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Sep 11, 2017 This month we talk with Laurie Nicolas from Pink Sunday, the women's flag foot league that raises money for breast cancer research. Pink Sunday runs for eight weeks in the fall, including the championship tournament called Pink Bowl. The Cambridge Calendar television program pulls together details on all the events in Cambridge - so that you don't have to! We aggregate community calendars from... more
Nov 9, 2016 Rachel Moo joins us to talk about the Santa Speedo Run and her work with Play Ball! Foundation. The Cambridge Calendar television program pulls together details on all the events in Cambridge - so that you don't have to! We aggregate community calendars from the city government, local non-profits, universities, and community groups and present it all in a condensed 15-minute event clearinghouse... more
Oct 23, 2016 Photos: 1) Lead runners 2) Starting line 3) SuperHero dog Part of the fun of the SuperHero 5K Race on Sunday, October 23 was seeing the costumed characters stream by. There were Hallowe’en get-ups galore: Supermen, Wonder Women, and a cast of characters from history, literature, and pop culture. Spectators dress up, too, so it’s a sea of fantasy figures over the 5-kilometer (3.1 mile) course... more
Apr 27, 2016 This clip features Kate Radville to talk about the Charles River Swimmer's Club and the one mile swim to take place on June 11, 2016. The Cambridge Calendar television program pulls together details on all the events in Cambridge - so that you don't have to! We aggregate community calendars from the city government, local non-profits, universities, and community groups and present it all in a... more
Mar 5, 2015 Join the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology for a family event exploring martial arts from around the world. Martial arts demonstrations from Asia, Europe, and South America will be offered in conjunction with the Peabody Museum’s exhibition, Arts of War: Artistry in Weapons across Cultures. Drop in for demonstrations by Harvard student athletes, practice some moves, and learn the... more
Jan 29, 2015 Boston 2024, the private group organizing to bring the Olympics to the Boston metropolitan area in 2024, released many of its bid documents last week, bowing to public pressure to make their effort more transparent. With these documents, it's possible to assess what part Cambridge will play. Thematically, Cambridge serves as a counterpoint to Boston's historical depth. Olympic organizers note... more
Nov 17, 2014 We are the TEAM IN TRAINING cyclists and WE WANT YOU to join us for next year's America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride to be held on June 7, 2015 at Lake Tahoe in Nevada & California - It's INCREDIBLE! Great program for new and experienced cyclists. Our mission is to fight blood cancers! To accomplish this task, participants raise a manageable amount of funds (with tools and support!) in... more
Oct 30, 2014 Lead photo, above: Start-up.    Two photos at right: First to finish was Jeff Schacherl of Cambridge, #1155, shown alone at the finish line. His time was 17:18. The next three, shown together on the right, l. to r.: Steve Masterson, #521, of Brookline, time 17:24. Nathan Scott, #1255, Boston, 17:47. Joel Zayac, #462, Cambridge, 17:55. Top woman finisher (sorry, no photo) was Ainsley Land #857... more
Nov 5, 2013 Even as the red hot Red Sox got hot I thought, “This can’t possibly last long.” The team had bigger ideas which surprised us all. 1.Can't agree on anything around here. Nowadays the chatter is all politics.  It confronts us on the airwaves and internet. With all the counterpoints of view, Its hard to be united for anything these days. Do I like this candidate, that candidate etc. etc. Do I like... more
Oct 23, 2013 CONTACT: Emma Bagnell, Race Director Superhero 5K Sunday October 27th 2013 The 5th Annual Superhero 5K Run/Walk The Superhero 5K is brought to you by HAVE2RUN productions, HAVE2RUN is committed to organizing high-quality events while supporting the local community and worthy causes. (Photos: scenes from previous SuperHero races.) Anybody can come and watch for free. Advance registration for the... more
Aug 7, 2013 In this personal narrative, Zohar Propp-Hurwitz talks about how biking feels exhilarating for him. more
Aug 7, 2013 In this personal narrative, Joanes Vincent talks about how basketball became a part of his life and how it can help him relieve his stress. more
Jul 31, 2013 In this personal narrative, Ethan Brazo talks about how a local park in Cambridge shaped him to who he is today. more
Jul 30, 2013 In this personal narrative, Skyeler Delva talks about his experience with his skate board and how it helped shaped his identity today. more
Apr 22, 2013 One week later, and five are dead, some 180 injured and an entire metropolitan area is changed forever. We all know what happened on April 15, Marathon Monday, Patriots’ Day of 2013. Two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I saw the explosions happen from about two blocks away. The chaotic moments that ensued - and the looks on people's faces as they changed from joy to... more
Apr 17, 2013 April 15th bombings, perpetrated by misguided zealots, were an assault on both Boston and on the fraternity of runners who for 117 years have arrived for the marathon from all corners of the globe. As CIC community is connected with both populations it would be apt for those involved with the race to recall their experience in this blog . Many are already participating in fund drives and in... more
Apr 16, 2013 A day after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Cambridge remains jittery, with the Cambridge Police Department responding to numerous reports of suspicious or abandoned packages. The CPD's "police scanner via Twitter" takes us past the distant sirens and lets us see what's making our neighbors nervous and the stresses of being a first responder in the aftermath of... more
Apr 15, 2013 SOURCE: New York Times;“no copyright infringement is intended.” more
Jan 25, 2013 This public service announcement was produced by the Cambridge Public Health Department, with the help of Cambridge Community Television. more
Nov 2, 2012 Photo, above: Aaron Ladd #151 and Cullen Roberts #7519 came in first and second, with Brian Klein #7505 (photo, left, in orange suit) close behind them in the October 28 Superhero 5K Run/Walk in Cambridge. The three are already ahead; they have gone around Central Square and are headed back along Massachusetts Avenue to Pacific Park. Runners in the background above are going the opposite way... more
Oct 19, 2012 This Week in NeighborMedia: a recap of the week's captivating Cambridge stories produced by NeighborMedia correspondents at Cambridge Community Television. Latest stories Siobhan Bredin profiles local efforts to bring awareness to and take action to end domestic violence: "21/365." Tim Kardatzke highlights the work of CitySprouts in hands-on food growth and preparation with kids here in Cambridge... more