Education Production Gallery

Dec 27, 2016 Editing Photos Using Google Photos for Students 50+ $0 members/$10 non-members Thursday, March 30th, 1pm – 3pm Learn how to edit your photos using Google Photos: crop your photos using different aspect ratios, correct for exposure, add some vibrance, add filters for fun effects, create collages, create simple animations, convert your photos to black and white, save your edited photos or revert... more
Dec 27, 2016 In this workshop, you will be introduced to audio concepts, microphones and other audio gear, and basic audio recording techniques. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV's audio equipment. Instructor: Scotty Vercoe Date: Thu, 03/30/2017, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have two rates: one for Access Members and one for non-members. Advance registration is required and is... more
Dec 27, 2016 Using Hootsuite to Manage Social Media for Your Nonprofit Everyone knows Social Media Marketing can have a huge impact on an organization, but finding the time to do it is difficult. One great tool that can save you time and boost your engagement is Hootsuite. In this class, we'll cover the basics of Hootsuite. No matter where you are, you can manage multiple social media platforms at once -... more
Dec 27, 2016 Motion is a powerful tool for experimenting with visual effects, incorporating sophisticated motion graphics or just creating cool looking titles for your project. In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of this powerful application. This is a highly marketable skill set. Instructor: Garabed Setrakian Pre-requisite: Edit I & Edit II Dates: Sun, 03/26/2017, 6:00PM - 9:00PM Mon, 03... more
Dec 27, 2016 Activists are increasingly using the power of social media to raise awareness about particular issues and to raise funding for their cause. In this workshop, you will explore several case studies of effective social media campaigns employed by activists and will discuss the future trends in social media activism. Instructor: Patricia Egessa Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of or involvement with... more
Dec 27, 2016 This class covers the basic functions of CCTV’s professional JVC GYHM600U HD camcorders. Learn basic safety and handling procedures through hands-on practice with these camcorders. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV camcorders - it is required to check out CCTV cameras. Instructor: Jon Dorn Date: Thu, 03/23/2017, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have two rates: one for... more
Dec 27, 2016 This course will cover the process of adding music to effectively accompany visuals. Topics include music selection and placement, scoring, emotion-building, working with composers, editors and supervisors and finding royalty-free music for your film. The course is open to musicians and non-musicians. GarageBand will be used in this class, but no prior experience is required. Instructor: Scotty... more
Dec 27, 2016 In this workshop, students will work individually or in pairs (the student’s choice) to produce their very own narrative fiction short film. Scripting, producing, directing, lighting, sound and editing for narrative productions will be covered. The class is five sessions over the course of six weeks to allow for production time. It is highly recommended that students think about scripts and story... more
Dec 27, 2016 If you are a creative professional, student, or artist, a demo reel is a great way to quickly show your skills to potential clients, funders or employers. In this demo reel class, students will learn the do’s and dont's of a demo reel and they will get a chance to build their own short and sweet reel to use to promote their talents. You will be working on your reel in class. Pre-requisites:... more
Dec 27, 2016 In this introductory workshop, producers will jump right into editing with Final Cut Pro X. Get organized right from the start with New Libraries that you can save on your hard drive. Learn to work with Libraries, Events & Projects. This intensive workshop will briefly introduce the interface and get into importing video, audio & images to get a taste for editing. Topics covered also... more
Dec 27, 2016 Search Engine Optimization for Nonprofits Have you ever wondered why you're not #1 on Google? Attend this class and not only find out why your website isn't #1 but what steps you can take to earn the #1 position. We will focus on On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Registration is Required. Requirements:You must either work on your own website, or actively serve as an administrator for an existing... more
Dec 27, 2016 Gain Studio Camera and Floor Director certification, as well as exposure to technical directing through actual experience planning and shooting a studio show that will be shown on CCTV’s channels and website. This class culminates in an exciting live studio shoot with a local band. A great first production experience, and a terrific way to meet other producers. This class certifies Access... more
Dec 27, 2016 This class is an intro to audio editing using CCTV’s brand new software, Logic Pro X, the companion audio software to Final Cut Pro X. Students will learn how to edit, manipulate and create any sound imaginable using Logic Pro. Whether you want to assemble sound effects, create an entire soundtrack from scratch, or simply adjust the balance of a dialogue track, Logic has an array of powerful... more
Dec 27, 2016 FREE SEMINAR - Copyright and Open Source Resources When you set out to create your own media, questions about copyright law are difficult to avoid. This class will cover the basics: copyrighting your work, fair use, licensing, Creative Commons and open source, and how and when you may incorporate existing material into your own work. Instructor: Brad Glanden Date: Thu, 03/09/2017, 6:00PM - 9:... more
Dec 27, 2016 Age Engage: One-to-One Internet Assistance (FREE) Cambridge Community Television pairs with Google CCTV is excited to announce that we will be teaming with Google to host another session of Age Engage on Tuesday, March 7th from 1:00PM - 3:00PM. Age Engage is a collaboration between Google and CCTV in which individuals over 50 learn how to use the Internet. During Age Engage, people over 50 are... more
Dec 27, 2016 Facebook for Nonprofits 71% of all internet users in the US have a Facebook account. Learn how to leverage this widely used platform to reach local audiences. In this hands-on workshop we will explore best practices for writing engaging posts and discuss options for paid advertising including increasing post visibility and targeted ads. Registration is Required. Requirements: computer and... more
Dec 27, 2016 Bring Your Own Device (FREE) Cambridge Community Television pairs with MIT CCTV is partnering with MIT for their “Day of Service” to offer seniors one-on-one assistance with a personal device. Did you receive a new device as a gift this holiday season, or do you have a device you’ve owned for awhile and just want to learn some new options? Get the most out of your phone, tablet or laptop - bring... more
Dec 27, 2016 DSLR cameras are relatively new tools for media producers, offering access to HD video with the versatility and complexity of a DSLR camera. DSLR Video will introduce the Canon 70D and the Canon Rebel T2i as advanced tools for capturing video footage. This will be a technical workshop for beginners that will cover the concepts of videography with a DSLR camera, including camera settings, shot... more
Dec 27, 2016 Social media is changing the face of journalism. This course will explore ways in which journalists can use social media to report the news as it happens. Topics covered include how to find stories, use social media to share news happenings in real time, engage with an online audience, and drive traffic to websites/blogs for more information. Instructor: Patricia Egessa Pre-requisite: Mac... more
Dec 27, 2016 This class, taught from a journalist’s perspective, will teach producers how to use the action of a scene to create a story. Establishing shots, close-ups, medium shots, hands that enter and exit the frame, pans, etc. - how do these different visual devices work together smoothly to create narrative? This class will go over the fundamental building blocks of a sequence and how they work... more
Dec 27, 2016 This class is designed specifically for live producers who want their program to have a life after it is shown and streamed on CCTV’s channels. The instructor will show you how to locate and download your program from CCTVs Google drive, or take the content from your SD card, and upload it to Youtube. It is beneficial for you to already have a Youtube account when signing up for the class, but... more