Education Production Gallery

Sep 22, 2015 This campaign piece was recorded by Cambridge Community Television in an effort to educate its viewers on their choices in the upcoming election on November 3, 2015. You can see all of CCTV's candidate videos here: more
Sep 18, 2015 Comics aren’t just cartoon superheroes and villains – they are a language all their own in the world of storytelling, combining words and pictures in a way no other medium can. In this course, we will explore the structure and vocabulary of comics, unlocking their potential to tell stories both simple and complex, funny or serious. We will look at different styles of storytelling with comics:... more
Aug 24, 2015 This class will break down the full audition process for film. You will learn techniques to assist with your audition performance, the types of auditioning you may come across as an actor, and how to prepare properly. You will take everything you learn in class and use it in a mock audition set-up to fully prepare you for your next big audition! Instructor: Evin C. Anderson Dates: Wed, 08/26/... more
Aug 22, 2015 In this class, students will get tips on how to conduct and shoot a successful interview as well as develop their own interview based project. At the beginning of the class, essential technical concepts will be covered, such as camera placement, capturing quality sound, and lighting. Additionally, students will view and discuss short docs that are based on interviews, and get a sense of both... more
Aug 13, 2015 In addition to offering visceral scares, horror movies can provide insight into the psychology of fear, and the underlying dread that threatens our collective sense of security. In this class we’ll examine how such crucial elements as story, camerawork, editing, and sound can establish and enhance the atmosphere, suspense, and moments of sheer terror that characterize an effective horror movie.... more
Jul 28, 2015 A three part class where attendees will learn how to use Social Media for awareness and lead acquisition. The class will focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ for both organic social media use as well as paid. Session 1 will cover Goal Planning and Set Up, Session 2 will cover Analytics and Strategy and Session 3 will be on Content and Data Analysis. By the end of the 3-part class... more
Jul 13, 2015 In episode eight of Cambridge Uncovered, Lesley University students and NeighborMedia interns Katrina Macher and Sasha Van Baars brought together a panel of local education experts — Lesley University Professor Donna Halper; Boston Partners in Education Executive Director Pamela Civins; Cambridge School Committee Member Fran Cronin; and Cambridge Community Services Executive Director Ben Clark... more
Jul 1, 2015 Cambridge Community Television’s Class Schedule for July, August, and September 2015 is now available. There are a lot of exciting classes — many of them brand new — being offered through September. Take a moment to check out our offerings. View classes here. Questions? Contact Allison directly: or 617.401.4009 Or, call the CCTV front desk at 617.661.6900. Or stop by... more
Jun 30, 2015 Cambridge Community Television presents: Student Photography Exhibition Reception & Instructor Screening featuring Jon Dorn and Siobhan Landry, July 23rd Join us at CCTV for an evening celebrating both exciting emerging artists and established contemporary filmmakers. Don't miss this fun opportunity to meet the makers and discuss great work being created right here in Cambridge. Reception:... more
Jun 25, 2015 Motion is a powerful tool for experimenting with visual effects, incorporating sophisticated motion graphics or just creating cool looking titles for your project. In this workshop, you will learn fundamentals of this powerful application. This introductory workshop in two 3 hr. sessions will introduce producers to the 3D environment of Apple’s Motion 5. Learn how to bring life to text and... more
Jun 25, 2015 In this workshop, you will be introduced to audio concepts, microphones and other audio gear, and basic audio recording techniques. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV's audio equipment. Instructor: Scotty Vercoe Date: Thu, 08/24/2015, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have two rates: one for Access Members and one for non-members. Advance registration is required and is... more
Jun 25, 2015 This class will go over different ways for you to market and promote yourself to gain an audience or following. It will highlight the importance of treating yourself like a small business, and offer different technical skills and tools to do so, such as: locations to market, forums/groups for networking, using your website to build a following (SEO, Blogs, etc.), what Thought Leadership is and... more
Jun 25, 2015 Gain Studio Camera and Floor Director certification, as well as exposure to technical directing through actual experience planning and shooting a studio show that will be shown on CCTV’s channels and website. This class culminates in an exciting live studio shoot with a local band. A great first production experience, and a terrific way to meet other producers. This class certifies Access... more
Jun 25, 2015 Have you ever looked up at the lighting grid in the big studio and wondered what all those crazy things were? In this workshop you will learn about the lighting grid, and how to use the lighting board in order to add some creativity to your show. You will learn the proper safety involved in moving the lights, setting up different looks and a general overview of 3 point lighting. Pre-requisite:... more
Jun 25, 2015 This class covers the basic functions of CCTV’s professional camcorders, including the JVC GYHM150U HD camera. Learn basic safety and handling procedures through hands-on practice with these camcorders. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV camcorders - it is required to check out CCTV cameras. Instructor: Jon Dorn Date: Wed, 09/09/2015, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have... more
Jun 25, 2015 Can’t code HTML? Don’t have thousands to shell out for a beautiful web design? You can build your own interactive website using Wix. This three hour, hands-on workshop will walk you through the web-building program including how to find, purchase, and connect a domain name, how to pick a template, how to create web pages, pricing structures, and how to enable e-commerce and blogs. Instructor:... more
Jun 24, 2015 So, you’ve taken Beginning Studio and you’ve gotten a sense of how the studio works. But, at the heart of every great studio production is the video switcher, and this is not your old-school switcher: built in clip store, virtual sets, graphics and animation at your fingertips! There is so much to learn. Take this free one night intensive to really develop your proficiency. Instructor: Ben... more
Jun 24, 2015 Make great music, podcasts and sound tracks with GarageBand. The software offers everything you need to learn, play, record, mix and share music. Students will unlock these features while gaining an understanding of MIDI and audio production for video. Instructor: Scotty Vercoe Dates: Wed, 08/19/2015, 6:00 PM Wed, 08/26/2015, 6:00 PM Wed, 09/02/2015, 6:00 PM All regular classes have two rates:... more
Jun 24, 2015 Bring your smart phones to class and learn how to use the next big social media tool! Periscope, a free app by twitter, has the potential to change everything from the way news is reported, to how we think about television, to the ever-changing lines between public and private. Explore this new app and its possibilities! Instructor: Jonathan Barbato Date: Tue, 08/18/2015, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All... more
Jun 24, 2015 DSLR cameras are great tools for shooting high quality HD video, but one of the challenges that arises with using them is that it is hard to capture high quality sound. Many professionals opt to use separate sound recorders and synchronize this sound with their video inside FCPX, or choose to conceive a project that does not utilize synch sound. This workshop will provide an overview of the... more
Jun 24, 2015 In this introductory workshop, producers will jump right into editing with Final Cut Pro X. Get organized right from the start with New Libraries that you can save on your hard drive. Learn to work with Libraries, Events & Projects. This intensive workshop will briefly introduce the interface and get into importing video, audio & images to get a taste for editing. Topics covered also... more