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Gnomes of Cambridge apply for Task Force on Snow and Ice Clearance

Gnomes of Cambridge apply for Task Force on Snow and Ice Clearance

Wanted: Cambridge Residents for Sidewalk Snow and Ice Clearance Task Force.

Vladimir: Look, Greta, we become public servants for ice and snow safeties! Present ourselves to Ms. Fuentes of 02139, for her search now ends!

Greta: Mayhap we apply first, as they choose of residents, property owners, business operators, institutional representatives, and community organization members…

Vladimir: Yes, but we are Gnomes of Cambridge! Natural to choose from us to… ah, here, it say “work with City staff to make recommendations to help increase compliance with Cambridge’s Sidewalk Clearance Ordinance, particularly through public education and outreach…” Hmmm, what exactly that mean…

Greta: Many City Departments to be represented on Task Force: Public Works, Traffic, Cambridge Disabilities Commission, Cambridge Pedestrian Committee…see for more information this website… should we make visit there?

Vladimir: You writer, Greta, you send brief letter of interest to Ms Fuentes of 02139 from Gnomes of 02138. May hap you send her our blog so she see our famousness and competencies...Here, see her contactings:

Rebecca Fuentes
Cambridge Department of Public Works
147 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Fax 617-349-4824

Greta: Hmmm, yes, must be by 28 March for consideration!