DC 2020 Festival
Siobhan Bredin, Jun 27, 2020
The Dance Complex Annual Festival of Us, You, We, & Them took place virtually June 26 & 27, 2020.
Mi Li, Jun 10, 2020
Boston JerkFest LIVE will be a 3-day weekend, July 10-12, 2020 and with top local and international performers.
Cambridge Community Television, May 24, 2020
The A and W Ukulele Players is a volunteer group of amateur musicians who until the pandemic, performed regularly at nursing homes and...
Xia Rondeau, Apr 16, 2020
The Youth Media Program's Weekly Film Challenge for Cambridge Youth!
Alex Lemski, Mar 10, 2020
Jeb Bishop, a Boston Jazz (trombone, leader, composer,) and icon making a difference,
Yewellyn A. Sanchez, Feb 12, 2020
A documentary about the stories of American born Latinos who don’t feel Latino enough or American enough.
Alex Lemski, Jan 6, 2020
2 musicians from different avant/free Jazz backgrounds sharing a long-time passion for expanding improv and redefining their instruments
Peter Levine, Jan 6, 2020
Cambridge-based artist Bao Song is a filmmaker, photographer and musician.
Alex Lemski, Dec 31, 2019
A live recording “Haynes is fusing together inventive ideas, original decisions, passionate melodies, sparkling culminations...
Yanka Petri Rodrigues, Dec 26, 2019
For 6 weeks, CCTV will host five local photographers and students at MassArt for a photography show at the Karen Aqua Gallery!
Josh Artman, Dec 17, 2019
"We didn’t know that we would wind up becoming a home to hundreds of filmmakers who before didn’t have a place to share their art in person"
Peter Levine, Dec 16, 2019
Coming Up Next on CCTV! is a short-form series highlighting many of the exciting things happening at Cambridge Community Television.
Xia Rondeau, Dec 12, 2019
This is a 360 film produced by Hailey Hinson told from the perspective of her future cat!
Josh Artman, Dec 5, 2019
"There was so much going on in Boston that was critically important, nationally and worldwide, that had never really been written about."
James F. Farr Academy, Nov 26, 2019
Please support our students by visiting our studio, located at 82 Pearl Street, from 11am to 1pm on Saturday, December 14th!
Josh Artman, Nov 22, 2019
"We need at least one legal wall in every neighborhood. We just want to create and express ourselves."
Peter Levine, Nov 15, 2019
Coming Up Next is a brand new short-form series highlighting many of the exciting things happening at CCTV!
Alex Lemski, Oct 17, 2019
Boston's Jason Palmer joins with Carmen Staaf, piano
Lesley University, Oct 3, 2019
On Thursday, Oct. 24, at 7 p.m., Strauch will speak about his efforts to rebuild Mosse Palais and reclaim the family’s place in the center o
Siobhan Bredin, Sep 30, 2019
Mike Swells, Jackie House, and Palms Trax kept the crowd dancing through the afternoon and long into the night at Zone 3.
Cambridge Art Walk
Tanina Carrabotta, Sep 25, 2019
Check out the latest free public art in Cambridge