“The revolution will not be televised.”

— Gil Scott-Heron, 1970

50+ years ago, Gil Scott-Heron’s poem was a commentary on the failure of mainstream media to give voice to marginalized communities. Using clever cultural references, he poked fun at American consumerism while pointing out that any true cultural shift would never be given any airtime by the powers that be.

And all these years later, he’s still right.

We believe television could BE the revolution. (Or at least, a big part of it.)

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When you choose to support CCTV, you’re not just helping us keep the lights on. 

You’re contributing to the quality of life of an elder who needs a working knowledge of the internet in order to access important medical information. You’re making it possible for more young girls to enter STEAM fields. You’re helping more creators produce and showcase their work.

You are a part of this community, whether you’re in front of the camera (or behind the mic) or making it possible for someone else to be there.

Supporting CCTV means supporting a media organization committed to access, equity, and justice.

It also gets you some really cool perks.

Studio Member

If you’d like to enroll in any of our educational programs, produce your own work, use our studios and borrow equipment from us.

Pay What You Can: $35-$100 Annually

What you get:

  • 10 free classes a year
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*for non-commercial use

Advocate Member

If you want to support us, but you’re only interested in occasionally taking classes or renting space and equipment. Or maybe you just want the sticker!

$20 Annually

What you get:

  • CCTV Sticker
  • 10% discount on merch
  • 10% discount on equipment and space rentals
  • Invitations to exclusive events

CCTV Membership Fund

When you join, any amount over $100 for a Studio Membership will go toward sponsoring memberships for those with fewer resources.

Or give an additional donation here

Thank You!

For supporting our work to foster vibrant community dialogue, provide media education for all, empower teens to create media that matters, keep seniors connected, and help nonprofits deepen their impact.


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