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Mar 31, 2019 “I don’t know how no one noticed this huge structure right here in the middle of Cambridge, all these years!” exclaimed Jeremy, a resident of Cambridge for 55 years. “It’s huge!” It’s actually 730 meters high, with a square footprint of 450 meters. Pretty huge, indeed. Well, it’s been discovered now: An ancient pyramid, right here in Our Fair City. And after the blush of pride, shock, and... more
Mar 25, 2019 Following are the candidates for Board of Directors. The election will take place at the Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 Each candidate was asked to answer the following three questions: • Why do you want to serve on the CCTV Board of Directors? • What is your vision for CCTV and how will you achieve it? • What relevant experience do you bring to this position? Candidates for full... more
Mar 22, 2019 City Splash, the yearly (and rare!) opportunity for swimmers to jump into the Charles River, is set for Saturday, June 15. This year, for the first time, City Splash is being hosted by The Charles River Conservancy. Experienced swimmers are invited to register for the state-sanctioned swim to celebrate the Charles River’s comeback and its designation by the EPA as one of the cleanest urban... more
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Mar 2, 2019 On March 30th, 2018, MIT opened its doors to Mohammed bin Salman - the crown prince of Saudi Arabia sparking questions about the elite institution’s obligation to the wider Cambridge community and its willingness to be transparent. Almost a year later, a group of Cambridge residents are still demanding that the institution reckon with these questions. Grif Peterson, Caitlyn Olson, Ryan Costello,... more
Feb 26, 2019 Get in Shape for Women, a Cambridge gym located at 1764 Mass Ave., hosted a fundraising event for kettlebells4kids this past Friday. Get in Shape for Women opened its doors to men and children for Bootcamp Challenges where participants worked out for 45-minute sessions at the gym while raising money for kettlebells4kids. “We want to do our part to raise awareness and money [to combat homelessness... more
Feb 21, 2019 If you or someone you know is interested in serving, please submit a nomination form to CCTV by 3/25/2019 Cambridge Community Television is governed by a Board of Directors that includes both appointed and elected seats. This year, there will be 4 elected openings on the Board, which will be filled at the Annual Meeting. 2 of the 4 will be one-year terms for Member Representatives; the... more
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Feb 6, 2019 Yours In Peace Mr. Hasson Rashid Citizen Journalist/Human Service Advocate City Council/City Hall Advocate and Advocacy Homeless/ Low Income Housing Advocate Cambridge, MA/ 2/5/19 more
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Jan 21, 2019 Join the Cambridge Historical Society in launching this year's program theme, "How does Cambridge engage?" with a conversation between Dr. Karilyn Crockett, MIT lecturer in Public Policy and Urban Planning, and Diana Lempel, the Society's Doing History Curator. Karilyn and Diana will discuss how everyday people in our city took collective action to stop the Inner Belt and envision a different... more
Jan 21, 2019 Brian Corr heads the Cambridge Peace Commission. They are one of the lead co-sponsors Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration and Remembrance Day event entitled, Cambridge’s Annual MLK Day Commemoration and Remembrance. Monday, January 21, 2019 • 11:00 AM. Attached is a video of the phone interview I, Maurice Wilkey, conducted with him this past Wednesday afternoon. Below is information attached... more
Jan 14, 2019 Everyone is invited to the Youth Media Program screening, Tuesday, 3/12 at 6pm. more
Jan 10, 2019 Yours In Peace Mr. Hasson J. Rashid City Hall/Council Advocate/Advocacy Citizen Journalist Human Service TV Media Worker Cambridge, MA more
Dec 28, 2018 Cambridge Digs DEEP is an initiative launched by Mayor Marc McGovern and Councilor Sumbul Siddiqui to engage the community in conversations about equity, privilege, diversity, inclusion, and race in a series of forums and workshops starting November 2018 and continuing through 2019. Mayor McGovern and Councillor Siddiqui’s Offices have partnered with Dr. Darnisa Amante, CEO of the Disruptive... more
Dec 27, 2018 Also, Check out the Following: Do you have legal problems? Can't afford a lawyer? Want to learn how to win in just a few hours and get justice for yourself and your loved ones? Just click the following... more
Dec 24, 2018 India, a talented photographer, joined the Youth Media Program in 2017. This month, India's photography was featured in UMASS Lowell's University Gallery. India joined a group of returning students this semester who are piloting MARKED, a digital media outlet for the Youth Media Program. Using social media, the goal of this initiative is to connect youth directly to their peers and to spark... more
Dec 23, 2018 Every year, since 1983, like clockwork, the National Federation of the Blind's (NFB) Cambridge Chapter Annual Walk takes place, spearheaded by long-time Cambridge resident David Ticchi. In honor of his 35 years of work, raising a quarter of a million dollars, the NFB Cambridge Chapter voted in their November meeting to change the name of this important annual event to "The Dr. David Ticchi NFB... more
Dec 11, 2018 By empowering youth to create media about who they are and what they believe in, the Youth Media Program inspires young people to achieve personal, academic, and career goals. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to support the Youth Media Program. Allison joined the Youth Media Program over two years ago, in 2016. Now a senior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Allison has stepped... more