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Feb 14, 2008 The first thing that pops to my mind is the hot pink CCTV neon sign I see anytime I cruise (in car/bus, on foot or on my bike) past the station! What do YOU think of when you hear "CCTV"? Is it a favorite edit room? The Be Live set? The friendly faces at the front desk? CCTV is in the early stages of designing a space in the virtual world Second Life*. We want to capture some of the more... more
Feb 7, 2008 I. Assessment Allyson introduced assessment materials and personal goals for pre-assessment period. She is still working on an intro letter and the contract. Colin announced orientation day for 2/16 from 9-6. Participants are scheduled at their convenience to welcome people into the program and do the assessment. Will be social, not a test taking day, to convey our excitement of the... more
Jan 17, 2008 I. Software list • Approved by committee III. Curriculum/ Training Materials • Reviewed training sessions... more
Jan 17, 2008 I. Status of Wi-fi • Roof antennas have capacity • Participants will be able to help test and strengthen the network • System is only as good as it is when nodes are plugged in/ challenge with non-participants. • There needs to be education around how to use the nodes • Once we know who's getting the computers, city can work with those people • Will redistribute the nodes based on who's... more
Jan 11, 2008 This is the first in a series of updates that I hope will help keep people informed about and involved in the project. It was productive first full week in my new role as Project Manager. I had the opportunity to meet many of you and enjoyed seeing everyone's enthusiasm. The following is a list of some of the major developments. I hope it will provide some context for the progress we're... more
Nov 29, 2007 The responses to the open ended questions on the survey yielded some great stuff! I've compiled and categorized in the docs linked to here. 1) SITE COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS 2) GENERAL COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS more
Nov 27, 2007 This report analyzes survey responses relevant to website navigation and layout issues, as well as offers some opinions and recommendations. Download a Word doc of the report by clicking HERE. more
Nov 13, 2007 Attached is my report on user-generated content at based on website survey results. more
Oct 30, 2007 I was in the land of edit 'sweets' hooking up my first DV Video about Area 4 Pride Day. I laughed and cried at my interviewing skills and the quotes that folks were kickin, AND almost finished a haphazard edit job on Final Cut Pro when I went to save and CRASH -EEK - My work dis-A-peared! Horror, Frustration - NO - expletives flowed thru my brain and the hairs on this cat's back stood on end... more
Oct 23, 2007 For members of the MAO Committee and any other interested folks, I'm posting results of the survey on the CCTV website, community involvement, and internet use in general. DOWNLOAD a .zip'd folder (232 KB) containing the following- FOLDER CONTENTS --- Text documents with survey results --- 1_MAOSurvey07TOTALS.doc (numerical summary) 2_CambOrgs.doc (Other organizational involvement)... more
Oct 18, 2007 Filmmaker Richard Linklater, who helped cultivate Austin's growing film scene, kicked off the day today by talking about "the importance of being connected to your local community." Distribution was a common theme again, with Linklater calling it "the key of the future" and expressing his excitement about the web as a tool for video distribution. But he doesn't want it to be the only tool so... more
Oct 17, 2007 Well, here I am in sunny, HOT, Austin, Texas for the NAMAC conference. I attended the Youth Media Educators' Forum today, and one of the first people I met there was a fellow AmeriCorps volunteer serving at St. Paul Neighborhood Network. In talking about challenges and insights, we both hit upon the same topic: distribution -- how important yet difficult it is to find the right venue for youth... more
Jun 12, 2007 David Haines, the Science Musician, appeared on CCTV's Easy Access program at the time of the City-wide Science Fair in Cambridge. more
Apr 20, 2007 Dr. Irene Bosch's research interests are to understand pathogenesis by human RNA viruses, among them the flavivirus dengue and the West Nile virus. She graduated in 1993 from Harvard University, where she did her doctoral degree in cellular and molecular biology of parasites. She then took two consecutive post-doctoral training positions at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, in Boston, where she... more
Apr 18, 2007 Dr. Sucharita Gopal joined Boston University in 1989 and has taught Geographic Information Systems (GIS) since 1990. She has published in a number of areas including GIS and modeling, spatial accuracy and classification. She has published over 50 scientific papers as well as presented at a variety of national and international conferences. She has advised both graduate and undergraduate... more
Apr 16, 2007 Dr. Magaly Koch is a geologist specialized in the application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems to study groundwater resources and environmental change in arid lands. She graduated from the University of Cologne, Germany, in 1986 with a M.Sc. in Geology. Her PhD research, on the use of remote sensing in ground water studies, was undertaken at Boston University, USA, and... more
Apr 15, 2007 The video screening of Minority Women in Science and the live studio shoot of Science Live at CCTV are coming up soon. So, let me introduce to you briefly one of the women scientists participating in both events: Dr. Saeqa Vrtilek. She is a Astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA. She has an undergraduate degree in Physics from MIT and a PhD in... more
Nov 9, 2006 Cambridge Community Television hosted a 3-month documentary production course that resulted in this short documentary on Citizen Journalism. The Project Documentary team includes: Jason Crow, Shaun Clarke, Darcie Deangelo, Amy Mertl, Buz Owen, Jason Ong, Matt Landry, Mayana Leocadio. Read what "" had to say about it: Citizen journalism film released online By: Oliver Luft... more