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Lesley University, Apr 14, 2015
Lesley University announces a free lecture, Q&A, and book signing with Susan Taylor, editor of Essence Magazine on April 23 at 7pm.
Jordy Brazo, Mar 5, 2015
Produced by D'Mathew Ferreira for the School year Production Program Fall 2014
Jordy Brazo, Mar 5, 2015
Produced by Midori Reardon for the School Year Production Program Fall 2014
Harvard Museums of Science & Culture, Feb 25, 2015
Join visiting Harvard faculty at the Harvard Peabody Museum for a public discussion of Indigeneity.
Beverly Mire, Feb 10, 2015
The Friendly Toast removes controversially-named cocktail from menu
Siobhan Bredin, Jan 31, 2015
The Cambridge Public Library hosts February series of lectures, film screenings, discussions, and readings to celebrate Black History Month.
Susan Fleischmann, Jan 19, 2015
a few shots from around Cambridge
Kristina Kehrer, Dec 26, 2014
A Conversation with Genderqueer Comedian Jamie Flez
Clodagh Drummey, Dec 21, 2014
YOU Can Empower Teens to Become Artists & Leaders!
Beverly Mire, Dec 13, 2014
Students and supporters march in solidarity with #BlackLives Matter
Susan Fleischmann, Dec 7, 2014
Article by Meg Bernhard and video by Sarah Reid
Susan Fleischmann, Dec 5, 2014
A skill building dialogue for men and young men 12/6 at the Cambridge Public Library
Frank Morris Lopez, Dec 5, 2014
Public affairs program talks with CRLS pupils involved in the student-led #HandsUpWalkOut in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter campaign
Kristina Kehrer, Nov 26, 2014
The First Thanksgiving - "A Historical Accident"
Lesley University, Oct 27, 2014
Join us for a talk and booksigning with Dr. Gregory Cajete at Lesley University on 11/13.
Jordy Brazo, Sep 2, 2014
This documentary explores what it is like to move to America in search of a better life.
Jordy Brazo, Sep 2, 2014
This documentary highlights the importance of pets, specifically Bella the lovebird
Mary Holbrow, Jun 10, 2014
Unique creation featured at River Fest
Anna J. Weick, Jun 10, 2014
This Pride week, let's share some important and potentially life-saving community resources.
Anna J. Weick, May 13, 2014
The City of Cambridge and local GLBT organizations celebrate 10 years since the first same-sex marriages in the United States.
Hasson J. Rashid, May 3, 2014
“This is the first national American Muslim ‘Happy’ video.