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Jan 6, 2015 A hacker identified by the Twitter handle "@ulzr1z" defaced 15 subdomains of the MIT Media Lab in an apparent commemoration of activist Aaron Swartz. Swartz committed suicide almost two years ago after having been charged with 13 felonies for downloading academic papers from publisher JSTOR using the MIT network. Panel Admin Massachusetts Institute of Technology, #MIT #Hacked Acces... more
Jan 6, 2015 About 66 million years ago, 70 percent of all the species that existed at the time, including the non-avian dinosaurs, became extinct in an apocalypse widely thought to have been caused by a meteor or comet impact on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. At approximately the same time, a series of volcanic eruptions in Western India produced torrents of lava that discharged large amounts of carbon dioxide... more
Sep 16, 2014 by@SarahCortes Previously: Part One: A Question from the NIST Cybersecurity Working Group on the Smart Grid Part Two: Attack and Defense In this part, we review how canvas fingerprinting, browser fingerprinting, and some online "cookie-"related privacy attacks work to de-anonymize you, identify you and reveal information about you on the internet that you might have thought was private... more
Sep 13, 2014 by @SarahCortes-I had a question recently from members of a NIST technical working group to which I belong, asking me to help explain “canvas fingerprinting.” This privacy-invading online technique received attention in late July in the press, when researchers revealed the extent to which your browser text formatting and other settings can invisibly reveal your identity and activities online.... more
Sep 2, 2014 This documentary, exploring early education efforts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, was produced during the 2014 Summer Media Institute. Produced by Giovanni Jajoute Sam Hermon, Abdullah Gheraissa. Thank you to our collaborators: Biogen Idec and Nuvu. more
Sep 2, 2014 This documentary, produced during the 2014 Summer Media Institute, explores women pursuing careers in science. Produced by Melat Kassa, Priya Joyce and Samantha Liu. Thank you to our collaborators: Amgen, Biogen Idec, Draper Laboratory, and Novartis. more
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Jul 15, 2014 New TV Studios For Springfield Public Access Programmers Public access television—famously skewered on Saturday Night Live and elsewhere—is no joke in one western Massachusetts When the newly formed Focus Springfield Community Television officially unveiled a brand new $1 million state-of-the-art programming facility on the ground floor of one of the city’s most historic buildings, dozens... more
Jun 16, 2014 Wednesday, July 9, 6-7pm Explorations of human disease: The bacterial frontier Ami Bhatt How do you unravel the cause of a new human disease? For Ami Bhatt, the answer involved solving a DNA puzzle. Faced with a human disease of unknown bacterial origin, Ami used a combination of DNA fragments from diseased tissue and several computational methods to piece together an explanation. What she... more
May 31, 2014 Beginning in the early 1960s, academics in Cambridge began a major effort to invent new transportation systems. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) set up a special research operation called “Project Transport” to concentrate on these new ideas. Novel at the time was the atempt to break down departmental barriers and get engineers, planners and political scientists all working... more
May 28, 2014 by @SarahCortes-Over 400 internet freedom activists invited from 90 countries shone a spotlight on internet-related issues from gender equity to surveillance at Sweden's Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF) last week. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt addressed forum invitees, explaining that SIF "aims to deepen the discussions on how freedom and openness on the Internet promote economic and social... more
May 22, 2014 Bold Italics Uderline Strikethrough Numbered List Numbered List Bullet list Bullet list Headline 1 Headline 2 Quotes Preview Dramatically recaptiualize user-centric strategic theme areas and installed base mindshare. Enthusiastically synthesize leading-edge web-readiness rather than quality paradigms. Dynamically disseminate web-enabled... more
May 8, 2014 The City of Cambridge is forming a Task Force to examine broadband for the City, seeking to increase competition, reduce pricing, and improve speed, reliability and customer service. This Task Force comes after a call in this space for a group to study city-owned broadband, and a subsequent City Council policy order requesting the City Manager act to create such a group. .box { position:... more
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Apr 8, 2014 by @SarahCortes-121 human rights defenders from some of the world’s most repressive societies came together this weekend in Stockholm, Sweden to share their stories and participate in training. Cambridge internet freedom advocates trained these international democracy activists at the Civil Rights Defenders Conference in Sweden's capital. The Swedish NGO Civil Rights Defenders supports activists... more
Apr 3, 2014 The media are filled with reports that MIT technology might be used to help in the search for BigFoot, the name given to an ape-like creature that some believe can be found in the forests of the Pacific northwest. Bigfoot research, if that's the right term, is stalled. Matt Knapp, who runs a major Bigfoot web site told Boston Magazine's Steve Annear that "[t]he facts are that in terms of... more
Mar 21, 2014 Because of a recent rule change, Internet provider companies like Verizon and Comcast can now block or slow down any website, application, or service they like. And they'll be able to create tiered pricing structures with fast lanes for those websites that can afford the tolls, and slow lanes for everyone else. Previously, all websites had to be treated equally by the Internet providers, a policy... more
Mar 14, 2014 We accept unprecedented surveillance, Dr. David Lyon told an MIT audience, because routine surveillance has become so much a part of day to day life. Delivering the 2014 Arthur Miller Lecture on Science and Ethics, Lyon, Professor and Chair of Surveillance Studies Queen's University, Canada, reviewed some of the revelations from Edward Snowden, placed them in historical context and outlined the... more
Mar 4, 2014 "The business model of the internet is surveillance." – Bruce Schneier "Data and data analytics are a powerful new fuel of the American economy." – Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker "Assume you have collected data" is an inauspicious way to start a privacy workshop. But that's how Monday's Big Data Privacy Workshop organized by MIT and the White House began. And like extractive... more
Feb 25, 2014 Communication and "The Good Life" Around the World After Two Decades of the Digital Divide Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide (PPDD) Preconference International Communication Association (ICA) 2014 Conference Seattle, Washington, USA Thursday, 22 May 2014 Call for Participation This interdisciplinary Preconference, sponsored by Partnership for Progress on the Digital... more
Feb 7, 2014 At the countersurveillance DiscoTechs, we’ll focus on creating welcoming spaces where a wide range of people (not just techies and activists!) will feel welcome exploring, learning about, and sharing each others’ experiences with surveillance. At the same time, we’re inviting community organizations, technologists, developers, and designers to come to the DiscoTechs to sprint/hack on projects... more
Feb 3, 2014 We are upgrading our studio to HD! Come and take a look at our new Broadcast Pix Mica switcher, and Sony XD cameras. There is a Beginning Studio Production class starting on March 19th - and for those of you who have studio experience, we have a Broadcast Pix crash course scheduled on March 6. more
Jan 31, 2014 The National Symposium for the Advancement of Women in STEM (NSAWS) is a biennial event held to discuss and honor the role of women in science. It is hosted by Women in Science at Harvard-Radcliffe (WISHR). Details! Saturday Schedule 9 am to 12:15 pm: Talks at NorthWest Labs Basement 12:15 to 1:15 pm: Lunch 1:15 to 5:30 pm: Talks 7 to 10 pm: Reception, followed by banquet... more