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multimedium ARTS EXHIBIT at CCTV

multimedium ARTS EXHIBIT at CCTV

"This is my first attempt and it's really a memory for my grandmother," Garabed Setrakian welcomed guests to the opening of his exhibition in the Karen Aqua Gallery at Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) on a chilly January 3rd evening.

The exhibition, on view through February 14, begins with a photo montage of Garabed's grandmother in some of her theatrical costumes designed and worn during her career as a traveling actor during the 1920's, and includes a variety of Garabed's hand drawings and digitally produced sketches and air brushed pieces.

The richness, complexity and depth of these pieces makes it hard to believe that, according to the artist, “most of these started with a scribble.” He explained that his grandmother used to draw little scribbles on pieces of paper for him when he was a child, which he then expanded into detailed drawings.

In order to experience these works to their fullest, be sure to stop by CCTV during the next month. CCTV members know Garabed as a knowledgeable and supportive instructor, mentor, coach and friend who helps us bring our artistic visions to life; it is wonderful to have this opportunity to see some of his own creative work.

What: multimedium ARTS EXHIBIT by Garabed
Where: Karen Aqua Gallery @ CCTV Cambridge, 438 Massachusetts Avenue, Central Square, Cambridge MA
When: January 3 - February 14, 2012 during CCTV open hours: Mon-Thu 12-9PM, Fri 12-6PM, Sun 4-9PM


I enjoyed the show and hope to get another look now that I've seen this piece. The show
is a wonderful way of bringing people and events from history into the present.

Garabed, I love your art work.

Nice use of the still, and interview.