Tina Lives!

Tina Lives!

a podcast

TINA LIVES is a raw and engaging, street-smart story about growing up hippie, growing up hard and coming of age while living a life that mirrors the collapse and burnout of the hippie movement by the early eighties.

EPISODE 1: Tina, a six year old working class kid from Cleveland, burns down the house where she and her family live.

EPISODE 2: Tina’s parent’s Jim and Diana were “hip” not “square,” but also violent. The house that Tina burnt down was a refuge home after Jim broke Diana’s nose for the last time.

EPISODE 3: Diana marries a social worker named Paul. They save their pennies and buy an old Vietnamese Army bus converted into a camper and the family sets off to California to join the counter-culture movement.

EPISODE 4: The family’s travel adventure is often marred by Diana’s erratic and violent episodes, but the majesty of America has the power to soothe the otherwise rough road to becoming “hippies.”

EPISODE 5: After a bit of a respite in Cleveland, the family once again takes off for the West Coast. En route, they find themselves in the middle of a violent riot that took place in Grant Park, Chicago, Ill on July 27, 1970.

EPISODE 6: The family finally makes it to a commune in Oregon, but bus-living in the winter is no fun, so they move to a house in the nearest town. Diana finds a new boyfriend; Paul leaves, but returns when Tina gets a hernia. Diana says goodbye to her boyfriend and the family heads to Sacramento, CA.

EPISODE 7: The family heads to Northwest Arkansas to investigate living on a commune, but instead takes up residence in a house in Fayetteville. Tina is sent to the attic for weeks as punishment for an unknown crime.


EPISODE 8: For no apparent reason, the state of Massachusetts was pulled out of a hat and the family hits the road for the East Coast. Along the way, Tina notices her mother’s beauty had faded and her demeanor had become menacing. Tina is blindsided by a pit stop on their journey.

EPISODE 9: Tina loves foster care! But alas, that residence also comes to an end. In New Bedford, Mass, Tina finds beauty in a neighbor and sometimes even in her mother.

EPISODE 10: The family moves to a spooky house on a hill. Tina plays “school” in school, and then regrets ever having, what she considered, “the best idea ever.”

EPISODE 11: Tina receives an unexpected phone call that changes the course of a lifetime.
This is the end of Act 1. Act 2 will begin on October 19.


A stunning story of victory and survival in the peace and love generation. This voice must be heard! Bravo, Tina, Bravo!

Epidsode 7 is the most powerful chapter yet in this stunning saga of one child's journey in this world. It is here that we begin to learn and understand the insidious and terrifying depths of insanity and abuse of the emotional assault on Tina by her mother. I am still reeling in pain for this child. Schatzi Riley

I am simply speechless after listening to episode 10. Oh Tony. Schatzi Riley