As a member of CCTV, you may host your own live show or submit your work to be cablecast on our channels!

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Submit Your Program for Cablecast

Cambridge Community Television operates three cable television channels, Comcast Channels 8, 9, & 96, in Cambridge, MA. Residents and members may sign up for and submit programs to be shown to the over 35,000 cable-subscribing households in Cambridge. Following are the options for signing up for and submitting programs to CCTV:

Live Programming Options

In order to have a Live program at CCTV, you must be a Cambridge resident with an active Access Membership.

The most popular program format on CCTV's channels is the Live set that we call "BeLive!" BeLive is a 27-minute prime-time live format that cablecasts from 4:30PM to 9:00PM Sunday through Thursday and from 4:00PM to 6:00PM on Fridays on Comcast Channel 9 in Cambridge. More than 40 BeLive programs are broadcast each week with a diverse mixture of topics, issues, personalities, and content. BeLive time slots are assigned to Cambridge residents and Access Members only on a first come, first served basis. Access Members may sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly BeLive program, while Cambridge residents have the privilege of hosting one 27-minute BeLive per year without signing up for a membership.

Cambridge Community Radio (CCR)
The other popular program format on our channels is the Live set we call CCR, "Cambridge Community Radio". CCR is a 2-hour Live daytime format that airs from 10:00AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday on Comcast Channel 9 in Cambridge. CCR serves as a great opportunity to connect with the community through music, discussion, pictures, and videos. CCR time slots are assigned to Access Members only on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to sign up to do our own Live program on CCTV's channels and webstream, contact CCTV's Programming Coordinator Lily Bouvier.

Pre-Recorded Programming Options

CCTV will accept pre-recorded program submissions as either single or series programs, and pre-recorded programs must be submitted to CCTV in either MPEG2, h.264 or DVD format.
- Single programs are stand alone programs that are scheduled according to time slot availability on a short-term basis.
- Series programs are a number of episodes of the same program that are shown in a fixed time-slot across many weeks or months, and at least one new episode must be submitted per month. The series contract and time slot lasts until January of the following year, when the time-slot may be changed at CCTV's discretion. Series programs always require a membership with CCTV, and pre-recorded programs may be submitted by any membership type. All programming requires a Cambridge resident sponsor.

For Cambridge Residents:
If you are a Cambridge resident, you may submit one single per year for free without signing up for a membership by filling out a Cablecast Request Form and submitting it to CCTV's Programming Coordinator Lily Bouvier via mail, email, or in person by stopping by the station. If you would like to submit a series or more than one single program per year, you must sign up for either an Affiliate Membership or an Access Membership.

For Non-Cambridge Residents:
If you are not a Cambridge resident, you must sign up for an Affiliate Membership and fill out and submit a Cablecast Request Form along with the program-related media via mail, email, or stopping by the station. You are also required to find a Cambridge resident to sponsor the program by filling out and signing the Cablecast Request Form along with your information and signature.

General Requirement Reminders To Submit Or Request A Program:

  • Read and fully understand the programming policies. You must agree to these policies or we cannot show your progam.
  • Become a member. Only Access Members may produce live programming as well as use CCTV equipment and facilities to produce pre-recorded programs.
  • Download and complete the correct related program submission form(s) listed above.
  • Non-residents must obtain the signature of a local Cambridge sponsor willing to take legal responsibility for the content of the submitted program.
  • Submit completed forms with your pre-recorded program which must be in either MPEG2 or DVD format.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact:
Lily Bouvier, Programming Coordinator