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Jul 25, 2008 Not to toot my own horn (especially since this new tutorial is Colin's brainchild), but today's Web Media Help Session went surprisingly well. My expectations were pretty low, as I heard no one showed up last week; at the very least, I thought maybe I'd get someone set up with an account on but to be perfectly honest I had another project going on in anticipation of three... more
Jul 18, 2008 The final session of the first Radio Journalism class at CCTV met last night. Some students (me, for example!!!) still have work to do on their projects, but they all seem to be coming together very well. After the class, we talked about how great it would be to build out CCR (Cambridge Community Radio, aka the radio station that broadcasts shows on CCTV's television channels), maybe by starting... more
Jul 12, 2008 I’m angry. I’m very angry. While googling the Amigos School to try to post a link to an Aaron Sorkin play being performed in both English and Spanish, I got a link to a post by Fred Baker on the Cambridge Republican City Committee’s blog suggesting that my daughter’s school be blown up. I’m not only angry, I’m stunned. How am I supposed to react to that? Is proposing a terrorist act of such... more
Jun 25, 2008 El domingo pasado, visitando a Boston capture estas imagenes. Esto sucedio el mismo dia en que el New England Aquarium fue especialmente habilitado para la comunidad latina. more
May 27, 2008 By Karen Klinger Under a brilliant blue sky with thousands of American flags flapping in the breeze in Cambridge Cemetery, the city marked Memorial Day with a parade, music, speeches and a tribute to a local aviator who disappeared in the jungles of New Guinea in 1943 and finally has been brought home. City officials, veterans, marching bands, reenactors in Civil War and... more
May 13, 2008 For those who wish to incorporate multiple photos into a blog entry, Margaret Desjardins put together a special HTML formatting chart for NeighborMedia bloggers awhile back. In addition to Margaret's method, you can also upload your photos under "File attachments." Then, copy the code and go back to edit mode and paste it into your blog entry. You can also use Margaret's cheat sheet for the... more
May 5, 2008 By Karen Klinger As a teenager, Jerome Friedman was a talented painter who turned down a scholarship to an art school against the advice of his teacher to study physics at the University of Chicago. It proved to be the right choice. Friedman, an emeritus professor at MIT, shared the 1990 Nobel Prize in physics for research establishing the first solid evidence for the existence of quarks... more
May 4, 2008 Angel 'Naphtalie' Aiguier would like to extend special thanks to CCTV for the 'Producers Award' she received at the 'BiG Awards and Elections Day for CCTV Annual Meeting' April 16th, 2008. Angel would also like to Thank the MAC (Members Advisory Committee) for giving her the 'Annual ARTMAN-MAC Award' presented at this same meeting. This was a special honor, and very heartfelt, as Angel was one... more
May 4, 2008 AngelNaphtalie, the 'Angel of the Airwaves' says: 'Check out two Radio shows back to back on WCCR/CCTV. If you love Reggae, or like to learn about the history of artists in the industry check out the first show with AngelNaphtalie 'Angels Musical Point of View-Reviews' where music is critqued and history of artists is given on the subject matter. This first show is aired for (1 month) at a time... more
May 2, 2008 By Karen Klinger MIT sociologist Sherry Turkle smiled as she recalled the conversation she had with a journalist for a leading science magazine who wanted to know why she opposed marriages between people and robots. "He put me in the same camp as those who opposed marriage between lesbians or gay marriage," Turkle, a professor of the social studies of science and technology, told those... more
Apr 30, 2008 By Karen Klinger Dudley Herschbach has the air of a man who would never rest on his laurels, even if they are the laurels of a Nobel Prize. "I tell my students prizes should be given to atoms, molecules and ideas," Herschbach told a gathering at the MIT Museum during a "Lunch with a Laureate" event, one of more than 100 activities that are part of the Cambridge Science Festival going on... more
Apr 30, 2008 By Karen Klinger If you'd like to have lunch with a Nobel laureate, walk an evolutionary time line along Massachusetts Avenue, learn about the science of beer brewing, spend your own "Night at the Museum" or take part in dozens of other activities, Cambridge is the place to be this week during the city's second annual science festival. This first-in-the-nation citywide celebration of... more
Apr 4, 2008 Tuesday, April 86:00 p.m.Enroll now! Do you want to learn how to get crisp, clear audio on your next field shoot? Come learn about our new field recorders, the Marantz PMD 660 on Tuesday, April 8 at 6:00 p.m. Instructor Diane Andronica will teach you the ins and outs of the device, including how to record in both stereo and mono, and use its on-board editing suite. This seminar will... more
Mar 25, 2008 As of Wednesday, March 26th, Youth View Cambridge is 10 episodes old! Don't miss the tenth episode on Cambridge channel 98 and online. One of this show's highlights is a roundtable interview with filmmaker and CRLS alum Ethan Goldhammer, whose short "mockumentary" The Cambridge Companion screened this month at the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square as part of the 7th annual Boston Cinema Census... more
Mar 18, 2008 Last Thursday, on the evening of March 13th between 7-9PM, about 20 community members including two children, gathered at the Pisani Center in The Port/Area 4 for a monthly community meeting. Neighbors met... more
Mar 17, 2008 On March 10, 2008, The Cambridge Chronicle posted another entry in it's "The Right View" series. It was published in the March 10 edition. In it Mr.Henry Irving of Bigelow Street writes first about respecting ones elders and national figures, fiscal responsibility, and that the government should be allowed to break the law with impunity. Congratulations Mr. Irving on your election as chairman... more
Mar 15, 2008 Today marked the final week of computer trainings at CCTV, as outlined in the program proposal. 8 more participants received their computers at the end of the training session today. However, many of the participants felt that more computer training would be very helpful. Particularly for those with little to no previous experience with computers and the Internet. Therefore, I hope that... more
Mar 10, 2008 The New York Times published an interesting article today, entitled "Journalism in the Hands of the Neighborhood." The article highlights a class on citizen journalism offered by the Media Mobilizing Project and the South Philadelphia Community Center, JUNTOS, to cover local issues on housing and development (see MMP's "All For the Taking" blog). The Times article raises the question of... more
Feb 29, 2008 The month of February seems to have gotten away from me. So on this Leap Day it's about time for a NeighborMedia update. There's lots of project news to report, especially regarding outreach. Training program additions: CCTV kicked off a new course schedule that includes Blogging 101 and Citizen Journalism 101. Both were extremely successful in their first runs. -Blogging 101 is taught by CCTV'... more
Feb 27, 2008 Karin tiene la buena intencion de ensenarme como se utiliza los blogs para escribir sobre el tutorial de computacion en Espanol. Aqui habemos varias personas que queremos aprender muchos programas para mejorar nuestras abilidades para el futuro y asi ayudar a otras personas que lo necesitan. more
Feb 26, 2008 Hi folks, Here are some links to websites that I mentioned during class. Please leave a comment below to let me know if there is something I forgot to add or if there is something else that you would like to see added to the list. Blogging Wikipedia Blogging / Participatory Media Literacy What is RSS? WikipediaRSS / Participatory Media Literacy Aggregators and feed readers Video... more