Cambrid... Like myself ,you perhaps, have heard about the mythical instrument the hurdygurdy. I had heard of... Published 4/14/10 8:00pm
Anatomy of an Epidemic: interv... In her interview with Robert Whitaker, Ann Burgess a mental health survivor, examines the recovery... Published 4/8/10 7:23pm
Magic Mushrooms Boston Icarus Project made a field trip to the Arnold Arboretum. Take a look at what we found and... Published 3/24/10 7:20pm
Revolutions' midwife tech... Revolutions, at least paradigm shifts so it seems, require technological leaps to prepare society... Published 3/18/10 7:42pm
"Two Doors" a comedy... John O'Brien's comedy "Two Doors" at Community Church of Boston Mr. John O’Brien’s highly... Published 11/25/09 5:29pm
Food not Bombs a Cambridge ri... Food not Bombs a rise-up soup kitchen in Cambridge, MA. serves two meals a week to the homeless... 1 Published 11/20/09 4:27pm
It's not Corporate Commu... The Huffington Post’s use of “Corporate Communism” to describe Wall Street’s resent crime, is... Published 10/9/09 4:47pm
Home Foreclosure Avoidance Str... Virginia Pratt is a local Foreclosure Prevention Specialist in Boston Area. In this interview she... Published 9/8/09 5:06pm
Verizon's Threat to loca... Verizon has gathered a number of the Massachusetts legislature behind its efforts to control local... Published 8/4/09 2:34pm
Robert Whitaker's "M... Robert Whitaker's book traces the history of the methods used on the mentally ill over 200 years.... Published 7/31/09 5:51pm
How a group of elites have hij... Whether a Republican from Texas or an African American Democrat the decisions and structures of... 4 Published 6/24/09 8:57pm
The Big Lie The Technostructure deceives and hides its intentions through a variety of methods. The deceptions... 1 Published 6/16/09 8:31pm
Race and Blackness in Obama... The euphoric reception the Obamas's have received from Black America is not responded to in kind.... Published 6/12/09 3:49pm
Technostructure's Threat The Techno-structure ,a descriptive title for the ruling elites,manipulate public opinion to cloud... 1 Published 6/8/09 11:44am
Culture and Commentary May... Dean Stevens and Steppers Heaven,talented local musicians, present their sophisticated musical... Published 6/5/09 5:27pm
Steppers Heaven on Gorg Fox... Steppers Heaven a local group of great young musicians presenting some of their work for the... 2 Published 5/8/09 5:18pm
Jim Harney social justice acti... Mr. Jim Harney is the Sacco and Vanzetti Social Justice Award winner of 2008.You can visit his... Published 12/9/08 1:33pm
Leane and Virginia tell how Le... Virginia Pratt , aa home foreclosure prevention specialist in Boston, interviews Leana Williams... Published 10/10/08 5:01pm
Sub Prime Crisis : The "d... Virginia Pratt and John Miller discuss the housing crisis from two positions. Virgina works with... Published 10/7/08 8:36pm
Zionism as Racism Joel Kovel and Sheriff Fam are radical intellectuals as established by their use of the... Published 10/2/08 7:47pm
"Zionism as Racism",... Professor Dr.Joel Kovel, distinguished Professor of Barth College, takes the listener through the... Published 9/26/08 5:28pm
David Levy: On "Cap and T... David Levy of U. Mass. Boston explains how the Cap and Trade System to limit green-house gasses,... Published 9/12/08 5:36pm
Socialist Alternative program... The Socialist Alternative has developed a program which it sets in contrast to the speculative and... Published 9/11/08 8:10pm
A Cantabridigianistic-Mystic i... Russ the Cantabridigianistic Mistic has sold everything he owns given the money away and plans to... 1 Published 9/10/08 8:11pm
Picture 4.png New Program from CCTV ; The s... The Be Live program about the sub-prime by Virginia Pratt and John Miller is great. It gives in... Published 8/29/08 3:41pm