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Jan 8, 2019 Grow Native Massachusetts is proud to present our 2019 Evenings with Experts lecture series! Join us for this talk with Jenna Webster, Senior Designer at Larry Weaner Landscape Associates. Restoring weed-dominated habitats comes with many complex challenges and often involves difficult tradeoffs. This process is even more complicated in public landscapes with diverse constituencies. Join... more
Jan 8, 2019 Grow Native Massachusetts is proud to present our 2019 Evenings with Experts lecture series! Join us for this talk with Robert Gegear, Assistant Professor of Biology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. For almost two decades, pollinators have been declining in abundance, species richness, and geographic distribution at an unprecedented rate worldwide. While media attention has focused largely on... more
Jan 8, 2019 Grow Native Massachusetts is proud to present our 2019 Evenings with Experts lecture series! Join us for this talk with William Cullina, the Executive Director of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Are we humans masters of our world, or are plants really the ones in charge? What they lack in locomotion, they compensate for in structure and chemistry. Celebrated author and botanist Bill Cullina will... more
Jan 8, 2019 Grow Native Massachusetts is proud to present our 2019 Evenings with Experts lecture series! Join us for this talk with Steven Handel, Distinguished Professor of Ecology and Evolution at Rutgers University. Human activity has degraded much of our urban landscape, making the rebuilding of native habitat on these lands an important priority. But potential restoration sites are often small and... more
Nov 28, 2018 Winter's cold have finally arrived in Cambridge. Are you missing summer already? Head to Harvard Square and visit the Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center. Check out the jungle ferns and visit the rooftop pine forest. The toasty atmosphere here will make you curl up and relax. If you need to study for an exam, there is plenty of quiet too. When you get hungry, you can choose from the... more
Aug 27, 2018 Go on the hunt for Kendall Square's secret roof top garden, located on top of a grey parking garage. You may just miss it. It's a place to relax all year round. I took photos in both winter and summer. See how much has grown. There is now a beautiful garden with flowers and vegetables. Attend free workshops such as gardening, cooking classes, and yoga, that will put you in a state of serenity.... more
Aug 25, 2018 Have you ever wondered where your Cambridge water comes from? Worried if your water is safe to drink? Why not find out by taking a free tour of the Cambridge water department. I was curious to learn more so, I took the tour. During the tour, I was allowed to see the big machines that clean our water. They had a huge multipart machine that sifted the brown algae from the water supply. Then we... more
Jul 23, 2018 A gentle giant Gore Street pin oak, estimated to be 100 years old, is no longer. This tree lived just one block from my house here in East Cambridge. I passed by her every day, so she was a familiar to me. So please allow me to give this tree a name: Centuris. Centuris towered above the nearby houses until, on June 19th, when an Eversource crew made mighty mis-cuts into Centuris’s roots,... more
Jun 26, 2018 June 21 is the Summer Solstice; the longest day of the year. And what better way to celebrate than strolling through some green space here in our fair city? I took a long, slow walk around one of the places in my neighborhood of North Cambridge to enjoy the abundance of ponds, trees, flowers, and tall grasses. Even though a steady stream of bike, car, and pedestrian traffic passed by, I was lost... more
Jun 20, 2018 Do you aspire to create landscapes with genuine ecological value for a wide array of avian species— from songbirds, to raptors, owls, woodpeckers, and more? Claudia will lead an in-depth exploration of the principles and practices for achieving this objective, based on understanding the essential habitat requirements for bird survival. Our examination starts, of course, with the importance of... more
Jun 20, 2018 Invasive plants pose a major threat to our ecosystems, and the challenge of tackling them can often seem formidable. Restoration ecologist Chris Polatin will teach us how to confidently confront invasive plants with effective management and monitoring techniques. There are many possible manual and chemical control methods— Chris will describe how to choose the most effective measures given the... more
Jun 11, 2018 Your safari begins just outside the Alewife T station, a stark concrete structure covered in graffiti, next to a noisy highway. You wouldn't believe that another world awaits you on the other side of the station. Bunnies play tag. Mommy duck takes care of her babies. A graceful swan dances a ballet. These are just a few of the 50 species you'll find at the wildlife sanctuary. This place is a... more
Jun 6, 2018 This can happen anywhere there are houses and birds. This story is about what to do when a bird flies into your house or apartment in Cambridge. Which can happen to anyone. Here, in Cambridge, measuring just about seven square miles, with so much wildlife, so many birds, especially at this time of year. There are also so many bird nests (where many birds live), you probably live within fifteen... more
Apr 3, 2018 It happens all over the City, and soon it will start happening to me and my neighbors, right here on Gore Street in East Cambridge. Excavation is being done all down our street to put in a sewer line for North Point (now Cambridge Crossing). This will be closely followed by excavation for a new Eversource gas line. Followed by excavation for a new water main. Followed by jackhammering for... more
Mar 13, 2018 Our sale is now in its fourth fantastic year! We will have more than 2,000 plants for sale, all indigenous to Massachusetts or New England, with a few species from the broader eastern United States. We source our plants from ten different wholesale suppliers across New England to bring you an unmatched selection of over 120 species, including: • Perennials for sun, shade, part shade, and all... more
Jan 4, 2018 The High Line in Manhattan was born of a city that is constantly reinventing itself. Built on a mile-and-a-half long elevated railroad, this dynamic landscape was inspired by the tenacity of plants in its industrial setting, and it uses a matrix of perennial and woody plants to evoke a natural landscape. Wildly successful and overwhelmingly popular, caring for this garden in the sky poses unique... more
Jan 4, 2018 Seasonal New England is rich in its unique and dynamic ecological patterns. Join us, as Matthew explores how his observations of these natural systems have influenced his firm’s creation of contextual and native plant-centric projects that grasp the rhythms of everyday life. He will show us a variety of residential landscapes, large and small, that embrace our regional flora, utilize ecologically... more
Jan 4, 2018 Ecologically attuned designers are increasingly looking to nature for inspiration in the design of managed landscapes. But connecting field botany to horticulture is complex, and insights gained from observations in the wild don’t always translate directly into a cultivated garden. Uli will use the recently expanded native flora garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, a cultivated pine barrens and... more
Jan 4, 2018 Native plants have evolved a broad array of adaptations in the wild, yielding not only the ornamental features embraced in horticulture but many fascinating mechanisms for survival. Dan will take us beyond 'pretty' plant features to explore the origins of these adaptive traits, and the critical importance of regional variation. This insight helps us to select plants that are genuinely suited to... more
Dec 31, 2017 Judy Nathans, a former member of the Cambridge Recycling Advisory Committee, sits down with Quinton Zondervan, president of Green Cambridge, and Carol Oldham, executive director of Massachusetts Climate Action Network, in this 11th episode of Cambridge Uncovered to talk about some of the sustainability efforts occurring within the city of Cambridge. Record date: Nov. 12, 2015 | Premiere date: Nov... more
Jul 25, 2017 The central purpose for this workshop is summed up by the landscape designer Darrel Morrison, who wrote, “The naturally evolved associations of native plants within a particular range can provide both information and inspiration for the design of gardens and landscapes that are ecologically sound and aesthetically satisfying.” Quite simply, a solid understanding of plant communities is... more