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Sep 26, 2016 Online Shopping with Google - Students 50+ (FREE) Friday, November 11, 2016 from 1:00PM - 3:00PM In this class, a Google representative will cover the basics of how to shop online safely and effectively this holiday season. You’ll cover everything from how to research the best prices, various methods for paying online (whether you are making one purchase or many purchases), options for shipping... more
Sep 25, 2016 Do you want to share your knowledge with a world-wide audience? Consider producing an engaging vlog to creatively sharing your voice. Vlogs are a form of blog that use video and supporting text, images, and metadata. Vlogs are one of the most extensively used formats for both business and individuals…and now you! We will be covering basic scriptwriting, creation techniques and promotion. Pre-... more
Sep 25, 2016 Have you ever looked up at the lighting grid in the big studio and wondered what all those crazy things were? In this workshop you will learn about the lighting grid, and how to use the lighting board in order to add some creativity to your show. You will learn the proper safety involved in moving the lights, setting up different looks and a general overview of 3 point lighting. Pre-requisite:... more
Sep 21, 2016 In this class, students will create a short story from their own life experiences or present an idea using narration, photographs, sound, text, video and found objects. We will focus on storytelling strategies (traditional and non-traditional), as well as diverse ways of thinking about digital media creatively. The class concept stems from the idea that the technology of digital media permits... more
Sep 21, 2016 How do you get people on the street to share their opinions, comments and preference with you for your next news story? Where do you go to find a cross section of the population? How do you approach people in a way that makes them feel comfortable sharing with you? How do you gather your comments in an interesting visual way? What is the impact of putting your comments together in a particular... more
Sep 21, 2016 Age Engage: One-to-One Internet Assistance (FREE) Cambridge Community Television pairs with Google CCTV is excited to announce that we will be teaming with Google to host another session of Age Engage on October 14 from 1:00PM - 3:00PM. Age Engage is a collaboration between Google and CCTV to teach individuals over 50 how to use the Internet. During Age Engage, people over 50 are paired with... more
Sep 21, 2016 This class is an introduction to the art of stop-motion animation, with a focus on how to create short films as an individual or small team using a DSLR camera and Final Cut Pro X. Students will be introduced to the concepts and techniques fundamental to analog animation and learn to animate real-life objects and materials. The class will create a collaborative final project: a short film,... more
Sep 16, 2016 Peace Be Unto To You Hello Everybody, I’m Hasson Rashid, this comment relates to all past, current, and ongoing School Committee and Agenda items, implementing new improvement to the school district andit’s curriculum. Please ensuring that homeless educational rights are observed and respected in the Cambridge, MA school district (The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)).I would like the city and... more
Jul 5, 2016 The Multi-Service Center is hosting an upcoming training on July 18 for any interested provider agency staff, to teach them the basics of housing search to help boost capacity while we deal with the gap in HomeStart’s funding: Cambridge provider agencies’ staff are invited to attend an upcoming training on Housing Search taking place... more
Jul 2, 2016 CCTV MONTHLY FREE LECTURE SERIES Beginning in February 2016, CCTV is launched a monthly series of high-caliber seminar classes that are completely free and open to the general public (this includes non-members and non-residents). These classes are taught by highly educated practitioners in their field, and are a rare opportunity to sample the kind of resources available at CCTV. FREE SEMINAR... more
Jul 2, 2016 Building on the concepts in the “Audio Editing I: Intro to Logic Pro X” class, students will learn how to produce any style of music in Logic Pro. Topics include multi-track audio recording, MIDI, software instruments, looping, effects bussing, stem-mixing and mastering. Pre-requisite: Audio Editing I: Introduction to Logic Pro X Instructor: Scotty Vercoe Dates: Tue, 09/27/2016, 6:00 PM Tue, 10/... more
Jul 2, 2016 This course will explore how to creatively use multimedia in online reporting. How do you effectively combine text, images, videos, audio and graphs to tell a compelling story? What are the factors to consider in combining a variety of these media to write for the web? What about social media? How can you ensure that multimedia content is both news site and social media ready? What are some... more
Jul 1, 2016 Gain Studio Camera and Floor Director certification, as well as exposure to technical directing through actual experience planning and shooting a studio show that will be shown on CCTV’s channels and website. This class culminates in an exciting live studio shoot with a local band. A great first production experience, and a terrific way to meet other producers. This class certifies Access... more
Jun 30, 2016 This episode focuses on a topic that seems to provoke a lot of opinion either for or against: charter schools and their future in the Bay State. School may out each summer, but the debate around charter schools never seems to take a vacation. It’s a topic for all seasons. Host Barbara Anthony discusses charter schools with Jamie Gass, the Director of the Center for School Reform at the Pioneer... more
Jun 30, 2016 After you’ve learned the basics of how to shoot video with your DSLR camera, it’s time to take your videos to the next level. This project-based class will introduce you to the history and theory of documentary work, as well as provide you with hands on experience shooting DSLR video. In this class you will plan, shoot, and edit a short video about a Cambridge neighborhood. The idea is to pick... more
Jun 30, 2016 This class covers the basic functions of CCTV’s professional JVC GYHM600U HD camcorders. Learn basic safety and handling procedures through hands-on practice with these camcorders. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV camcorders - it is required to check out CCTV cameras. Instructor: Jon Dorn Date: Sun, 09/25/2016, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have two rates: one for... more
Jun 30, 2016 You will learn the basics of the brand new CCTV Live studio. We will cover the video switcher and its various sources, the computer, taking video calls from viewers and how to capture your show on an SD card. We will also briefly cover “LIVE” on-camera presentation techniques, and discuss policies, procedures and responsibilities. For those who have taken this course before, or used the old live... more
Jun 30, 2016 This workshop is an interactive demonstration of the role of lighting in film and TV production, and basic lighting concepts & techniques. The class will cover CCTV's tungsten lighting kits and the brand new LED lighting kits. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV's lighting equipment.Instructor: Jon Dorn Date: Thu, 09/15/2016, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have two... more
Jun 30, 2016 In this introductory workshop, producers will jump right into editing with Final Cut Pro X. Get organized right from the start with New Libraries that you can save on your hard drive. Learn to work with Libraries, Events & Projects. This intensive workshop will briefly introduce the interface and get into importing video, audio & images to get a taste for editing. Topics covered also... more
Jun 30, 2016 We all start somewhere, and this includes film and video production! In this class, you will learn the basics of the pre-production process ranging from business to legal to creative. By the end, you will understand the needs of a production and how to get your next project off of the ground! This workshop will provide information helpful to seasoned producers as well as absolute beginners.... more
Jun 30, 2016 CCTV MONTHLY FREE LECTURE SERIES Beginning in February 2016, CCTV is launched a monthly series of high-caliber seminar classes that are completely free and open to the general public (this includes non-members and non-residents). These classes are taught by highly educated practitioners in their field, and are a rare opportunity to sample the kind of resources available at CCTV. FREE SEMINAR... more