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Jan 20, 2016 Internet Security with Google for Students 50+ (FREE) Cambridge Community Television pairs with Google In this class, a Google representative will cover the basics of how to safeguard your privacy online. You’ll learn how to keep the bad guys out, how to keep evil software at bay, and how to not fall for tricks and scams. We’ll discuss password best practices and how to navigate privacy... more
Dec 28, 2015 This one-on-one session will pair a CCTV volunteer with a senior to help them get the most out of their technological device. If you received a new device for the holidays and just haven’t gotten around to taking it out of the box, or if you have a device you are already familiar with but want to explore advanced features, bring it on by and we’ll help you get the most out of your technology! Be... more
Dec 28, 2015 Age Engage: One-to-One Internet Assistance (FREE) Cambridge Community Television pairs with Google CCTV is excited to announce that we will be teaming with Google to host another session of Age Engage on Friday, March 18, 2016 from 1:00PM - 3:00PM. Age Engage is a collaboration between Google and CCTV in which individuals over 50 learn how to use the Internet. During Age Engage, people over 50... more
Dec 28, 2015 It may be easy to upload a video to YouTube but the process has only begun. In this course, you will what it takes to successfully brand your YouTube channel in order to build views and a strong subscriber list. Instructor: Evin Anderson Date: Wed, 03/09/2016, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have two rates: one for Access Members and one for non-members. Advance registration is required and... more
Dec 28, 2015 Learn the basics of the coding language behind every web page on the internet. Learn about markup languages (the M in HTML), and how to create and manipulate web content. Thinking in code is a creative and marketable talent, and is the gateway to unlocking new career paths. Whether you are interested in controlling your personal website better, adding another skill to your resume, or in... more
Dec 28, 2015 Citizen journalism is largely happening on the internet. This course will explore the fundamentals of online journalism in terms of producing stories for a variety of digital platforms, including blogs, online-based news sites and social media. How do you write stories that are both news site and social media ready? What are factors to consider in writing for the web? How can you use social media... more
Dec 4, 2015 Video in Social Mediapart of the Social Media for Artists seriesWednesday, February 3rd, 6:00PM – 9:00PM, $20/$30 at Cambridge Community Television 438 Massachusetts Avenue The moving image is increasingly becoming important in social media. Including short and fascinating video content on your social media platforms will undoubtedly get you people’s attention. This class will look at the place... more
Oct 30, 2015 Artist Website Platforms: Which is for You?Monday, November 2nd, 6:00PM – 9:00PM, $20/$30, $10/$15 at Cambridge Community Television 438 Massachusetts Avenue Thanks to innovative minds and technology, there are numerous website platforms out there. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. This class will explore the different website platforms that work well especially for artists. It... more
Oct 16, 2015 Learn best practices for presenting your organization’s work in this hands-on workshop on PowerPoint. In this introductory workshop, we will review the basics of PowerPoint and tips and tricks that will make your presentations shine. Instructor: Molly Akin Date: Tue, 10/20/2015, 10:00AM - 12:00PM Registration is required. Contact Clodagh Drummey at or 617 401 4005 to... more
Oct 4, 2015 This fall, Cambridge Community Television will host three different series of social media related workshops targeting different community-based demographics in need of technology training and development. The first series is the “Social Media for Artists” series, sponsored by the Mass Cultural Council, in partnership with the Cambridge Arts Association (CAA). This is the third year this series... more
Oct 2, 2015 Whether you are reporting back to your board, presenting to funders, or speaking at a conference, clear and visually appealing presentations make a big difference in how your ideas are received. In this free lecture, we will explore the elements of effective PowerPoint presentations. Instructor: Molly Akin Date: Tue, 10/6/2015, 12:00PM - 1:00PM Registration is required. Contact Clodagh Drummey... more
Sep 27, 2015 Crowdfunding for Creative Projectspart of the Social Media for Artists seriesThursday, January 21st 6:30PM – 8:30PM, $10/$15 at the Cambridge Art Association 25 Lowell Street Crowdfunding has become one of the most popular ways to find fiscal sponsorship for artistic endeavors and grassroots projects. In this workshop, learn about some of the most successful small donor sites – Kickstarter,... more
Sep 27, 2015 Social Media Analytics for Artists and Producers part of the Social Media for Artists seriesWednesday, January 13th, 6:00PM – 9:00PM, $20/$30 at Cambridge Community Television 438 Massachusetts Avenue Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Instagram? Are you using Social Media with little effect? Having trouble measuring what's working in social media? In this class you will learn how to collect data... more
Sep 27, 2015 In this hands-on workshop, learn how to use PowerPoint to create simple and compelling infographics and the popular web-based graphic design tool Canva to polish up your social graphics. Infographic templates will be provided and you will walk away with pieces to support your next social push! Workshop participants should bring data from recent projects, organization logo and 5-10 images.... more
Sep 27, 2015 A picture is indeed worth a thousand words and in this free lecture we will discuss steps to develop a cohesive visual strategy for your organization. We will review and discuss as a group successful infographics-based campaigns from the nonprofit sector. Instructor: Molly Akin Date: Tue, 12/01/2015, 12:00PM - 1:00PM Registration is required. Contact Clodagh Drummey at more
Sep 27, 2015 Demystifying Instagram: How to Make it Work for You - PANEL DISCUSSIONThursday, November 19th 6:30PM – 8:30PM, $10/$15 at the Cambridge Art Association 25 Lowell Street Instagram is a fun and great way for artists to showcase and sell their art, as well as engage with people who love their work. This session will look at how artists can best leverage Instagram to promote themselves and their art... more
Sep 24, 2015 In this free lecture, we will discuss strategies for communicating the impact of your organization’s work through the data you collect. Instructor: Molly Akin Date: Tue, 11/17/2015, 12:00PM - 1:00PM Registration is required. Contact Clodagh Drummey at or 617 401 4005 to register. Lunchtime Lectures are free one hour sessions that offer nonprofit professionals a chance... more
Sep 24, 2015 An Artist’s Guide to Twitter: Techniques and StrategiesMonday, October 26th, 6:00PM – 9:00PM, $20/$30, $10/$15 at Cambridge Community Television 438 Massachusetts Avenue Get a breakdown of this popular app and learn how to use it to promote your work! The way twitter functions is truly unique and lends itself to instant updates about events (such as screenings/gallery openings/exhibitions/talks/... more
Sep 23, 2015 Advertising for Artists: Creating Successful Ads OnlineThursday, October 15th, 6:30PM - 8:30PM, $10/$15 at the Cambridge Art Association 25 Lowell Street Do you produce amazing work but struggle getting people to buy it? Does the whole process of “Selling Art” and promoting your work scare you? If you want to learn how to set up a system to draw attention to your practice, and to sell your art... more
Jul 28, 2015 A three part class where attendees will learn how to use Social Media for awareness and lead acquisition. The class will focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ for both organic social media use as well as paid. Session 1 will cover Goal Planning and Set Up, Session 2 will cover Analytics and Strategy and Session 3 will be on Content and Data Analysis. By the end of the 3-part class... more
Jun 25, 2015 This class will go over different ways for you to market and promote yourself to gain an audience or following. It will highlight the importance of treating yourself like a small business, and offer different technical skills and tools to do so, such as: locations to market, forums/groups for networking, using your website to build a following (SEO, Blogs, etc.), what Thought Leadership is and... more