CCTV Learning, Jan 12, 2022
Acompáñame en este curso para aprender tips básicos sobre cómo usar la cámara de tu teléfono.
CCTV Learning, Jan 10, 2022
In this class we will review the basic functions of Google Meet
CCTV Learning, Jan 4, 2022
Ready to put your best foot forward for the camera?
CCTV Learning, Dec 21, 2021
In this class I'll be walking you through a live demo on best practices and helpful tips and tricks on how to master audio
CCTV Learning, Dec 21, 2021
Klas sa a pral sou anseye ou Basics yo pou yo te yon designer grafik
CCTV Learning, Dec 20, 2021
Aprenda a usar la potente cámara de su teléfono celular.
CCTV Learning, Dec 6, 2021
Interested in studio production?
CCTV Learning, Dec 6, 2021
This class will explore ways to promote your show
CCTV Learning, Dec 6, 2021
Learn where to find and how to read the insights and analytics of a few social media platforms.
CCTV Learning, Dec 6, 2021
Come join us for a Podcasting Masterclass !
CCTV Learning, Dec 1, 2021
Learn some of the best and latest social media practices for reporting on and sharing about the issues you care about.
CCTV Learning, Dec 1, 2021
Learn about the four pillars of solutions journalism and how you can use this school of thought when reporting on your community.
CCTV Learning, Dec 1, 2021
Learn how to use movement journalism to make your community even better.
Hasson J. Rashid, Nov 22, 2021
Giving Tenants Feedback is One of the Most Important Areas in the Tenant Participation Process.
CCTV Learning, Oct 15, 2021
Class la ap eksplore fason pou jwenn eksperyans ak konesans pou komanse nan videography.
CCTV Learning, Oct 12, 2021
Esta aula se concentrará nas etapas básicas fundamentais para iniciantes que desejam começar a escrever episódios de programas de comédia!
CCTV Learning, Oct 11, 2021
La fotografía es algo básico, pero tiene su truco
CCTV Learning, Sep 22, 2021
In this class we’ll be doing a live demonstration on mixing a song.
CCTV Learning, Sep 22, 2021
Learn the basics of 2D, frame-by-frame animation with ProCreate for the iPad.
CCTV Learning, Sep 22, 2021
This is a class in two sessions each geared toward getting you ready for your first day on set.
CCTV Learning, Sep 16, 2021
Gain experience filming a live event outdoors using professional equipment and production techniques.