Keaton Fox, Dec 22
A one-time crash course to get you started toward creating a podcast of your own.
Keaton Fox, Dec 22
Develop visual storytelling skills while producing a personal photo sequence.
Keaton Fox, Dec 22
This course covers basic Pro Tools principles, concepts, and techniques.
Keaton Fox, Sep 27
A one-day intensive on shooting everyday life.
Keaton Fox, Sep 27
In this new class, students will learn key elements of filmmaking through the timeline of cinema history...
Keaton Fox, Sep 26
This 4-session course will take you from start to finish through the process of creating a podcast of your own...
Keaton Fox, Sep 25
Gain Studio Camera and Floor Director certification...
Keaton Fox, Jul 2
Learn how to mix and edit audio in Adobe Audition for professional-sounding results.
Keaton Fox, Jul 2
Learn how to produce a documentary from start to finish (from concept to shooting to editing), by working as a team with your classmates.
Keaton Fox, Jul 1
Proper lighting is the basic building block for setting the tone of a scene!
Keaton Fox, Jun 28
A one day intensive on shooting every day life.
Keaton Fox, Apr 3
The Power of Podcasting is a course that will teach you how to create your own podcast!
Keaton Fox, Apr 2
Everyone has a story.
Keaton Fox, Jan 7
This class will look at how to create poems with moving images and videos as opposed to words on paper.
Keaton Fox, Jan 7
In this introductory lecture, students will learn the basic principles for making a video or film look good.