Hasson J. Rashid, Feb 2, 2022
ABOUT THIS EPISODE - "Black Like Who?" It's one of the thorniest questions in any theoretical plan for reparations for black people
Hasson J. Rashid, Nov 11, 2021
Many Japanese themselves are unaware of the existence of their own country's indigenous people.
Beverly Mire, Jun 8, 2020
All it takes is a movement...
Xia Rondeau, Dec 27, 2019
This video is a self-portrait depicting my various identities from which I approach filmmaking and how it impacts my art. It’s a piece...
Xia Rondeau, Dec 12, 2019
On November 20th, 2019 CCTV hosted its first ever immersive media screening. Here is the full reel we shared!
Xia Rondeau, Dec 12, 2019
Home is a 360 personal narrative produced by Xia Rondeau exploring what home means to her as an adopted person.
Xia Rondeau, Dec 12, 2019
Youth Media Program participant Gabriela Cooper tells us the story of her childhood in this 360 personal narrative.
Josh Artman, Nov 4, 2019
Digging into all things Italian American, from baseball to braciole
Xia Rondeau, Sep 4, 2019
A film about the pressures on young people to be changemakers.
Xia Rondeau, Sep 4, 2019
A profile on Youth Underground
Xia Rondeau, Sep 4, 2019
The story of a single Ethiopian mother.
Xia Rondeau, Sep 4, 2019
A profile on an LGBTQ activist from Cambridge
Xia Rondeau, Sep 4, 2019
A profile on Malik, a young dancer from Cambridge using his art to create social change.
Xia Rondeau, Sep 4, 2019
A participatory profile about the impact and influence of music on issues of social justice.
Xia Rondeau, Jun 10, 2019
This is a profile about a local Boston artist named Kayla Myers, AKA Goldlemons.
Jesse Schoaf, Apr 1, 2019
Jennifer Hochschild gave an insightful lecture on the merits and ethics of DNA testing at the Cambridge Public Library last Wednesday.
Hasson J. Rashid, Nov 28, 2018
Helen Kobek, Sep 14, 2018
Walk the walk (or donate to) Cambridge Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind - annual fundraiser September 30, 2018, Fresh Pond.
Susan Fleischmann, Jul 19, 2018
Four short videos featuring Readers and a Book
History Cambridge, Jun 22, 2018
"Where is Cambridge From?" History Café 2 will be Thursday 06/28, 6:30pm at the Hong Kong Restaurant, 1238 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA.
Siobhan Bredin, Mar 11, 2018
CCTV has always been place for people, especially those who haven’t had a voice, to tell their stories.