School Year Production Program Gallery

Jun 10, 2019 This is a profile about a local Boston artist named Kayla Myers, AKA Goldlemons. This film features an interview that took place over a painting session in which the interviewer and Kayla got candid about what it's like being an artist and the politics of identity in art. Produced by Mattingly Wood, Allison Desir, India Cordero for MARKED 2019 Check us out on Instagram! @MARKEDsocial @... more
Jun 10, 2019 Paying hundreds of extra dollars for sneakers and clothing pieces might sound silly, but reselling has become a popular way for teens to earn extra cash. The public has mixed feelings about resellers as they sell items for much higher prices, but yet making the sold out items to be purchasable for the public. In our video, we explore stories and struggles behind the business by interviewing a... more
Jun 10, 2019 This video is about Youth Underground and their new play “Act Up and Vote.” We interviewed two actors, Evan and Ty, who spoke to us about the importance of voting and staying politically engaged. They state that it is vital that the youth be involved in American politics because whether they realize it or not, they are directly impacted by them. Produced by Nahom Woldesenbet, Emmanuel Gichile... more
Jun 10, 2019 This video is about gang violence currently happening in the United States. It's a big problem that has taken over cities. It’s become normalized for those living around the violence, which is sad because not only are people involved in gangs being affected but so are innocent people. For this video I took clips from various news outlets to show how common gang violence has become. I was inspired... more
Jun 10, 2019 Muslims are people who follow or practice Islam, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion. This video tells the story of a young woman’s experience being Muslim in America. We interviewed our friend and asked her questions about family, safety, community and religion. Produced by Biruk Endale, Amtiaz Uddin, and Mahmudul Hasan for MARKED 2019 more
Jun 10, 2019 This video highlights the increasing tension that has come across our country due to new reform policies put forth by our current administration. The immigrant community has always lived in fear, but now more so than ever. Produced by Hong-Jie Lin, Emmanuel Gichile, and Biruk Endale for MARKED 2019. MARKED is the Youth Media Program's digital media news outlet encompassing arts, culture,... more
Jun 10, 2019 This video explores the challenges students of color face in schools and how they are funneled out of school and into the prison system. This is known as the “school-to-prison pipeline” and our film artistically depicts the isolation, punishment, and disadvantages students of color face that maintain this problematic trend. Produced by Mattingly Wood, India Cordero, Allison Desir for MARKED... more
Jun 10, 2019 This video is about a girl that likes to dress up in a certain way but her parents do not allow it, so they get mad when they see her coming home with the clothes that she likes. We wanted to show to people that women have the right to wear whatever they want and it does not matter if someone says the clothes that they are wearing are inappropriate. Produced by Jessica Roso Vencato, Marcus... more
Jun 10, 2019 This video is an depiction of the daily microaggressions people of colour go through. These types of incidents occur in ordinary places like elevators. We wanted to illustrate that in a short video to expose this issue and to raise awareness on this issue. Produced by Nahom Wolesenbet, Amtiaz Uddin, Lubens Jean Pierre for MARKED 2019. MARKED is the Youth Media Program's digital media news... more
Jun 10, 2019 This video features the work of participants of the School Year Production Program from the Fall 2018 semester. It includes nine unique personal narratives, topics ranging from sports to acting to religion. There are also five MARKED* projects, including a Black History Month expose of the racism young people experience in Cambridge, a fashion profile, and a piece about racism and colorism in... more
Jun 10, 2019 This ideo looks into Mattingly's fashion foundation: this means her evolution in fashion. She is asked a series of questions about her experiences and struggles of finding her own style and what inspires her style today. Mattingly also speaks about issues in the fashion industry as cultural appropriation and lack of representation. more
Jun 10, 2019 This project is about racism and violence faced by young people in Cambridge. It was created in honor of Black History Month. more
Jun 10, 2019 A profile on Alia, a young person from Cambridge who is concerned with racism in school. This video was produced for Black History Month. more
Jun 10, 2019 Hasan's story about his mosque and the importance of finding a community in a new place. more
Jun 10, 2019 A personal narrative about immigration and how a young person may find identity through community. more
Jun 10, 2019 A personal narrative by Harry about his journey of growth at CCTV. more
Jun 10, 2019 This project is about Amtiaz's immigration from Bangladesh to the United States and the unique things about his home country that he misses here in Cambridge. more
Jun 10, 2019 A personal narrative about the importance of soccer for a young person's sense of community and self. more
Jun 10, 2019 The story of Lubens making his fist dunk on the basketball court. more
Jun 10, 2019 A personal narrative about a young woman's dream of becoming an actress. more
Jun 10, 2019 This project is a personal narrative about a young woman's complex relationship with her religion. In it the filmmaker talks about how she is not a religious person, but still loves her religion, Christianity, which is an important part of her family and culture. As a young Ethiopian woman, she talks about the history of Christianity in Ethiopia and how it is a constant between her life there and... more