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Sep 2, 2014 This documentary, exploring early education efforts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, was produced during the 2014 Summer Media Institute. Produced by Giovanni Jajoute Sam Hermon, Abdullah Gheraissa. Thank you to our collaborators: Biogen Idec and Nuvu. more
Sep 2, 2014 SMI 2014 from Cambridge Community Television on Vimeo. In 2014, Sam Brill-Weil documented the six week Summer Media Institute and followed students as they developed their production skills and went through the process of creating documentaries. Produced during the 2014 Summer Media Institute. more
Sep 2, 2014 This documentary explores the intrigue of video games as well as the benefits and negatives of being a gamer. Adam Hermon, Finn Corcoran and Robert Brown talk to a gaming enthusiast, a game developer and neuroscience researchers to better understand the impact of video games on the gamer. Produced during the 2014 Summer Media Institute. more
Sep 2, 2014 A profile of The Hip Hop Transformation organization which allows Cambridge teens to come together to learn the history of hip hop, how to write, record, and perform their own music. This documentary was produced by Ben Smith-d'Agincourt, Chhoyang Cheshatsang and Yanka Petri during the 2014 Summer Media Institute. more
Sep 2, 2014 In this documentary Yusef Chisholm, Faven Debelo and Mon Tiwari talk to a Bollywood dance instructor and Indian visual artist to determine whether or not Bollywood provides an accurate depiction of Indian culture. The Bollywood film industry reaches 3 billion viewers across the world and is growing in popularity. This documentary was produced during the 2014 Summer Media Institute. more
Sep 2, 2014 A look at the causes and effects of pollution for the Charles River and Cambridge along with what is being done to keep our water clean. Joseph Alphonse and Alwaleed Alshora spoke with scientists as well as employees of Charles River Canoe and Kayak to see what has caused pollution in the Charles and what can be done moving forward to combat it. This documentary was produced during the 2014... more
Sep 2, 2014 Bella Mengitsu, Dahla Cheshatsang and Geo Belizaire talk to emerging and established artist, both professional and amateur about what drives them and what it means to be successful. This documentary was produced during the 2014 Summer Media Institute. more
Sep 2, 2014 This documentary looks at innovations and trends happening with transportation in Cambridge as an urban environment in flux. Sazzad Hussein, Steven Curry and Mohammed Nabeel spoke to experts on transportation and pollution as well as Cambridge residents to create a picture of what changes Cambridge will see with transportation in the coming years. Produced during the 2014 Summer Media Institute. more
Sep 2, 2014 This documentary highlights the importance of pets, specifically Bella the lovebird, and the impact that animals can have on us and our families. Bella the Peacemaker was produced by Mohammad Sayed during the 2014 Summer Media Institute. more
Sep 2, 2014 This documentary, produced during the 2014 Summer Media Institute, explores women pursuing careers in science. Produced by Melat Kassa, Priya Joyce and Samantha Liu. Thank you to our collaborators: Amgen, Biogen Idec, Draper Laboratory, and Novartis. more
Sep 2, 2014 A summary of the high school experience complete with advice and first hand experiences of seasoned high school students. This documentary was produced during the 2014 Summer Media Institute. Produced by Will Bruce, Neverson Nherisson and Cesar Haig. more
Sep 2, 2014 CCTV's Back Lot BBQ is only 2 1/2 weeks away (September 18th)! If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, here's another reason why you don't want to miss this year's event: the auction. This year's silent auction features something for everyone -- whether you're a sports fan, a music/arts enthusiast, or just looking for some fun activities to do with friends or family, you'll find many unique... more
Aug 29, 2014 What is better than a free CCTV class? The answer is four free CCTV classes! On Sunday, September 7, CCTV will host a free Mini-Class Extravaganza from 6 to 8:30 p.m. The educational evening will be filled with fun classes that are free for all Cambridge residents and CCTV members. Participants will be able to sign up for the event and take any two of the following classes: Social Media Strategy... more
Aug 25, 2014 Christopher Bavitz, Managing Director of the Cyberlaw Clinic at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society, and Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, will receive CCTV's Leading Role Award at the Back Lot BBQ on Thursday, September 18. The award honors people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make our community a better place. Through his work at the Berkman Center and... more
Aug 20, 2014 Mini-Class Extravaganza!Sign up for this evening and take two free one hour classes! Free to all CCTV members and Cambridge residents!! Individuals must be interested in staying for two sessions. Advanced registration is required for the evening, but individuals will sign up for particular sessions when they arrive. Since every session is offered twice, there most likely will be opportunity... more
Aug 17, 2014 The practice of imitating original works for the purpose of satire or ironic commentary has a history spanning the evolution of genres, from the ancient Greek comedies of Aristophanes to the song parodies of "Weird Al" Yankovic. In this class, we will create parodies of popular film and television genres, styles, and specific works. Along the way, we will explore what makes parody effective by... more
Aug 12, 2014 The Youth Media Program at CCTV teaches Cambridge teens media making and career readiness skills as they work as media artists. Join us on Thursday, August 14 as teens share documentaries they created during this year's Summer Media Institute. The screening will begin at 6 pm at the Cambridge Public Library. Each year, the Summer Media Institute is offered through a collaboration with the City... more
Aug 11, 2014 Narrative photography is a collection of short stories - each picture can stand alone in it’s originality, yet grouped together collectively support a larger intent. In this class you will work on your own body of images, get an overview of the difference between telling a story with moving images versus still photography, look at examples from national geographic photojournalism to conceptual... more
Aug 10, 2014 CCTV's Annual Back LotBBQ Fundraiser is coming up in just 5 weeks (Thursday, September 18th) and we're counting down five reasons why you don't want to miss this year's event. Reason #5: The Food. If you enjoy delectable food then you'll like the variety of tasty treats we have lined up for this year's BBQ. Dinner will feature a diverse array of food – from ribs to vegetarian fare to drinks and... more
Aug 5, 2014 CCTV publishes weekly Programming Highlights to promote new material produced or sponsored by local members and Cambridge residents. Please visit our Television Schedule for the most updated info! DEBUTING THIS WEEK ON CCTV! MIT Presents: "Principles of Chemical Science" This program provides an introduction to the chemistry of biological, inorganic, and organic molecules. The emphasis is on... more
Jul 29, 2014 A devastating fire ripped through three homes on Allston Street during the early morning hours of Sunday, July 27th. Nine families were displaced and are currently staying in hotels and shelters. The majority of the residents displaced were renters, making it difficult to recover losses. Many have lost all their few possessions. They are our neighbors and need our help. The Mayor’s Office has... more