Clodagh Drummey, Apr 15
Help us refine our proposal by asking questions and sharing your input.

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Susan Fleischmann, Apr 9, 15
Awards! Voting! Food and Friends!
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Apr 7, 15
New CCTV Production class! Learn how to craft a short, effective and creative PSA!
Frank Morris, Mar 27, 15
Fresh look for Cambridge citizen journalism with dynamic, robust news site
Maggie Duffy, Mar 24, 15
TODAY - 03/26 - A Screening of Student Video from Winter 2015
Susan Fleischmann, Mar 3, 15
CCTV's Board of Directors is the organization's governing body
Clodagh Drummey, Feb 26, 15
Connect with the Google team. Learn how to reach new donors and volunteers, work efficiently and get supporters to take action.
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Feb 24, 15
Date changed to March 20th! Learn how to stay safe on the web!
Susan Fleischmann, Feb 20, 15
2 seats available to Access Members
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Feb 17, 15
This Sunday! Get a crash course in the process of organizing and planning your shots via storyboarding!
Maggie Duffy, Feb 11, 15
The Wikiest Link, Episode 3. Plus: Subcultures, The Struggle, and Beyond Hands Up
Susan Fleischmann, Feb 8, 15
City parking ban will be lifted at 7am on...
Pete Septoff, Feb 6, 15
Presentation of a New Historical Drama, 6PM Feb 8, 2015 in the CCTV Studio
Clodagh Drummey, Feb 5, 15
Check out CCTV's winter offerings for older adults.
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Feb 3, 15
Starts this Thursday! Plan, produce, and edit your very own music video!
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Feb 1, 15
Back in business!
Maggie Duffy, Jan 29, 15
The Wikiest Link, episode 2. Plus: Beyond Hands Up 2014, and Scibotage
Clodagh Drummey, Jan 29, 15
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Jan 21, 15
Join us for the "Geotagging Cambridge" exhibition reception at CCTV on Sun, Jan 25th and stick around to take a free Instagram class!
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Jan 19, 15
This workshop will give you the necessary tools to begin writing for the screen.
Frank Morris, Jan 13, 15
This could be your year! Join us to learn how CCTV can help.


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